The Reckless One x When the Moon's Reaching Out the Stars | Sonic: ATS/P3D OST

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Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie - Third Fan Trailer 2015

The third best fan film trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog ever seen. Enjoy it and suscribe.

S T U D I O P O L I S Zone Act I // Tee Lopes // Sir J reinterpretation

FREE download & Lyrics ☾ AUDIO CREDITS ☾ Original song by Tee Lopes reinterpreted by Sir J and the anti-matter speedforce chakra ghost of MJ ☾ VISUAL CREDITS ☾ Footage: Sonic Mania Sonic CD Project Sonic 2017 Sonic Colors Sonic Unleashed Sonic Adventure Sonic Generations Sonic Heroes Sonic Advance Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Graphics and Motion Elements: Freepik-Flaticon // Rampant // Animography // MotionPatriot // ☾ SUPPORT ☾

Sonic Mania - Metal Sonic (AshZone Remix)

Heya, I've finally returned from the dead and made a remix of Metal Sonic's theme from Sonic Mania, produced for the Sonic Mania Remix album released by TinyWaves! I'm glad I was able to take part! Please do check out the album and check out the other artists who worked really hard on this album! Listen to the track on SoundCloud: Download & Stream: ▼ Follow Tiny Waves ▼ ▶ Soundcloud: @tinywaves ▶ Twitter: ▶ YouTube: ▶ Spotify: ▶ Facebook: Metal Sonic Wallpaper by:

Earth Wind & Fire & Justin Timberlake - September (MottyMix)

Trolls Soundtrack - EWF, Justin and Anna Kendrick...didn't like Anna (sorry Anna)...brought Maurice into the mix instead...

Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie - First Fan Trailer 2015

The best fan film trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog ever seen. Enjoy it and suscribe. NEW VIDEO TRAILER HERE:

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I was listening to the P3D and P5D OSTs a few days back, and I thought that Hideki Nagauma's remix of one of my favorite songs from P3 sounded remarkably similar to a certain boss theme.

Songs Used:
The Reckless One...for Parhelion Peaks Boss Act - DJ Max-E - Sonic: After the Sequel OST
When the Moon's Reaching out Stars (Hideki Naganuma Remix) - Hideki Naganuma - Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night OST

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