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Stockholm Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

The Swedish capital, ‘the Northern Venice’ is a remarkably beautiful city, which is surrounded by clear water, while nature reaches into the heart of it. During the almost 800 years history of the city many beautiful buildings were constructed and a rich cultural heritage was left behind. Many events and museums await the tourists. In the Gamla Stan, the Old Town, the houses surrounding the Royal Palace were built in the 13th-18th century. The squares are surrounded by romantic palaces and gothic temples. The Nobel prizes are given away here at the City Hall, while the party afterwards is being held in the modern inner city, in the Konserthuset. Djurgarden island is famous of its Vasa Museum where one can take a look at a 17th century boat lifted out of the sea and then renovated. Not far away from there is the first open-air museum of the world, which shows us the rural Swedish architecture on 30 acres. One can take boat trips on the lakes and canals surrounding the city further to the castles of Skokloster and Gripsholm and to the old university town of Uppsala.

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Northern Brittany - Travel Documentary

Along the coastlines, each rock and cliff look prettier than the last. Everywhere, mother nature provides a never-ending spectacle. From Brest to Saint-Malo, the film guides you through a region of uncommon landscapes where for thousands of years man has left his mark of genius. Architecture, festivals, legends, history and traditions of fine food combine with nature to form a sheer masterpiece. Rennes . Guerlédan . Brocéliande . Paimpont . La Vilaine . Château de Combourg. Fest-noz . Pointe du Van . Douarnenez . Locrenan . Presqu'île de Crozon . Morgat . Camaret . Les Tonnerres de Brest . Morlaix . Monts d'Arée . Peros Guirec . Paimpol . Ile de Bréhat . Cod Festival in Blinic . Saint Brieuc . Cap Frehel . La Rance . Saint-Suliac . Dol de Bretagne . Dinan . Leon . Cancal . Dinard . Rotheneuf . Saint-Malo . Aerial photography . Etc.

Bretagne, France in 4K | Drone video

Compilation of drone shots while visiting Bretagne, France. Including Pointe De Brezellec, Adierne, Baie des Trépassés and Douarnenez. All footage is shot by Sander Coppens, using a DJI Phantom 3 4K with ND4 filter. Check for contact information. The song "Between Nothing and Everything" by Kai Engel is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Galicia Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Galicie in Spain. Our journey through romantic northern Spain travels south through Galicia along the Atlantic coast. A Coruña is the region’s largest industrial city and shipping harbour and it thought to have been founded by the Phoenicians in 60 A.D. The Romans conquered this harbour city that has always been associated with the sea and it was from A Coruña that the invincible Spanish Armada set sail in1588 to invade England. Santiago De Compostela is the capital of Galicia and since the Middle Ages it was, apart from Jerusalem and Rome, the most important pilgrimage destination in Christendom. Half a million pilgrims came here each year from all over Europe and Spain’s most religious city continues to attract the faithful. Some centuries ago each of the large villages of the Rias Baixas prospered due to fishing, as did Pontevedra. However, all this changed when its harbour was engulfed by sand some three hundred years ago. In contrast to Spain’s many other harbour cities, the old town of Pontevedra is almost the same now as it was in bygone times with cobbled streets, intimate squares and the residential palaces of the city’s former elite. Across a huge chain bridge that spans the mouth of a deep river is Galicia`s largest city, Vigo. Its name is of Roman origin and it is believed that Vicus Spacorum was the starting-point of Caesar’s campaign against Britannia, as well as a storage area for his Empire’s oil, fish and wine. For many centuries A Guarda, ‘the Female Guard’, has watched over the river border with Portugal and in the wooded mountain city of Monte Santa Tecla the Celts established a settlement that contained more than a thousand buildings that dated back to the 6th and 3rd centuries B.C. and formed part of a prehistoric settlement. Throughout the centuries life in Galicia was not representative of that in the rest of Spain and both Romans and Moors considered it to be too remote for their interests. Maybe that’s what makes it such a special place to be!

Travel video about destination Bretagne in France.
Brittany in the rugged west of France features picturesque old towns, castles and fortresses plus austere mediaeval cathedrals. Nostalgia and romantic harbour villages still exist here and it is also a land of menhirs and fishermen.Rennes is the capital of the region and it is here that our journey through Brittany begins. It is a small town in which both mediaeval and classical buildings stand side by side. In 1720 a disastrous fire that raged for seven days destroyed a number of historic houses. Several crooked, partly renovated frame-work houses are situated in the alleys of the old town, their carved windows and oriels create a medieval atmosphere. Thirty two kilometres south is Vitré, a picture postcard town with a city wall, narrow lanes and a castle. English troops besieged the town for many years until the lords of the castle finally paid a large ransom for their freedom. Le Mont Saint Michel with its historic buildings is located on an eighty metre high granite mound and is like something from a fairytale. Powerful fortifications surround the small town and the abbey at the top of the rock. Due to its unique location and architectural splendour this picturesque village is often referred to as the Wonder Of The Occident. Dinan is a small enchanting French town on the banks of the Rance is one of the most beautiful and well preserved mediaeval towns in Brittany. The western part of France has many faces and Brittany truly is a land of myths, castles, fishing villages and historic old towns.

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