Beautiful IceLand Trees in China | Tourism In Pakistan.

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BEING A TOURIST IN PAKISTAN | Lahore Fort (Pakistan #11)

☼ ALL INFO HERE ☼ After 10 long years since our last visit, my family and I go back to Pakistan to attend my cousin's wedding! Today we go to the Lahore Fort, an amazing area of Mughal architecture. All the tourists in the group got a lot of attention and selfie requests while walking around here for some reason. A big thanks to our guide Anwar, to my uncle Yousaf (because he filmed almost half of the footage in this video) and to my cousins who did a great job getting some of us in as locals :D Date of filming: Dec 2016 SUBSCRIBE! ►PAKISTAN TRIP 2016 PLAYLIST► ►PAKISTAN TRIP 2006 PLAYLIST► ~ WHY I WENT TO PAKISTAN ~ One of my grandparents is originally from Pakistan (Punjab) so I have family there from his side. The first time I went there was Dec 2006 at age 16 (see video playlist above), mainly for the wedding of a cousin but also because I'd never been there before and wanted to get to know the family there. In Dec 2016 I went to Pakistan for the second time to attend the wedding of another cousin and luckily got to do tourism as well, resulting in these vlogs! ------------------------------------------------- ~ FOLLOW ME ~ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Yaiyasmin Business e-mail: ~ CAMERA ~ GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. ~ TRAVEL VIDEOS ~ Here are the links to my YouTube travel video playlists: SRI LANKA: EGYPT: SOUTH AFRICA: ANDALUCIA, Spain: MADRID, Spain: PAKISTAN: UK & USA: BULGARIA: SARDINIA: AROUND THE WORLD TRIP (by my sister): TRAVEL TRIP / Q&A VIDEOS: ~ ABOUT ME ~ My name is Yasmin, I'm a mixed background travel lover who makes videos for fun and puts them on YouTube. I was born in Spain and grew up in Spain and Sweden. By profession I'm a climate scientist but like to do filming, photographing and editing as a hobby whenever I travel somewhere! ♡ I hope you have a wonderful trip wherever in the world you're going! ♡

Hunza To Khunjerab Pass On Silk Road | Tourism In Pakistan.

Hello Dear Friends, Today we are going to visit the Khunjerab pass from the Hunza Side. The Khunjerab Pass is the greatest paved global border crossing in the world and also the maximum point on the Karakoram Highway. On the other hand, the pass is 43 km in the National Park channel and checkpoint at Dih, 74 km in the customs and immigration place in Sost, 270 km in Gilgit, and 870 km in Islamabad. Last week we made the trip for another time. We came in Hunza the afternoon before we were to journey, to locate all of the resorts packed with tourists. "This was a really active season. Hunza has become flooded with tourists from Multan, Lahore and Islamabad and other cities of the country. People really want to explore new horizon of the area because of its unique beauty. "The Japanese tourists who come from autumn and spring are much more diligent about protecting the environment," he advised me. The Japanese have a fantastic fondness for Hunza, plus they treat those mountains together with the utmost esteem. Approximately a million tourists visited Gilgit Baltistan this past year, which amount will likely be surpassed this year. Tourism Pakistan strongly recommend to visit this beautiful silk road known as karakoaram road. Thanks for watching the video. Please comment subscribe and share the video. Thank you. Twitter: Google+: Facebook: Subscribe My Channel:


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Awesome Iceland trees have a great experience in china so tourists specially agriculture students must visit such places to enhance their knowledge. Best of luck Guys for your tripl
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