Video IS34 - Driving around Akureyri

author Simmi Valgeirsson   2 год. назад

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Driving around Reykjavik

English: Are you thinking about going to Reykjavik, Iceland? Wondering how it is to drive there? Well, wonder no more. In this video I drive around the Reykjavik metropolitan area so you will know what to expect. Italiano: Vuoi venire a Reykjavik, Islanda ma stai pensando come sarebbe guidare una macchina là? In questo video io giro in macchina per le strade di Reykjavik e dintorni e quindi puoi sapere esattamente cosa ti aspetta.

Driving Around Iceland - Day 9 - Akureyri to Kerlingarfjöll (F35, Kjölur Route, Highlands)

Dashcam footage from my 12 day trip to Iceland in July 2014. Some key points in the video: 00:20 - Leaving Akureyri 17:40 - Start of the Kjölur Route (F35) 32:05 - Hveravellir 40:25 - F347 towards Kerlingarfjöll 43:05 - Arriving at Kerlingarfjöll and going up the mountain The footage is sped up 5x. The car was a Land Rover Defender. While in Iceland I also used my DSLR camera to capture some of the beautiful and exotic landscapes. I edited the footage into a short landscape film called "Exploring Iceland", which you can watch here: You can find some pictures from the trip here: I would definitely recommend visiting Iceland at some point in your lifetime. It's one of the most beautiful and unusual places on the planet, and you will never regret it. You can follow my photographic adventures at: 500px ( Flickr (

SVA (Akureyri City Bus Company) Jan 2014

Akureyri is Iceland's 2nd largest city. It is on the north side oof the island very near the Artic Circle. This video shows the city bus system, which is free , and the Iintercity buses that operate from Akureyri. Note that the last bus (intercity) in the video is a Chinese King Long.

Approach and landing in Akureyri, Iceland

*** Subscribing has become more important than ever! Please do so and support this channel by clicking this link: *** I'm making a quick trip to Akureyri to buy a car. I take the 14:00 flight from Reykjavik and land in Akureyri 45 minutes later. The car I am buying is a Honda CRV EXE model year 2006. This will be a fine replacement for my Opel Astra caravan, model year 2000. It is only driven 74.000 km despite being 10 years old. It is 4WD, runs on petrol, automatic transmission, leather interior and has almost all security features imaginable. I will get to try it as soon as I land since the car dealer is picking me up with the car at the airport. I have already had the car tested by an independent firm and everything looks good. If I like the car, then I will sign the contract and drive it home right away. The drive back is about 400 km.

A Day in Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri, capital city of the north of Iceland, is charming and fun. The botanical garden is the most colorful we've ever seen! The sculptures by an Icelandic artist, of scraps of wood, are all over town and are unique and great fun!

DashCam video from Iceland. This provides you with the ability to virtually drive in Iceland. This video takes you on a 9km drive around the town of Akureyri.

Interesting Sections:
- Commentary on Video 00:07
- Dominos ahead, yes they are even here! 01:03
- Driving along Horgarbraut 01:26
- Driving along Glerarbraut 02:10
- We head up Strandgata 03:45
- Then into Skipagata 04:25
- Up Kaupvangsstraeti 05:30
- The church stairs on the left! 05:45
- The street changes to Thingvallastraeti 06:25
- The Akureyri swimming pool on the left 06:40
- We turn left into Thorunnarstraeti 07:23
- Arrival at the swimming pool car park 08:30
- Leaving the swimming pool 09:50
- I have to remember to stay on the right! 10:10
- Back on Thorunnarstraeti heading the other way 10:55
- Nice view across the fjord 12:00
- Dead end! 13:06
- Now on Helgamagrastrati Skinny Helgi Street!) 13:45
- Turn down Bjarkarstigur 14:30
- Left into Munkathverarstraeti 15:03
- Back on Glerargata 16:50
- Left into Strandgata 18:00
- Now on Hjaleyrargata 18:55
- Viking brewery on the left! 19:55
- Bonus is a grocery chain 21:38

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