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Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad - Full Video Tour

Ramoji film city, Hyderabad full tour was shot in 4k and downscaled to 1080p. With a massive area of 1633 acres; Ramoji film city holds the Guinness World Records for being the largest film studio complex in the world. This is a star package video tour which cost 2100 which includes AC coach, premium lounge, lunch buffet, snack coupons and merchandise coupon. My Instagram - Music - Trellum Calm Evening (, Peyruis Escape (

Top 10 Tourist places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad offers a variety of tourist attractions ranging from Heritage monuments, Lakes and Parks, Gardens and Resorts, Museums to delectable cuisine and a delightful shopping experience. Hyderabad is also called as the land of Nawabs. Its famous for historic places like Charminar, Golconda fort, Qutub shahi tombs etc. Here is the complete list of Top 10 Tourist places in Hyderabad.Check below. 1-Charminar(Old city) This famous monument was build by the Qutub Shahi ruler. Charminar means a monument which is build on four pillars. Tourist can also climb on top of it. Although the stairs are very old and not well maintained but the top view gives a nice view of the famous market Laad bazar( Bangles market ) and the beautiful mosque (Mecca Masjid) 2-Golconda(Bala hisar fort) Golconda is also known as Golla konda ("shepherd's hill"). It was the capital when Qutb shahi used to rule. This castle had one of the best defense system. The fort lost it charm when Mughal's Aurangzeb army breached the walls. But still the current monument gives the strong essence of the life style of Qutb shahi dynasty. There is a palace on top of the hill also called as Hawa Mahal. To go on top you need some good pair of snickers and fluids as the stairs are rough. When you reach on top you can see the complete surrounding wall and also the full view of city. Dont forget to take a quide to get the feel of its glory. There is a night show of 30mins at 7pm it describes the complete history of Golconda fort. 3-Falaknuma palace(Old city) The Falaknuma Palace is just about 5km from Charminar. Falak-numa means "Like the Sky" or "Mirror of the Sky" in Urdu. It is famous for it royal interiors and artifacts. In 2000 Taj Hotels started renovating and restoring the palace.The renovated hotel was opened in November 2010 as a 7 star hotel. 4-Makkah Masjid(Old city) Makkah masjid is one of the oldest mosques in Hyderabad.It's commissioned bricks to be made from the soil brought from Mecca, the holiest site of Islam, and used them in the construction of the central arch of the mosque, thus giving the mosque its name. At the time of Ramazan it is decorated with lights which gives a splendid view in night time. 5-Birla temple(Hill Road) Birla Mandir is a Hindu temple, built on a 280 feet high hillock. It is constructed of 2000 tons of pure white marble. It is very close to planetarium and Hyderabad Musuem. 6-Salarjung Museum(Purana Pul) The Salar Jung Museum is an art museum located near Charminar. It is one of the largest museum in the world. It has a collection of sculptures, paintings, swords, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artefacts, carpets, clocks, and furniture from Japan, China, Burma, Nepal, India, Persia, Egypt, Europe, and North America. 7-Chowmahalla Palace(Old Chowmahalla Palace is a palace of the Nizams of Hyderabad state. There are four palaces inside the main gate. The grand pillared Durbar Hall has a pure marble platform on which the royal seat was laid. The 19 spectacular Chandeliers of Belgian crystal recently reinstalled to recreate the lost splendor of this regal hall. 8-Qutb Shahi tombs(7 tombs) Qutub Shahi tombs are the the tombs of the 7 Qutub Shahi rulers. It is located near Golconda Fort.The tombs are structures with intricately carved stonework and are surrounded by landscaped gardens. 9-Hussain Sagar(Tank bund) Hussain Sagar is a lake in Hyderabad which seperates the twin cities that is Hyderabad and Secunderabad. A large monolithic statue of the Gautama Buddha, erected in 1992, stands on an island in the middle of the lake. People can visit the island via Ships which gets loaded every 15mins. It is surrounded by many more interesting places like Lumbini Park, Imax entertainment, NTR garden and Eat street. It is basically an ideal weakend spot for Hyderabadi's. 10-Hyderabad Museum(Public gardens) Telangana State Archeology Museum or Hyderabad Museum is located at Nampally and it is very near to Birla temple. It is the oldest museum in Hyderabad. This museum's main attraction is its Egyptian mummy and it has wide variety of archaeological artifacts from the Nizam and Kakatiya dynasty. Hope you like my list of Top 10 tourist places in Hyderabad. Dont forget to LIKE and SHARE...

10 Best Places To Visit In Asia

► Please Remember to Subscribe! ► ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Facebook: ► ----------------------------------------­----- 10 Best Places To Visit In Asia. Being the largest continent on Earth, Asia has limitless number of wonderful and unique things to do and see for its travelers. If you regard yourself as an avid traveler, you have to visit some of the best places to visit in Asia. If you are yet to decide which Asian countries to cover in your Asia trip, this article should help you decide. Following are 10 best places to visit in Asia: 10: VIETNAM 9: SRI LANKA 8: MYANMAR 7: JAPAN 6: THAILAND 5: INDONESIA 4: CHINA 3: INDIA 2: SINGAPORE 1: MALDIVES ----------------------------------------­----- Music: FreeSongsToUse Max Pross - In The Woods [FSTU Release] Speo - Stride [FSTU Release] ----------------------------------------­----- Thanks for watching!

What not to miss in "Hyderabad", India | Top 10 Tourist Attractions | Hyderabad Tourism.

