What are the Impacts of Tourism

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Impact Of Tourism

http://www.tvchoice.uk.com - The Impact Of Globalisation Series - 144 mins, 2011 Tourism is a world-wide industry worth billions of dollars. Many countries depend on tourism for their prosperity -- but what are the environmental and social impacts of tourism? Here are some clips from the TV Choice DVD series "Impact Of Tourism" featuring Kenya, Snowdonia (North Wales), Ecuador, China, USA, Nepal, Africa, Dubai. TV CHOICE has a range of over 200 educational films and film clips for Business Studies, Geography, History, Leisure and Tourism and many other subjects. USA FORMATS AVAILABLE. http://www.tvchoice.uk.com

Tourism: Positive and Negative Effects

Video about tourism for school. Song: "Imagine" - John Lennon - Tucson Tribute - (Sam Tsui / AHMIR cover) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QqAVFwGwaI&NR=1

Economic Impacts of Tourism

Economic impacts of Tourism

Impact of Tourism on the Himalayas

Last assignment of the Year :)

Negative impact of tourism

A video about the negative impact of tourism including: - Economic impacts - Social impacts - Environmental impacts

Looking at the positive and negative impacts of tourism. Case Study included at the end on Kenya.

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