Activists hijack two buses in Spain in protest against mass tourism

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Activists hijack two buses in Spain in protest against mass tourism:

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Activists fighting mass tourism in Spain have started a new wave of attacks by hijacking a tourist bus in Barcelona and letting off green and white smoke flares.Two members of the youth organisation Arran stormed the coach this morning when it stopped outside the Olympic village and hung a huge sign saying: 'Stop mass tourism in the Catalan countries.'The campaign group posted a picture of the demonstration on its Facebook site where it had earlier warned of new protests in various parts of Spain to show their disgust at overcrowding in holiday hotspots. The activists insist they are NOT against tourism but 'massification' which, they say, is ruining local people's lives, harming the landscape, damaging beaches, pricing residents out of the property market and 'eating up the coastline.'Just two weeks ago, protestors wearing masks from the same group had to be cut free after chaining themselves to a famous Gaudi sculpture in Barcelona.The new attack happened just before 10am this morning, with Arran saying tourist buses are 'a symbol' of what they are fighting against.The protestors climbed to the top level of the open-air bus, hung their poster and let off two smoke flares. There were holidaymakers on the coach but it is understood no damage was caused to the vehicle and no-one was hurt. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Sickening moment a one-eyed matador is SCALPED by a bull... Pictured: British rugby-playing student, 19, who drowned at... Share this article Share Arran confirmed on their Facebook page that they stormed the tourist bus to continue their protests against mass tourism.In the Catalan language, they said: 'ATTENTION: Yes, we've stopped a tourist bus in #Barcelona to denounce the massive tourism model that strikes us! # capitalismofòbia # StopMassTourism.'According to sources from Barcelona Metropolitan Transportation, the two protestors left the bus within a short space of time.The first deputy mayor of Barcelona, Gerardo Pisarello, called the action 'a symbolic initiative'. In statements to the press, he said: 'It is one of the many that occur in Barcelona, we must promote a debate on the city's tourism model.' After the Gaudi sculpture incident, Arran said it was 'just the start' of a summer campaign aimed at mass tourism.Last summer, protestors daubed 'Tourists go home' graffiti in holiday locations, slashed the tyres of tourist rental bikes, stormed a hotel reception and caused extensive damage, held up holiday coaches and pelted them with eggs and superglued the locks of businesses linked to tourism.The protestors wore hoods when they sabotaged an open-top tour bus near the Nou camp in Barcelona last summer, slashing the vehicle's tyres and daubing slogans on its side. Many of those on board thught it was a terrorist attack rather than what transpired to be a protest.In Mallorca, a group of Arran members also staged a demonstration at the upmarket Palma marina, letting off pink flares and storming a restaurant
#Activists, #hijack, #buses, #Spain, #protest, #against, #mass, #tourism
#Activists, #hijack, #bus, #Barcelona, #protest, #against, #mass, #tourism

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