Spent the Day Picking out the New Stuff for the Bathroom

We went to about three or four places before we found all the stuff we wanted. Beth picked out the new shower doors in Essex county NJ and I was pretty happy that she finally found a place which had the thing that she wanted. She kept telling me what it was supposed to look like, but of course you really do not understand what she is looking for at the first. I did not have a real clue what she meant until I actually saw the thing she was looking for. The place we found it was called Glass Plus it is in Vauxhall NJ. Continue reading

Best of the concern to market the products in the YouTube for business organization

There might be a few issues emerge amid the showcasing procedure which are accessible on the web. In any case, YouTube makes to achieve the tallness, which are past the creative ability of anybody. The organizations are discovering their way in the online to fabricate the extensive buyer base by utilizing YouTube as a stage. Keeping in mind the end goal to profit by utilizing YouTube, it is fundamental to make some associate projects with a specific end goal to advertising system. When you are posting the video in the YouTube, make a basic sort of video which makes more infectious to the people groups who sees it. The ideal alters and the impeccable making of the video is the crucial part in the YouTube Marketing. For making the quality video the organization might enhance the data which are told by the video. By utilizing the best possible learning and work on the video might make the potential outcomes of viral to the video.

Effectiveness of marketing the products with the YouTube marketing

There is such a variety of sorts, of the components that are making the compelling thought to

Ideas On Uses Of Tube Toolbox Software

The easiest way to get you tube views is with the help of a software called tube toolbox software. Tube tool box helps in altering jobs and projects of millions of people such sending and accepting friend request, sending and receiving messages, sharing videos, posting comments on videos etc. People can look for the sincere ones who would be interested in their stable way of doing things instead of buying you tube views which are untrue.

Tube tool box can be downloaded totally free of cost. Tube tool box strictly follows the terms and conditions set by you tube. They are totally devoted in following policies of you tube and also make sure their clients’ account is safe.

Once the clients buy youtube comments they will forget their worries and lead a happy life. This is the best way for the clients to get you tube views and their account also will not be suspended.

Tube tool box is a soft ware which can be downloaded and run on computers. It modifies daily marketing tasks within the limits laid by you tube. Even when the clients


screen_shot_2015-09-30_at_2.21.56_pmFacebook has placed increasing importance on video lately. With muted, autoplaying video the social network has cracked the code to increasing their online video impressions—skyrocketing from one billion to four times that,according to News.com.au. Last week, Facebook introduced 360-degree videos that let you spin around and control what you’re looking at while a video clip plays. Now, the world’s largest social networking website

The video clip can only be a few seconds long, and it will play on loop, similar to Vine (which is owned by rival Twitter). And in a sign of our smartphone-addicted times, you’ll need to be on Facebook’s mobile app for iOS or Android in order to use the feature.

These changes are just the latest and most noticeable to come to Facebook’s mobile app. The company has actually continually improved its apps with less flashy, but still useful features. When friends have liked a post, for example, a slide-in transition shows who of your favorite people have liked or commented on the status. Other updates can be seen when browsing video within Facebook — after tapping

This 3D Printed Robot can pick up even your most fragile mess

screen_shot_2015-09-29_at_3.58.44_pmRobotic hands aren’t typically known for being delicate or spontaneous. They’re more likely to be part of an assembly line, or specifically designed to do one task perfectly, over and over. But those days may be waning. A new robotic hand printed out of silicone by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) can pick up just about any object, no matter how delicate or strangely sized. The results were released today, and really, it can pick up any small object:

The variety is incredibly important. “If we want robots in human-centered environments, they need to be more adaptive and able to interact with objects whose shape and placement are not precisely known,” Daniela Rus, CSAIL’s director said in a statement. “Our dream is to develop a robot that, like a human, can approach an unknown object, big or small, determine its approximate shape and size, and figure out how to interface with it in one seamless motion.”

Sometimes, that means that the robot needs to be able to pick up things lying in awkward positions. CD’s may be nearly


cqflip5wwaafhidThe Nexus 6P has been announced at Google’s fall event today over in San Francisco. The all-metal Nexus device, designed by Huawei, will bring a 5.7 inch screen, USB C charging, and will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest version of Google’s operating system.

