The Dead Sea in Jordan

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Around the Dead Sea in Israel

Documentary by Pierre Brouwers Media 9 Production

Is the Dead Sea really dead?

Because of its extremely high salt content, no animal or plant life can survive in the Dead Sea. So why do tourists from around the world flock to bathe in its deep blue waters? Clarissa Ward takes us on a trip to this exotic and unique destination.

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i really have no idea where this video is from !! but uploaded is bc its so awesome guys!!

A Gale Uprooted This Tree – And Scientists Discovered Something Shocking Beneath It

Subscribe to our channel: Please do not forget to visit the site A Gale Uprooted This Tree – And Scientists Discovered Something Shocking Beneath It ************************************************************** Trees toppled by stormy weather are a fairly common occurrence across Ireland. But when people saw what was unearthed by this uprooted tree, they had to call in a group of scientists to explain it. Beech trees are not native to Ireland, but they were introduced in relatively recent history. The most famous beech trees in the country are, of course, the so-called Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland – a group of trees that create an awe-inspiring sight as their branches intertwine over a rural road. --------------------------------------------------------- ►Article link: --------------------------------------------------------- Indeed, the Dark Hedges notably featured in the hit TV series Game of Thrones. They provided the backdrop for Arya Stark and Gendry’s travels on the King’s Road, in the first episode of the show’s second season. But in September of 2015 a completely different Irish beech tree rose to prominence. This fallen tree was discovered in Collooney, a small town with a rich history on the northwest coast of the island. ************************************************************** ►You can support the channel: PATREON ►web: ► SUBSCRIBE US: *Thank you :Robin Lewis ► Follow Us On Google Plus: ► Like us Our Facebook Page: ► Follow On Twitter: ►For more articles visit: #watchjojo

NOAH'S ARK FOUND in 2010 on Mount Ararat?

NOTE: OCT. 2, 2015: The audio track you hear on this video is NOT the original track that accompanied this important video from April, 2010 to September, 2015. That beautiful piece of music was removed by You Tube due to a BOGUS copyright claim by some hack musician by the name of "Sema J the Poet" who used the same haunting classical music track that I used on this video as the bed for his horrible song titled "Sincerely Abbey". The album from this hack musician known as "Sema J" was released in **2013**. My video was released in 2010! You do the math. It's math that You Tube is apparently incapable of doing. A group of explorers from Hong Kong and Turkey believe they've made a discovery of Biblical proportions. The group say they have found the remnants of Noah's Ark, resting at 13,000 feet atop Mount Ararat. Previous ARK expeditions in decades past have also found evidence that suggested Noah's Ark may have come to rest on Ararat. However, until now, video evidence has been scant. Radio carbon dating, the researchers say, indicates this find is 4,800 years old. If true, THIS is the most significant historical discovery in human history. It will be very telling to see how this story plays out in the main stream media.

Teresa the Traveler visits the Dead Sea in Jordan on her two-month backpacking adventure from Berlin to Bethlehem. To learn more about the places she visited and for a complete list of all the hotels she stayed at and the contact info visit her website and purchase her book "Single White Female Backpacker" available in print and e-book!

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