First SUP | GoWhistler x HITCASE 'Spring Firsts Series'

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Whistler Olympic Plaza

Whistler Olympic Plaza -

How To Stand Up Paddle Board - SUP Basics

Runtastic Blog: Heard of Stand Up Paddling & want to know what it's all about? The Salzburg Stand Up Paddle Boarding Champion Berni Seidl & me have some basic tips to have you out on the water on your SUP in no time. ♥ LIKE this video ♥ Watch the last episode: Stand Up Paddles & more: Location: ***** Subscribe NOW: (to get more FREE & great workout and fitness tips) Runtastic Google+: Runtastic Facebook: Runtastic Twitter: ***** Reach your fitness, nutrition, health, wellness & happiness goals: New Runtastic Fitness videos are posted weekly, providing you with helpful, high-quality information on how you can lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The step back turn / How to SUP videos

The Step Back Turn is a really useful, fast turn to master. Whether on a race board or surf SUP, it's a great turning method to get you quickly around those race buoys or infront of that fast approaching wave. It takes a bit of practice and you’re likely to get wet when you first try, but it's well worth the effort. Read more on SUPboarder here

Saturn Inflatable SUP with 55lbs Electric Trolling Motor

NEW Ready to use motor mount kit available at Check out new MotoSUP Paddle Board with built in motor mount at DIY Project to mount 55lbs trolling motor on Saturn inflatable SUP with small 12V 35Ah battery purchased on Amazon. Very simple motor mount secured to SUP with adjustable straps. Electric Paddle Board Electric stand-UP paddleboard Electric SUP Motorized paddleboard Motorized paddle board Motorized standup paddle board Motorized stand-up paddleboard electric paddle board electric paddle electric paddle boat motorized surfboard jetsurf motorized surfboard paddle boarding paddleboard fishing paddleboard yoga paddleboard shark paddle board surfing paddleball tournament 2015 paddle boat paddle boarding paddle ball paddle board surfing paddle boat paddle board fishing paddle board yoga paddle ball world record paddle boarding great white paddleboard shark paddle boarding for beginners stand up paddle stand up paddle board stand up paddle surfing paddle board fishing stand up paddle board fishing bote paddle board fishing electric paddle board electric paddle boat inflatable stand up paddle board inflatable stand up paddle board review inflatable stand up paddle board surfing inflatable paddle board inflatable paddle board review inflatable paddle board surfing tower inflatable paddle board kayak fishing kayak kayaking kayak bass fishing kayak fishing setup kayak camping kayak commercial kayaking down a drainage ditch kayak trailer kayak fishing gone wrong kayak fishing kayak fishing setup kayak fishing gone wrong kayak fishing florida kayak fishing hawaii kayak fishing shark kayak fishing tips kayak fisherman kayak fishing bass kayak fish finder surfing surfing big waves surfing with the alien surfing lake tahoe surfing gopro surfing wipeouts surfing videos surfing mavericks surfin usa longboarding longboard longboarding downhill longboard fails longboard tricks longboard surfing longboard sliding longboard dancing longboarding freeride longboard cruising

Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test 2! Top 12

Testing The Most Durable iPhone X Cases! Top 12 Best iPhone X Cases Drop Test 50 Feet! Mous, UAG, Pitaka, Incipio, HitCase, Spigen, Louis Vuitton & More! Last Version HERE: 2nd Version HERE:

Escape to the lake and don’t forget your board! Our favourite way to beat the heat is getting out on our stand-up paddleboards. What’s your favourite way to hit the water?

Shot on HITCASE with support from Kahuna Paddleboards
Paddler: Meaghan Sutter

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