Nexus 6P Specs

At the search company’s event, Google touted the 1440p Huawei Nexus 6P screen–while boasting a 5.7 inch screen–feels the size of a 5.5 inch device, with the screen taking up 74% of the face of the device. On the rear, the Nexus 6P will bring a 12 megapixel camera to the rear of the phone. Along with the capable camera, Android will now allow users to double tap the sleep/wake button to enter straight into the camera upon waking up. Processor-wise, buyers can expect a 1.9 GHz Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM.

In addition to the standard screens and cameras we’re used to on Android Phones nowadays, the 6P will also include a fingerprint sensor. Nexus Imprintwill bring fingerprint unlocking to Google’s flagship Android devices. Like TouchID on Apple’s iOS devices, the sensor

‘Cancer seeing’ technology is one in a hundred innovations to change our world

A groundbreaking piece of medical imaging technology that could revolutionize cancer treatment will be featured as part of a showcase of 100 engineering ideas that have changed our world.

A section of the PRaVDA instrument, developed at the University of Lincoln, UK, for enhancing the treatment of cancer using proton beam therapy, will be included in the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) new show wall at its Savoy Place headquarters in London.

The IET is the largest professional engineering institution in Europe and its show wall will be a celebration of engineering ideas that have had the biggest impact on humanity. Other items on show include an internal combustion engine, as designed by Karl Benz, and a mechanical television system, which was masterminded by Logie Baird.

The international consortium of researchers behind the PRaVDA (Proton Radiotherapy Verification and Dosimetry Applications) project is led by the University of Lincoln’s Distinguished Professor of Image Engineering Nigel Allinson MBE.

Funded by the Wellcome Trust, he and his multinational team are developing one of the most complex medical instruments ever imagined to improve the delivery of proton beam therapy in the treatment of cancer. The advances they have made in medical imaging technology could

The Best Ways of Choosing A Perfect Computer Repair Service

Identifying and selecting a computer repair service is not an easy task and so should be taken seriously. Most of us have documents and credentials stored in the computer and would never want to lose all this. There are some factors to be considered when choosing a computer repair service.

You can get away from frustration, trouble and save a lot of time by being wise on choosing the repair service. If you identify a service to be taking ages to be done with the repair then it is ideal to stay away from such services. This is because most people live on their personal computers and it is very important to get it repaired and given to you at the earliest possible time.

Choose the repair services considering the rates they charge as fees. Though repairing the computer is never been a cheap affair, it also should be nominal and agreeable. You should keep in mind that this field is all about getting what you pay for and so if the service is charging you too low then it is vital that you do your research before making the plunge.

You need to inquire about the rates before the repairs are initiated.

Shopify Designers – Take Professional Aid For Designing Store

VxPLORE TECHNOLOGIES – Shopify is a quality Saas platform that allows the companies be secured. Also it lets the users feel secured about their website. When the platform is engaged for store creation, then one knows that the site will not go down and the consumers who are on the store are enjoying fast and enjoyable experience. The Saas approach of Shopify pushes down the costs of labor as well as IT hardware. Good thing about it is that the costs come down to fraction of traditional infrastructure expenses. So, along Shopify the company gets saved and they could do focus on business management and not IT. If one needs to create the store on it then they should hire Shopify designers. Amongst the best of designers only the one with the quality of dedication, expertise and success should be selected.

What is the benefit of Shopify platform?

The major advantage of Shopify is that it can allow handling of thousands of orders per minute with ease. The platform can allow handling every business with ease. It is seen that the store could be manipulated and customized quite comfortably. For example if a company aims at covering more countries and adding more

Drawing the Best Conclusions about Humidity Chambers

These days the Humidity Chambers are in much use. It falls under the category of the laboratory chambers and can really take care of things at the best. The chambers are being manufactured with the utilization of the best and the qualitative components and the greatest technology is involved in the process. The instruments are made by the experienced professionals and they are being used in several industries based on the specific performance. Theinstruments are required for maintaining the right temperature. In fact, you get the chambers in the best rate ever. These are highly user friendly stuffs and can really make things happen for the best.