Places to visit in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 10) SNOW WORLD HYDERABAD ( 00:11 ) 9) NEHRU ZOOLOGICAL PARK HYDERABAD ( 00:22 ) 8) QUTB SAHI TOMBS HYDERABAD ( 00:38 ) 7) CHOWMAHALLA PALACE HYDERABAD ( 00:52 ) 6) SALARJUNG MUSEUM HYDERABAD ( 01:03 ) 5) BIRLA MANDIR HYDERBAD ( 01:14 ) 4) GOLCONDA FORT HYDERABAD ( 01:24 ) 3) AROUND TANK BUND HYDERABAD ( 01:35 ) (BUDDHA STATUE, NTR GARDEN, IMAX ETC) 2) CHARMINAR & MECCA MASJID HYDERABAD ( 01:52 ) 1) RAMOJI FILMCITY HYDERABAD ( 02:08 ) `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Web Link : Facebook Link: Youtube Link: Please Subscribe my Channel Thank you, TRAVEL EXPLORE KOTI ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` This video information about: Charminar Iconic mosque with 4 minarets & arches Iconic 16th-century mosque with 4 grand arches, 48m tall minarets and views over the Laad Bazaar. Golkonda Fortress complex famed for acoustics Capital of a kingdom that flourished from the 14th to 16th century, with 87 semi-circular bastions. Ramoji Film City Vast film studio & entertainment complex The world's largest film studio offering tours, live shows, on-site theme park and adventure zone. Salar Jung Museum Varied art & antiques from Asia & Europe Former art collection of the Salar Jung family from around the world, now a museum. Chowmahalla Palace Restored palace complex & events venue Persian-style palaces with an opulent Durbar hall in 12-acre grounds open for events and receptions. Nehru Zoological Park Massive animal park with safari rides Spacious 380-acre zoo featuring tigers, rhinos, elephants & monkeys, plus daily safari rides. Snow World Amusement park with a winter theme This family-friendly indoor park filled with artificial snow has slides, games & play areas. Qutb Shahi tombs Domed tombs of dynasty rulers & gardens Ornate, domed tombs from 18th century, built for Qutub Shahi dynasty rulers with landscaped gardens. Birla Mandir, Hyderabad Hilltop white marble Hindu temple Imposing, hilltop Hindu temple built of white marble, with towers, shrines and interior carvings. Hussain Sagar Lake Hussain Sagar is a heart shaped lake in Hyderabad built by Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1563 Buddha Statue of Hyderabad Granite buddha statue on its own island Monolith of Gautama Buddha on its own island in Hussain Sagar lake, which can be reached by boat. This video about: places to visit in hyderabad, hyderabad telangana india, ramoji film city hyderabad, hyderabad places to visit, hyderabad places to see, hyderabad places, "HYDERABAD" top tourist places, hyderabad tourism, only in india, top 10 places to visit in hyderabad, top 10 tourist places in hyderabad, 10 things to do in hyderabad, hyderabad sightseeing, hyderabad best place hangout, best places to visit in hyderabad, 10 beautiful places in hyderabad, top places to visit in hyderabad, tourist places in hyderabad best places to visit in hyderabad, hyderabad travel, one day trip in hyderabad, telangana tourism, mana hyderabad, ramoji fil city hyderabad full video tour, places to visit near hussain sagar, hyderabad tourist places, hangout places in hyderabad, tourist places near hyderabad, places to visit in hyderabad in evening, hyderabad points of interest, places to visit in hyderabad for couples, fun places in hyderabad, most popular places to visit in hyderabad, hyderabad tourism, trip adviser, travel guide, better places in hyderabad, south india top city hyderabad, tourist attractions in hyderabad, tourist destination hyderabad, india top tourist place, india tourist attraction hyderabad snow world nearest metro station hyderabad zoo nearest metro station hyderabad qutab sahib tombs nearest metro station Hyderabad chowmahalla palace nearest metro station Hyderabad salajung museum nearest metro station Hyderabad Birla mandir nearest metro station Hyderabad Golkonda fort nearest metro station hussen sagar nearest metro station hyderabad IMAX nearest metro station Hyderabad Buddha statue nearest metro station Hyderabad lumbini park nearest metro station NTR Garden nearest metro station Charminar nearest metro station Ramoji film city nearest metro station hyderabad points of interest travel point hyderabad Top 10 Tourist places in Hyderabad "HYDERABAD" Top 40 Tourist Places Hyderabad Tourism Hyderabad Best Place to hangout Wonderla Hyderabad all Adventures crazy place to visit hyderabad Top 10 places to visit in Hyderabad Top Historical and Tourist Places in Telangana

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad | Full video tour

Ramoji Film City | Full video tour HD- The land of movies, entertainment and magic, it has everything that dreams are made of. Offering unlimited fun, thrill and excitement, its a great visual extravaganza. Experience and get enthralled by its exquisite and lavish gardens, spell binding movie sets, spectacular attractions, enchanting entertainment shows, food, shopping, unmatched hospitality, and of course the glitz and glamour of the silver screen - The ultimate holiday destination for the entire family. Escape to Ramoji Film City, a magical realm filled with excitement and wonderful surprises at every turn. As the world’s largest integrated film city and india’s only thematic holiday destination with magic of cinema, there’s something special for you here. Spread across a sprawling 2000 acres Ramoji Film City, set up by Ramoji Group in 1996, is a dreamy celluloid journey. Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest Filmstudio complex, at Ramoji Film City, a filmmaker can walk with a script and walk out with film. For the others, Ramoji Film City flung open a wonderland where 1.5 million tourists build memories every year. This video is glimpse of RFC. Please Subscribe for more videos Ramoji Film City Hyderabad- A complete video tour OPENING CEREMONY FULL VIDEO watch Full Street magic show at Ramoji Film City Hyderabad City Tour Facebook Page:

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad │ Hyderabad Tourist Places │ Hyderabad Tourism

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