ml to moles - How To Convert from Milliliters to Moles Given Molarity, STP, or Density

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Introduction to Moles

A mole is like a dozen. It is a name for a specific number of things. There are 12 things in a dozen, and 602 hexillion things in a mole. We'll talk about what moles are and why they are important. We will see how to abbreviate the mole number (Avogadro's number) using scientific notation, and we'll see how giant this number is.

How to Do Solution Stoichiometry Using Molarity as a Conversion Factor | How to Pass Chemistry

PRACTICE PROBLEM: A 34.53 mL sample of H2SO4 reacts with 27.86 mL of 0.08964 M NaOH solution. Calculate the molarity of the H2SO4 solution. H2SO4 + 2NaOH = Na2SO4 + 2H2O 📗 FREE CHEMISTRY SURVIVAL GUIDE 👉 SHOP MY STEP-BY-STEP CHEMISTRY NOTES👈 Thermochemistry: Acids and Bases: Naming Compounds and Acids: Dimensional Analysis, Significant Figures, and Density: Gas Laws: Stoichiometry: Redox Reactions: Molarity: Limiting Reactants: Lewis Structures: 🧡SHOW YOUR SUPPORT ON PATREON 👍MELISSA'S FAVORITES ON AMAZON --OTHER RESOURCES TO HELP YOU GET THROUGH SCHOOL-- 🙌 This was my go-to homework help when I was in school. Chegg Study is one of my favorites. 📚 I made the mistake of buying all of my textbooks, I wish I had the option of renting them. Thankfully you do, with Chegg Textbook Rentals. 💰 If you bought a textbook and don’t want the hassle of selling it, Chegg can do the work for you, with Chegg Buyback. DISCLAIMER: Some links in the description are affiliate links, which means that if you buy from those links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue making videos like this. Thanks for the support! 💁‍♀️ HI I'M MELISSA MARIBEL I help students pass Chemistry. I used to struggle with this subject, so when I finally graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, I became a tutor so that you wouldn't have to struggle like I did. I know that with the right help, YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING! 👋 FOLLOW ME Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: STEP BY STEP ANSWER: Given: 34.53 mL H2SO4 27.86 mL NaOH 0.08964 M NaOH Find: M H2SO4 Remember 0.08964 M NaOH means 0.08964 mol NaOH/ 1 L Step 1: Find mol of H2SO4 Plan: mL NaOH to L NaOH to mol NaOH to mol H2SO4 Metric system molarity NaOH mol to mol ratio Setup: 27.86 mL NaOH x ( 10^-3 L NaOH/ 1 mL NaOH) x (0.08964 mol NaOH/ 1 L NaOH) x ( 1 mol H2SO4/2 mol NaOH) = 0.001249 mol H2SO4 Step 2: Convert mL to L of H2SO4 34.53 mL H2SO4 x ( 10^-3 L H2SO4/ 1 mL H2SO4) = 0.03453 L H2SO4 Step 3: Divide mol/L M= 0.001249 mol H2SO4/0.03453 L H2SO4 Answer= 0.03617 M H2SO4

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This video shows you how to convert from ml - milliliters to moles using the molarity or density of a solution or even STP or the density of a gas.

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