Describing the Features of the Chambers

The standard of the instruments are extremely superlative. They come with the perfect durable finish and can last more than a lifetime. The particular chamber has the longer lasting span. This is the reason if you buy one it is sure to perform best for several years to come. The chamber has the perfect operational fluency. The functioning of the same is convenient and perfect. This is the reason you can expect to have the maximum output from the chambers. The chamber has the robust construction and this is

Store, Communicate, Collaborate with Gmail

Gmail is perhaps the most powerful business tool launched in the last decade. Blessed with innumerable apps to enhance your productivity, you get the opportunity to store, communicate and collaborate with Gmail.

The communication between members of a business family or the vendors or purchasers, a business could also be headed to close doom. Systems should be established so passing of data and information becomes an easy method and it’s going to be done on priority while not having to face hassles. Once such a system is established, folks won’t want adjourning communication to later and also the work method can become a lot economical and fast. One such methodology to include uninterrupted communication is to form use of Gmail for business. This can be a mailing service that is well accessible and will be operated from any gizmo or device that supports net and also the Google Email for Business. Instant receiving and causation of mails may be a chance with the mailing service that Google offers.

Undo Send: does one erroneously send a mail and wish to prevent from sending that message? Well, here that’s possible; recently Gmail has introduced a sensible feature ‘Undo send’ that helps to cancel an

Make Your Style of Living Smooth by Spy Audio Devices

Aahana is a very talented and smart content writer of Action India Home Products. Always provide knowledgeable articles of new spy gadgets for their readers, even today also he/she provides features and benefits of spy audio device.

These days, endless spy products available in the market for our safety and surveillance from criminal activities. Firstly, these types of devices are only used by detectives, security agencies and detectives, but now many persons also using these gadgets for their personal security. Today’s life is very complicated because we don’t trust on anybody else either our friends or relatives as off and on we see many news on the news channels and news papers about crimes. Instead of ending, these issues increased day by day which common person facing problems in their life. Therefore, much kind of spy gadgets available for safety one of them is Hidden Listening Devices, this device is very popular among the customers. As it is liked by people because it’s not a normal audio device, it’s a spy which you can exploit it for spying on someone.
With these devices you can record the songs, audios, lectures, conversations, statements and many more things. Mostly these covert gadgets are

This Will Make You Instantly Fall In Love With The LTO5 Cartridge – Even If You Hated It

There are numerous debates concerning the best data storage media. However, some people come into such debates with certain preconceived notions, without critically

There are numerous debates concerning the best data storage media. However, some people come into such debates with certain preconceived notions, without critically assessing actual information concerning the products.

If you haven’t installed a data backup system using the LTO5 cartridge, most probably you aren’t aware of the incredibly useful features of such a storage media. This useful guideline will give you valuable insights concerning the LTO’s features that will make you fall in love with it – even you hated it.

Incredibly Useful Features of the LTO Generation 5 Cartridge

The introduction of any new generation LTO isn’t just a haphazard thing, but it’s based on extensive research on the needs of users as well as input from licensees and industry analysts. This ensures that every new generation addresses existing performance needs and cost.

1. Radically Increased Capacity

One typical feature of every LTO generation is the significant and progressive increase in capacity. Indeed, generation 5 LTOs possess almost double the capacity of generation 4 cartridges. You’re likely to find up to 3 TB in a generation 5 cartridge. Having such a

Just Bought a Little Camper RV

I got a pretty good deal on this thing. It belongs to a guy who is friends with this guy that I work with. Of course he knew that I was sort of looking for something like this. Of course I do not need one of those huge house sized RV’s. I want something that is easy to handle and gets a reasonable gas mileage. Of course I am going to switch to direct TV in California since that is what is going to make the most sense now. If you got an RV you do not need the cable company, but you can get satellite easy. I know a lot of people who do it like that. They get one dish for the house and another for the RV. Of course it only works after you park the thing and point the dish at the right spot in the sky. Continue reading


Our attachment to food is antiquated. So the argument goes: It takes time and energy to buy and prepare, and it can lack nutrition (we tend to cook away the good stuff). We can now drink our meals. Meal-replacement shakes—different from protein drinks that serve as supplements—optimize nutrient efficiency, save money, and turn the messy business of eating with others into a hobby.


