starbound stellar mod pack: episode 3: the most op race ever

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Factorio "This Planet of Mine" - January 17th 20:00 CET / 2 PM ET

Support the stream: Factorio 0.16 streaming series with mods to add challenge and variety: - DangOreus: Map is covered in ore severely constraining the space - Factorio Extended Plus: Additional tier of machines to increase design options in endgame - Space Extended: Purposeful and challenging end game goal - Marathon settings: Extending the series The series will be linked to community interaction: - New Patreon/YouTube supporter: Factorissimo building to imrpove with space utilisation - Power constrained: Tips increase power at a rate of 1$ = 1MW Specific information for this series at: Website: Patreon: Tips: Discord: Merchandise: Twitter: Schedule: Streaming live on Monday + Thursday (+ sometimes Saturday) Summary of episodes #1 to #15: Mods: - DangOreus - Factorio Extended Plus - Space Extension - Factorissimo2 #Factorio #LetsPlay #ThisPlanetOfMine

Avali Race , Massive Amounts of Content Within! - Starbound Mods - GullofDoom

Get the mod - Race Extender (Required for Avali Mod) - Hello everyone and welcome to one of the biggest mods and just stupidly brimming with content! The Avali Race Mod , a mod originally brought by RyuujinnZERO it's now brought back to 1.0 and beyond , updated and upkept with permission by others! It's quite a glorious mod to have back and it all stems around having a new race in Starbound that are basically space raptors with four ears who have their own unique cultural style , furniture , building blocks , weapons , ships , crafting station , clothing and a stupid amount more. Hopefully I do it some justice in the video as it truly adds an absurd amount of content even if you were to ignore the actual race the amount of new things added in is absolutely fantastic! Enjoy! Installing mods on Steam - Simply click on the link provided , subscribe to the mod and it should auto install it , you might have to restart the game once to prompt the download but it should work with little to no problems.

Starbound Munari Race Mod Spotlight

In this Starbound Mod Spotlight, we take a look at the Munari Race Mod. Munari Race: ►Shop: ►Discord Server: ►Subscribe: ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Support me on Patreon: ►Reddit: Outro Music: Spark of Excellence By The Talented @xXasdfMAN12Xx AKA: Sean Wolf

Mantizi Race , Roman Ant Race!? - Starbound Mod - BETA

Hello everyone and in this video I show you one of the exceptionally good race mods. It's a race that's inspired by Ants and Romans and then mix that together and you'll get the Mantizi. They have an extremely good looking ship , they even have a fully functional set of Tier 10 armor and weapons. There's still a bunch of stuff not in but all in all it's a very neat race. And especially if you find your Starbound lacks insect races. Mod Page - (Required Mod for Custom Races ) - Mantizi Race - Installation - Simply drag the entire mod folder into your Starbound/mods folder.

Novakids+ , Better Novakids Race!? - Starbound Mod - BETA

Hello everyone and in this video I show you the clearly superior Novakids race mod! For those of you who just can't wait! This mod by Bietol is extremely impressive. It has a ton of customization options , a custom ship that looks like a FTL Steam Train and even a ridiculously impressive respawn animation that is just way too high in quality. All in all if you want the Novakids now and you absolutely can't wait for Phase 3 of Beta. GET THIS NOW! Mod Page - (Required Mod for Custom Races ) - Novakids+ -' Installation - Simply drag the entire mod folder into your Starbound/mods folder.

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