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Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in The World!

Top 5 of the most impressive dangerous roads around the world. The worst roads around! Every year there are cars that go flying off of them. I excluded the clips where cars actually fall off because there's a good chance YouTube would put an age restriction on the video because of them. And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations! 5. The Atlantic Road in Norway 4. South Yungas Road, Bolivia (the Death Road's counterpart) 3. Vitim River Crossing, Siberia 2. Road from Shyari to Ishtyari in India 1. The Himalayas, South Asia #road #roads #worst roads


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Discover Nepal 2017 | Traveling Mystic Country | Nepal Tourism 2017 | Best value destination

Discover Nepal: A short highlight film of Nepal and its majestic beauty. All these clips were filmed between April and May of 2016. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to visit beautiful mountains but hey, there is always next time and will make another highlights of mountains in Nepal. Enjoy this Video and be familiar with what Nepal has to offer. Like and Subscribe! Find us at: Filmed and edited by Manjil Shrestha Follow me on Instagram at For Business inquires, Contact me here:

Bhutan (Shangri-La)

Truly a hidden shangri-la in the Hiamalyas. Breathtaking. Fascinating. Unforgettable!

Kings Island B&M Giga for 2020?

Kings Island Prepares to remove one of its Coasters at the end of the 2018 Haunt. Which will it be? Here is our prediction of which one and what will replace it.

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