Ever since Soylent launched as a powder in 2013, it’s been a trend among Silicon Valley coders. Now it comes in even more convenient 14-ounce drink bottles. Each bottle holds 400 calories (you need six or seven to maintain a minimum daily calorie requirement for an active adult).The new release includes soy for its primary protein source and algae—in the form of algal oil—for half of its fat content. Texture: cow’s milk.


Thought of as an organic alternative to Soylent, Ambronite is made from a list of easy-to-recognize, easy-to-pronounce ingredients, including oats, rice bran, and flaxseed. You can probably live off it, but it is pitched as a “productivity tool” for creative types stuck in lunch meetings or grinding through weekend hackathons. Each bag of powder contains a 500-calorie serving with 30 grams of


Two years ago, then MIT graduate student Caleb Harper built a fully networked farm of tomatoes, lettuce, and broccoli inside a fourth-floor lounge at the school’s famed Media Lab. He hoped to prove he could use data science to optimize crop yields, boost nutrient density, and trim water consumption by 98 percent compared with traditional dirt farming, all of which he did. But there was no meaningful way to share his data with the world. Despite an ongoing boom in agricultural technology, no one cared about his findings or dared to share theirs. This September, he launched theOpen Agriculture Initiative, the first open-source platform for global agriculture and food hackers.

Popular Science: How is agriculture not open-source? Don’t we pretty much know how to grow a tomato?

Caleb Harper: No. Traditional agriculture is closed and opaque. It’s understood by very few people at a production scale. How do I find nutritional-uptake studies on lettuce? Where can I get data on crop yields in Ghana? We want people to research this stuff, share it online, and grow healthier food and more of it around the world. There’s a huge appetite for this.

PS: So who is hoarding all the useful


Google made the surprise announcement that it was changing the company’s name to Alphabet. Under the new structure, the moneymaking advertising business was separated from its loftier moonshot projects such as Google Glass, self-driving cars, and Internet delivery balloons. Astro Teller, who heads Google[x], the division that oversees those projects, spoke to Popular Science days before the news broke. He talked about the skepticism investors have over long-shot projects, why such projects are necessary to Google’s survival, and how he culls the winners from the losers.

Popular Science: How do you vet moonshot ideas?

Astro Teller: We probably look at 1,000 ideas, for a few hours each, for every self-driving-car project we end up with. So it depends on where the project’s Achilles’ heels are. If it has only one Achilles’ heel, it can take a long time to find it. If it has many, you can find one quickly.

PS: Give me an example.

AT: Yesterday I was in a room with 30 people discussing a potential new project, and they were pitching their hearts out. And frankly, they had me excited. The idea had to do with the ocean. And they were telling me why it was


Facebook bought virtual reality company Oculus in March of 2014. Now the world’s largest social network is finally putting their VR acquisition to use directly on its main product. Today, Facebook announced 360-degree video, including initial videos from Star Wars, Vice News and even

The Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens video lets viewers speed the giant fallen Imperial Super Star Destroyer, while Vice‘s takes viewers to current-day Afghanistan. Both contain environments that play just as important a role as the subject of the videos themselves. As virtual reality becomes more prominent in our everyday lives, we may see 360 videos play a larger part in consuming media on the web.

With 360-degree video, Facebook users are able to put themselves in the center of the action. On a desktop computer, you can click around the video with your cursor. On mobile, you can move your phone in real space to shift perspective in the video, or drag the onscreen footage with your finger. With your phone or computer acting as a makeshift viewfinder, the solution is more affordable than investing in full-on virtual reality hardware like the upcoming Oculus Rift.

Facebook’s 360 video in the timeline may not convince


In a restaurant you might prefer ‘sparkling’ carbonated water over the still variety, but in the oceans, carbonated water is a very bad thing.

Thanks to our penchant for burning fossil fuels, there are increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, which means there are increased levels of CO2 in the oceans as well. Higher amounts of CO2 in the ocean cause the water to become slightly acidic, threatening shellfish whose shells can dissolve in the water. Scientists believe that ocean acidification caused one of the worst mass extinctions in the planet’s history.

