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Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Vermont. The land of Bernie Sanders.

#top10 #worldaccordingtobriggs Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Vermont. The Land of Bernie Sanders. . Patreon: Business email: Additional Footage: Green Mountain Drone Thanks for stopping by The world according to Briggs, I make lists. Not just lists of random stuff, I make them about states, cities, towns and other places in the United States. I post 3 times a week and sometimes live stream, so please subscribe and enjoy. . Mailing Address: World According to Briggs 20449 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy #354 Aloha, Oregon 97003 Travel essentials: Sling Bag : Tablet : . Travel books you need to read. Blue Highways: Travels with Charley in Search of America: . Do you want to make videos as I do on this channel? This is all you need: DJI Iphone Gimbal: DJI Phantom 3: Blue Yeti Microphone: Sound Cage: Editing Software: Shuttle Controller: Pop filter: Acoustic Foam: Royalty Free Images Stock . This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

Small Town Big Deal: The Vermont Country Store

Connect with us! Rodney Miller and Jann Carl make a stop at The Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT.

Road Trip in Vermont

My sweet tooth was dying to visit Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont and to my surprise there are a lot of really cool places to stop and visit throughout the state. Join Lizi on Location as she road trips in the northeast to try some ice-cream, maple syrup, mead, and more! Plus did you know the state is home to a very famous religious leader and firsts for vets? Watch to find out more and don't forget to subscribe!

Vermont Rail System: White River Flyer Fall 2012

The White River Flyer is an excursion that runs along the scenic Connecticut River from White River Junction, VT to East Thetford, VT and back for a total trip duration of 2 hours, leaving WRJ at 12 and 2. Powering the train is Green Mountain Railway Company ALCO RS-1 405, which was built for the Rutland RR in November of 1951, making this locomotive 60 years old at the time of capture. Despite the dreary weather, there are a decent amount of fall colors along the trip on this Saturday afternoon, October 6, 2012. Because of the fall colors, the train has a lengthy consist of 6 cars. The weather made lighting and filming conditions absolutely horrible, but this is how the weather tends to be the later it gets into fall—with the occasional spur of cloudless days. The line is owned by the Vermont Rail System, which runs its Washington County Railroad freight trains through here. Opening Scene - 0:00 The train gets ready to park at White River Junction after dropping off the passengers of the last excursion of the day. 1:00 Now following the train north of the WRJ, it crosses River Road just south of Norwich, VT. 1:42 Further up along Route 5, the tracks are now adjacent to the River. 3:00 Crossing Kendall Station Road hitting some rough joints. 4:00 Further up along Route 5 just above the Norwich/Thetford town line. The fall colors are kicking in here! This spot is great for throttle and the bobbing and weaving of jointed rail. 5:00 Approaching its destination of Pompanoosuc Mills in East Thetford, the train crosses Pavilion Road which contains some interesting signage on the right. As the train passes, it blows for the VT 113 crossing, which is the last grade crossing before its destination. 6:05 On the return trip, the train passes over one of the few causeways between WRJ and Thetford. The cab car leads the way back, with 405 pushing. 7:03 The train now returns across the River Road Crossing, with views of the Connecticut River and New Hampshire in the background. 7:53 The excursion has returned to the station at White River Junction. Rain starts to fall as it awaits passengers for the 2:30 excursion. 10:00 Underway on the second excursion, the train rounds the curve near where Route 5 begins its parallel stretch alongside of the tracks just south of Norwich. Notice the small boat that lay near the tracks. 11:15 The train now heads north over the causeway just below the one with the bridge, as seen before on the first return trip. Unlike the other causeways, the train is technically in New Hampshire because at this location, the border comes up to the shore that I am standing along. 12:28 405 throttles hard as it passes the fall colors along Route 5, just above the same location we caught the train here on the last trip. 13:50 The excursion now arrives at Pompanoosuc Mills in East Thetford. 14:50 Heading south on the return trip, the train drifts around the curve through a cut of colorful trees and leaves at the same location along Route 5 prior to the shot at Pompanoosuc Mills. 16:17 The excursion heads around a large bend just northeast of Norwich. 405 gives great throttle as it passes. 18:23 Once again, the train crosses River Road. This time, the scene contains dramatic clouds and a heron that flies across the tracks in front of the approaching train. The rain has now stopped and the river has calmed to being almost at stand still. 19:10 Finally, the train arrives in White River Junction, where the passengers will disembark and 405 will rest until tomorrow. Thanks for Watching!

Black Bears in Vermont | Outdoor Journal | Season 11

Vermont's black bear population is thriving. In fact the population is estimated to over 6,000 bears in the Green Mountain state. The growing bear population is no accident. For years the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department have been staunch protectors of critical bear habitat. However in recent years some of this habitat is being threatened. To better understand how ridgeline development impacts the black bear population a long-term study has begun on the site of a future wind project in southern Vermont. To see and learn more about this show and the wonderful outdoor activities you can enjoy in Vermont, please visit The same episodes and segments can also be viewed there with closed captioning.

Small but beautiful: Do you know where Vermont's name comes from? Can you name the 2 U.S. presidents born in this state? And would you know the state's - probably - most famous culinary treat? Find out the answer to all these questions in our newest state video with Stephanie Lyons from the Economic/Political Section of the U.S. Embassy.

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