The First Time I’ve Ridden Joey Bareback & With a Hackamore!!!

author Hannah Ledford   7 мес. назад

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Stacy Westfall Championship Bareback & Bridleless Freestyle Reining with Roxy

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT own or claim to own the audio in this video. The song "Live Like You Were Dying" was sung by Tim McGraw and is owned by WMG. This video was taken at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in 2006 during the Freestyle Reining. Stacy Westfall rode and competed on Whizards Baby Doll a.k.a. Roxy (owned by Greg Gessner) bareback and bridleless. They won with the highest score, 239. For more information on Stacy Westfall please visit

HOW TO BAREBACK (mounting, riding & jumping)

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Bareback Riding - Horseback 101

Bareback Riding - Horseback 101

2016// riding tackless on the beach

this year wasn't the easiest for me, but Chaser made it so much better! he gave me such special gifts, such as letting me ride him tackless over a huge field, let me ride him and play together at liberty on the beach, we made so many trailrides, and our connectin is stronger than ever. thank you Chase, for everything. song- Halo by beyonce

ماشالله عليه ركوب الخيل بدون سرج وعنان

In the year and 1/2 that I’ve owned Joey, I have yet to ride him bareback because he’s so hypersensitive and had bad anxiety issues and would easily freak out; I never wanted to set him off. BUT NOW he’s become so Level-headed and we both trust each other a billion times more so I decided it was a good time to try out a bareback-bit less-hack! (used a wool-lined bareback pad bc his spine and withers are so sensitive to touch)

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