So what to do? Some scientists at UC San Diego believe they may have engineered a very, very tiny solution. They have created microbots that move quickly through the water, removing up to 88 percent of all carbon from seawater and turning it into calcium carbonate, the same thing that most seashells are made of.

The microbots are powered by a chemical motor, a device that reacts with low levels of hydrogen peroxide added to the water. As the robot comes in contact with hydrogen peroxide particles, the platinum robot moves through the water, capturing the carbon and turning it into a solid.



When Apple turned on certain forms of encryption as the default setting for the iPhone a year ago, and Google followed suit on Android, the companies were picking a public fight with the government.

Last fall, FBI director James Comey likened the encrypted phone to “a closet that can’t be opened,” full of terrorist chatter, child pornography, and conspiracies to distribute heroin. Comey raised the spectre of the FBI “going dark,” blocked from intercepting the communications of dangerous suspects, even with a warrant. This summer, Apple CEO Tim Cook, at the EPIC Champions of Freedom event, fired back at the cryptographic “backdoor” demanded by Comey – the digital equivalent of a skeleton key that would let the FBI listen in on mathematically garbled conversations. “If you put a key under the mat for the cops, a burglar can find it, too,” Cook said.

The closet and the key under the mat are different ways of describing the same thing, but with very different priorities. Are the encrypted phones an impregnable closet full of horrors? Or a solidly locked front door that forces the government to use one of its many other tools to find out what’s inside?

Apple and


Pebble was one of the first companies to bring smartwatches to the masses back in 2013 after its wildly successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Now it is changing shape, quite literally: the new Pebble Time Round, announced yesterday, is startup company’s first circular product in the smartwatch space.

Round smartwatch faces aren’t quite as novel as they used to be, withSamsung, Motorola, LG, and Huawei all offering circular devices. Though with Apple continuing to only offer its Watch with square faces (now in “rose gold”), Pebble’s device, which is compatible with iOS and Android, is an important product. It starts at $249 and begins shipping in November.

The most striking aspect of the Time Round is its design. The circular face is immediately distinctive from previous Pebble watches, the Time and the Time Steel. Like those, however, the device’s “E-paper” LCD screen and prominent bezel have made their way to the Round. Pebble’s new OS, which supports a color display, is coming to the Time Round as well. One of the areas where this smartwatch differentiates itself most is in its thinness: it’s 7.5mm-thick,compared to the 9.5-mm Time Steel and 10.5-mm Time.

Some smartwatch reviewers


Today, Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey made a surprising revelation at the developer conference Oculus Connect 2: Minecraft, the hit block-based world-building game that was acquired by Microsoft last year, will be released on the Oculus Rift.

Now that Minecraft is coming to Oculus, it’s clear that Microsoft plans to make the game available for almost every platform around. There are currently Xbox, PS4, mobile and desktop versions of Minecraft. Soon, the franchise will have augmented reality and virtual reality versions as well.

The creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, who left the company he created after it was acquired by Microsoft last year, was just as surprised by the announcement as everyone else. He briefly tweeted about the news while making it clear that he’s moved on from his obsession with the game.


In case Facebook’s 360-degree video wasn’t enough for you, Netflix is bringing its streaming video service to virtual reality. With the help of Oculus, Reed Hastings and company will allow you to binge their content catalog in VR.

Announced during the Oculus Connect conference earlier today, Netflix will be available for the Samsung Gear VR. The headset, “powered by Oculus,” will allow viewers to watch content on a large screen in a plush virtual room, all created in the device itself. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that even in VR, the video content will be displayed on a flat “virtual” screen. That means you won’t be able to walk into your favorite TV series or movie, nor pan around in 360-degree video — at least not yet. But the Netflix VR experience could prove a solid first step into more ambitious virtual forays for the company.

And it’s not just Netflix that is taking the leap. Hulu, Vimeo, Twitch and more will also make their way to the Samsung’s Gear VR later this year. Netflix, however, will come first: later today, in fact.

On Netflix’s official blog, Oculus engineer and video gaming legend John Cormack discusses his