Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony

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Crossing The Border to Pakistan & Eating Beef (+ Hindi Fails)

See exactly how to cross from India to Pakistan along the infamous Wagah Border and watch my MAJOR FAILS as I accidentally greet a Pakistani army officer with Namaste and then insult him! Oops! #Pakistan #BorderCrossing #India #PakistanArmy #Hindi 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 1) SUBSCRIBE! ✔ Click https://www.youtube.com/c/KarlRock/?sub_confirmation=1 Then smash the BELL ICON so you don't miss a 🔴live stream or video. 2) TRAVELLING TO INDIA🇮🇳? Travel safely & confidently with my India Survival Guide (Quick-Start Safety Guide) https://indiasurvivalguide.com. 3) MEETUP LOCATIONS & ROCK NEWS Sign-up 💌 http://join.karlrock.com. 4) LET'S CONNECT: https://www.instagram.com/iamkarlrock/ https://www.facebook.com/iamkarlrock https://twitter.com/iamkarlrock 📷🎥🤳 https://blog.indiasurvivalguide.com/whats-in-my-youtube-filmmaking-live-streaming-bag/

इतिहास में इतना सुन्दर देश भक्ति गीत नहीं सुना होगा आपने /...

नाज़ तेरा देख के ताज तेरा देख के देश भक्ति गीत (भारत माँ आशीष तेरा ) 2018 new desh bhakti song 26 january special song 26 january song and kavita रोंगटे खड़े कर देने वाला देश भक्ति गीत,15 अगस्त की तैयारी के लिए स्पेशल गीत देश भक्ति Songs NON STOP 2017 Exclusive 2018 Bhojpuri Deshbhakti Song || मेरा देश है महान || Avinash ravat new 2018 desh bhakti song Top 10 Patriotic(desh bhakti) hindi Songs Of India 15/26 populer desh bhakti song by avinash ravat best desh bhakti full entertainment with education

वाघा बॉर्डर पर भारतीय सैनिक का करारा जवाब | India-pakistan wagah-attari border cer...

वाघा बॉर्डर पर भारतीय सैनिक का करारा जवाब | India-pakistan wagah-attari border ceremony | shockwave Subscribe :  http://www.youtube.com/c/shockwaves website : http://www.shockwavs.com https://madhuridubey.blogspot.in http://www.gadgetdarshan.com LIKE AND FOLLOW US ON : G+ https://plus.google.com/108987311458842537027 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamlesh-dubey-804ab9113 Twitter: https://twitter.com/shockwave_17 Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/kamlesh.dubey The lowering of the flags ceremony at the Wagah border is a daily military practice that the security forces of India (Border Security Force, BSF) and Pakistan(Pakistan Rangers) have jointly followed since 1959. The ceremony starts with a blustering parade by the soldiers from both sides, and ends up in the perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nations' flags. It is called the Beating Retreat border ceremony on the international level. One infantryman stands at attention on each side of the gate. As the sun sets, the iron gates at the border are opened and the two flags are lowered simultaneously. The flags are folded and the ceremony ends with a retreat that involves a brusque handshake between soldiers from either side, followed by the closing of the gates again. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagah-Attari_border_ceremony Popular same video :  https://youtu.be/1rg8z1BLYkE https://youtu.be/6_wZhcsI5ns https://youtu.be/9fbrH7XOuLY https://youtu.be/BA_GLjVEtqI https://youtu.be/mgw83gpSv_o https://youtu.be/dIutJ434jC8 Thanks for watching वाघा बॉर्डर पर भारतीय सैनिक का करारा जवाब | India-pakistan wagah-attari border ceremony | shockwave, subscribe for updates and don’t forget to hit that damn like button ========================================­­­­­== I have made playlists so you do not have to search through videos to find what you are looking for. I try to answer questions and respond to as many comments as I can, any and all feedback from you is welcome.  I'm trying to make at least one or two new videos a week. See more : https://youtu.be/uWHqWnqz2iw https://youtu.be/v_wyZOJCZg4 https://youtu.be/8NEfIQ05N00 https://youtu.be/rzOOLhS_el0 https://youtu.be/o1KkXDZ2kCk https://youtu.be/Lk6-AYWjB-A https://youtu.be/XhpNFYroo8k shock vid: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Rw1hyIiVwzEbH_nEe7mesdT90oR4nrY Glacier calving: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Rw1hyIiVwymhQK2H8MYWHwUHhUwptT_ we always try our best to credit each and every photographer, but sometimes it’s impossible to track some of them. Please leave a comment if you know the missing authors. For copyright matter contact us kamdub1775@gmail.com Hope you all enjoy the channel I invite you to SUBSCRIBE channel for new updates. remember, new video's upload every Tuesday and Friday !!! If you like this video वाघा बॉर्डर पर भारतीय सैनिक का करारा जवाब | India-pakistan wagah-attari border ceremony | shockwave, please give me a like, comment, subscribe and share this video to your friends - https://youtu.be/_UUvXAjCUzo Enjoy and stay with us !!! #independenceday #independencedayparade #wagahborderparade #wagahborder #indiapakistanborder #wagahattariborderceremony

