Sex Tourism And Human Trafficking In Thailand

author Judith Lopez   2 нед. назад

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Selling sex: underage victims of sex tourists in the Dominican Republic | Unreported World

Evil in Paradise: In this Unreported World episode, Krishnan Guru-Murthy is in the Dominican Republic. A Caribbean country famed for its pristine beaches and year round sunshine. But the UN has identified terrible crimes being committed against teenagers at the hands of sex tourists. This episode first aired on 11/05/18. Subscribe to our channel for more Unreported World episodes

Refugees Turn to Sex Work in Ecuador

Colombian refugees across the border find sex is the only way for them to make a living. The oil workers in nearby Ecuador are the customers.

Travel Philippines vs.Thailand ? / BEST TRAVEL DESTINATION 2018 ?

Philippines or Thailand ? Which one is the best travel destinations and what are the differences ? Today I will share how I see it after spending 2 months in Thailand and 1 Month in the Philippines. Want to know it before it comes onto Youtube?: Join us on My Instagram : Judy´s Instagram: BEST PLACE to buy a Drone like I have : Get a 30€/$ discount on airbnb for your first trip by using this link : Get 15$ off your next Hotel on MY Gear: Drone: Camera: My Gimbal: My Favourite Movie: I work on videos every day...If you want to see even more support my Creations on Patreon : Tags: Philippines vs Thailand Travel to the Philippines Philippines Travel vlog

Sex Tourism in Angeles City 101

Sex Tourism is illegal. Sex Tourism is made illegal by Republic Act 9208 enacted in 2003 Law enforcement agencies in spite the struggle are trying to fight this social menace. Law enforcement agencies do not work alone. There are Non-government Organizations, private individuals, concerned citizens ans even vigilantes (organizations not approved by the government) who by virtue of the law are joining the fight. Many have been exploited and victimized by this illegal trade. Abandoned half-breeds, helpless women and children and poor women and their families. Law enforcement struggles but the battle continues.

Indonesia's Weekend Wives and Sex Tourists

A report on how many Singaporeans have weekend wives on the Batam Island of Indonesia. The story also looks at how sex tourism has also led to a boom in visitors and sexual health concerns back in Singapore. Report/Producer: Susan Yu Cameraman: Kyme Hallion Broadcast: STAR TV Focus Asia 2004

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