Pakistani beautiful places that compare to other countries ......Urdu/Hindi documentary.

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Wo Admi Jo 18 Saal Aik Airport Par Phansa Raha -- 3 Hairat Angez Kahaniyan

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11 Minutes of Pakistan | The Ultimate Guide from Karachi to Khunjerab

This is how I recently traveled across Pakistan, started my journey from Karachi to Khunjerab. #Pakistan #travelPakistan #shariqraza #musafir #hunza #gilgit #naran #khunjerab Special thanks to Irfan Junejo, Piru Saein, Aemaay, Jaleed, Raafid and everyone who collaborated in #honorxjunejo and become a part of this wonderful journey. IRFAN JUNEJO: M. ALI (AEMAAY) PIR FARAZ ALI ( PIRU SAEIN) RAFID: JALEED MAHMOOD Music: Epidemic Sounds For More Videos: Follow me on ↓↓↓ Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Youtube:

Naran Kaghan and Jheel Saif ul Malook story and visit Idraak Documentary

Naran Kaghan and Jheel Saif ul Malook story. Buy Tent for Tourists on Cheep price bellow link (affiliate) This content is uploaded for sharing informational purpose not for commercial use..copyrighted by ARY News - Idraak Pak Tour Productions like us on Facebook on google Plus Naran Naraan(: ناران ‬‎) is a medium sized town in upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located 119 kilometers 74 miles from Mansehra city at the altitude of 2,409 meters (7,904 ft).It is located 70 kilometers (43 mi) from Babusar Top. Naran is last town in Mansehra and has link to Babusar Top which is main point in coming days for CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor ) that will boost economic as well as tourism activities in Naran as well as Whole Pakistan. Kaghan Kaghan Valley (: وادی کاغان ‬‎) is an alpine-climate valley in Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The tourists from across the country come to visit this place. The valley extends 155 kilometres (96 mi), rising from an elevation of 2,134 feet (650 meters) to its highest point, the Babusar Pass, at 13,690 feet (4,170 m). Landslides caused by the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake closed the Kaghan Valley road and cut off the valley from the outside. The road has been rebuilt. Story of Jheel Saiful Malook The story describes the tale of an Egyptian Prince, Saif-ul-Malook, who fell in love with a fairy, Badi-u-Jamal. He saw her in his dreams and after waking up the prince at once set out in search of his beloved fairy Badi-u-Jamal. Until he met a Saint, he was clueless regarding his journey. The Saint told him how and from where he could find the fairy. He informed him about the hurdles which he would face before he could find and marry Badi-u-Jamal, because she was a fairy and the prince himself was a human being. Hence the prince started the journey in the name of love for a fairy, but after facing many challenges and with his courage and valiance, his journey turns into the spiritual explorations. The prince, Saif-ul-Malook lived in Egypt. He was a handsome man after Joseph, on the face of the earth; tall, lean, gleaming skin, sharp eye-brows, dark-black deep eyes and jet-black hair that billowed over his shoulders. He was brave, a skilled hunter, rider and trained swordsman, true to his Arabic name the “Sword of the Kings”. Prince Saif-ul-Malook was born in riches. He had never asked for anything in his life; until he saw a dream of a fairy that had changed the whole course of his life and his peace of mind was stolen by her. Malka Parbet a view from air He see a lake, which he had never seen before, surrounded by sky-high mountains that they seemed to touch the sky and the shimmering water of the lake looked emerald-green in the silvery moonlight. In the lake seven fairies were taking bath, tender, slim and delicate creature, with creamy skins, golden eyes, and curly blonde hair. Beauty of all the fairies outmatched to one another but the glamour of the seventh one surpassed the charm of the rest with her black hair. Her face was as glooming as the full moon (badr). It was her laughter that seized the heart of the prince, even on waking up it still rang sweetly in his ears. He did never see such a spell-bounding dream in his whole life. He went out in search of fairy and kept on wandering to and fro. One day while he was in the outskirts of the Cairo city, the prince happened to meet a Saint who sitting under a shady olive tree. He thought the Saint might be helpful to him. As soon as he approached him, the old man looked at him expectantly and a smile lit up his face. He informed the prince that he was waiting for him. He narrated the story of the prince and revealed his predictions of coming life the prince. He warned the prince of the obstacles in the way towards Badi-u-Jamal. He guided Saif-ul-Malook about the direction to access the fairy. The prince reached at the Lake Saif-ul-Malook after intense hardships and barriers. At last he saw his beloved, Badi-u-Jamal in the emerald-green water of the lake. There she entered the Lake in the last, gliding into the water effortlessly, with her long black hair spread over her back, her face was as radiant as the full moon and her eyes were twinkling. Prince Saif-ul-Malook felt himself in the heavens after undaunted and tiring struggle for consecutive six years and forty days. He was right there to see the palpable fairy, whom he could touch, feel and to live with!

Life in Qadyani city Rabwah | many pakistani does not know

Life of people in qadyani city rabwa. Rabwa city situated on the bank of channab. This city is headquarter of qadyani people all around the world. population of rabwah city is about 70000. For more informative video subscribe our channel

Trillion Dollars Natural Resources and Geographical Importance of Gold and Oil Reserves

Natural Resources like Oil, Gas, Gold and Precious stones in a country's economy plays very important role to boost the economy and export these goods to earn money. If we look at the natural resources reserves in Pakistan there is an estimate of five Trillion Dollars of natural resources reserves in a single province but unfortunately there is not a single business minded leader in Pakistan who utilize these resources and boost the economy.

Pakistani beautiful places that compare to other countries ......Urdu/Hindi documentary.

Beauty shares similarities and when it comes to natural beauty, you would be amazed to see how some of the places in Pakistan look so similar to other places in different countries. Some of such locations have shown in pictures below with other locations that look like them.

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