21 Unbelievable International Borders

From silly borders in Europe, to the place that separates Brazil from France; These are 21 Unbelievable International Borders ! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 9. Chile and Argentina The countries of Chile and Argentina share a long border that stretches north and south and it’s the 3rd longest in the world and longest in south america. Stretching 3200 miles, it’s naturally separated in most places due to the high elevation of the Andes Mountains. Here in this photo we see this christian statue between the two with Chile on the right and Argentina on the left. The final boundary was established in 1984 and signed at the Vatican 7. Spain and Morocco The Spanish port city of Morocco on the continent of Africa, shares a large border with Morocco. Constructed by Spain, in order to prevent, illegal immigration and smuggling they built this border fence. An estimated 700 have made it across and 6 have died due to clashes with moroccan security forces. Spain spent 33 million euros worth of renovations in 2005 and added more razor wire. Some steps were also made to slow down intruders more peacefully but it still remains an imposing international border. 6. Paraguay Brazil and Argentina A little more peaceful boundary, this one is located where all three of these countries meet. The Parana River flows north and south in this photo and the Iguazu river ends when it meets Paraguay. The rivers act as natural boundaries and have served as valuable resources to all three countries. 5. Belgium and the Netherlands Don’t we wish we could all have borders like this? These two friendly EU countries don’t really have any fences, rivers or mountains, and you might not even know when you’re walking into a different country! These two countries both speak the same language, use the same currency! This border, is found in the town of Baarle Nassau with a population of 6,600 people and the border here gets a little bit complicated as you can see from this photo. There are few random pieces of belgium inside this city due to a number complex treaties, land swaps, land sales, and other complex deals especially during medieval times. Today it mainly serves as a tourist attraction it is kind of border nightmare here. 4. Spain and England You not have even known these two countries actually share a border! If you head to the south of spain, not far from Morocco, you’ll notice something seems different about it, like possibly some monkeys. Get ready to swap out your euro’s for pounds and learn some English, because once you're in Gibraltar, you’re in the UK! This land was signed over to Spain under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 and was an extremely important naval base for the British ever since. This strategic port, is located on the strait of Gibraltar, which is the only way to enter from the west into the Mediterranean sea. When the Uk decided to leave the EU, more secure boundaries were built, it lead more Spaniard to want to reclaim the land. However a vote was taken, and the citizens here decided to remain British! 3. India and Bangladesh These two countries share quite a complicated border in Southeast Asia, with India nearly surrounding the entire country. If you look closely at it, it almost appears as a young child scribbled on the map and came up with these borders. India shares is a large, fast growing country and Bangladesh is one of the poorest per capita. The way the border is drawn out, it features random pieces of land belonging to India, surrounded by Bangladesh and, makes it rather difficult to defend.in recent years, it’s become one most dangerous borders in the world. A controversial shoot on site policy was enforced and this 10 foot barbed wire fence was constructed that stretches 2116 miles. 2. North and South Korea Also known as the Korean Demilitarized zone, the Korean peninsula is cut in half along the 38th parallel. The 2.5 mile wide border that separates the two nations is one of the more intense international borders in the world and you can feel the tension about to burst at any moment. Both sides of the demilitarized zones are heavily militarized. Despite attempts to keep the two countries from engaging in all out war, some skirmishes have broken out and tunnels have been found that were built by North Korea. This flag here, sits on the North Korean side is 524 feet tall and can be seen from the South Korean side. US Mexico Border Possibly the most controversial border in the world right now, the Mexican-American border can also appear quite shocking when it comes to urban development like we see in this photo. On the right side you see the city of Tijuana, that seems quite densely populated, even to the very edge of the border. The building on the left, on the US side is built to treat sewage from the Tijuana side, so it’s not exactly an area where Americans want to live.

Jammu to Katra full Railway Tour | Mata Vaishno Devi yatra most Amazing Visuals.

Jammu to Katra full Train Route Video. mata vaishno devi yatra. Most Amazing views of a journey by train from Jammu station to Katra railway station, shri mata vaishno devi (svdk) via Uddhampur railway station. This route has the amazing natural beauty as greenery, rivers, hills, railway tunnels, bridges, waterfalls and many more beautiful views. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch Another Videos- Baba Dhansar, Katra (near Vaishno devi)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIe4G6yVi4g Most Beautiful Railway Bridge in J&K- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuSUbLzoyi8 You can see this natural beauty during vaishno devi yatra. jammu to katra rail journey, amazing visuals, katra train route, jammu to katra train tour, mata vaishno devi, beauty of jammu train route, Chennai Express, chalo bulawa aaya hai mata ne bulaya hai, train on bridge, train in tunnel, trip to katra, katra railway station, mata rani ke darshan, vaishno devi kaise jaye, gufa, guffa, cave mystery, baan ganga, vaishno devi bhawan, vaishno devi new track, waterfalls in jammu, jammu kashmir. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for Watching. "SUBSCRIBE" the Channel for more Amazing Videos. Like and Share this Video. About: we uploads videos on all kinds of topics like politics, bollywood, sports, education, tours, amazing facts, entertainment videos and; What's new & trending around the world. trendvsviral

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