Энергомонитор PZEM-004T, Обзор

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Ваттметр постоянного тока на 20А

Довольно интересная штуковина, которая позволяет не только выводить на экран значения напряжения и тока, но и автоматически в реальном времени подсчитывает мощность. Ссылка на Бендуд - https://goo.gl/FT3daS Ссылка на Али - http://alipromo.com/redirect/cpa/o/o2p4mqxvgep11215194r2qy9uoue65oc/ Группа ВК – https://vk.com/radioblogful Инстаграм - https://instagram.com/radioblogful

PZEM-061 AC Panel Meter, Power Consumption and Audible Alarm

Let's take a look at the power consumption of this panel meter as well as try to add an audible power alarm. Power is 0.5 - 0.7W, current ~45mA, power factor = ~0.13 due to the capacitive dropper. Using Xc = 1/(2xPIxFxC) or I = V/Xc gives 0.045A or 45mA current. In an earlier video, I demonstrated the over power alarm feature of this meter: https://youtu.be/hRCrvGlqYoQ It works by flashing the LCD back light on and off when the set power level is exceeded. Some viewers had asked if an audible alarm was possible. I picked up a small piezo buzzer: http://www.newark.com/multicomp/mckpi-g2310l-3964/piezo-buzzer/dp/25R0629 rated for 2V-5V operation and wired that to one of the 2 back light LEDs on the PCB. I added a small 3.5mm phono jack to the back cover and viola, an audible power alarm. The buzzer will make sound any time the back light is on. If you need the back light on and the power alarm, you could add a DC blocking capacitor in line. A large value cap will produce a longer duration pulse, a smaller cap will make a shorter pulse each time the back light is turned on or off. I tried a 220uF cap with the buzzer and it made sound for a brief period each cycle, albeit at a much reduced level. PZEM-021 meter: https://youtu.be/rqJuSeKJ5ME PZEM-061 meter: https://youtu.be/8X0eyY7TcM4 Be sure to rate, comment and share And as always, thanks for watching SOUNDTRACK: Louisiana Fairytale by Austin Rogers http://drfiddle.com/show_tune.php?id=94

PZEM-061 AC Power Meter, Inside Look, Part 2

To wrap up this inside look, lets take a peek at some of the variations on this basic meter design. I've not been able to locate the mfg. web site, under either the Peacefair or Bayite names that are often associated with these meters. That limits the information that can be found about these meters. None the less, there seem to be many variations on this basic meter design. I've listed some of the model numbers below: 80-260V AC meters: A single reading LCD, 4-button version: PZEM-002 A 4 reading LCD: 20A - PZEM-021 100A - PZEM-061 A version with TTL serial data port: w/ 4-reading LED display: PZEM-004 Bare board w/ USB PZEM-004T A 3-reading LCD meter with some sort of maximum current hold: 30A - PZEM-BR2 6.5-100V DC meters: 4-reading LCD: 20A - PZEM-031 100A/75mV shunt: PZEM--051, -101 If anyone has found any other variations on these meters, post up your findings in the comment section below. I'll be trying to acquire a few representative models to test out for various projects. Be sure to rate, comment and share. And as always, thanks for watching! SOUNDTRACK: Lousiana Fairytale by Austin Rogers http://drfiddle.com/show_tune.php?id=94

Анбоксинг, True RMS мультиметр Richmeters 102

Долгожданное видео для любителей распаковок, годный True RMS мультиметр Richmeters 102. продается у производителя тут: http://got.by/1o1e8g похожий, но фаршированный RM109, тут http://got.by/1o1eae поддержать канал материально. http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/arduinolab

Радиомодули RFM69HCW на 868MHz, Подключение к Arduino

Радиомодули RFM69HCW в версии на 868MHz, подключение к Arduino Модули на али, http://got.by/24jwcu библиотеки, https://github.com/adafruit/RadioHead https://github.com/LowPowerLab/RFM69 поддержать канал материально. http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/arduinolab

Модуль позволяет измерять сетевое напряжение, потребляемый ток и считать киловатт\часы, для работы с Arduino или любым другим микроконтроллером по интерфейсу UART
Продается на али тут: http://got.by/1rc9kg

Библиотека для работы тут https://codeload.github.com/olehs/PZEM004T/zip/master

поддержать канал материально.

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