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England v West Germany: 1966 World Cup Final | British Pathé

Team England plays on to victory against West Germany in this classic World Cup final from 1966 with many amazing moments including Geoff Hurst becoming the first man ever to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. For Archive Licensing Enquiries Visit: Explore Our Online Channel For FULL Documentaries, Fascinating Interviews & Classic Movies: #BritishPathé #WorldCup #England #Germany #WestGermany #Win #BobbyMoore #BobbyCharlton #Wembley Subscribe to the British Pathé YT Channel: (FILM ID:2003.01) See here footage from the 1966 World Cup Final. The most important scenes from the game England vs West Germany. Wembley Stadium, London. Start of the 1966 World Cup Final between Federal Republic of Germany and England. GV. Pan, packed Wembley Stadium. GV. Packed stand. LV. The two teams, England on right, waiting in tunnel. CU. Nobby Stiles. SV. Tracking shot as the two teams walk out of tunnel onto Wembley pitch. LV. The two teams coming out. TS. Packed crowd. CU. Bobby Moore shakes hands with Uve Seeler, the German captain. They exchange tokens then the referee, Dienst of Switzerland, tosses. SV. Alf Ramsey watching. GV. As Germany kick off right to left and start an attack on the right wing. LV. Pan as German forward drives a low shot but Gordon Banks collects easily. GV. England attacking. LV. As the ball is centred. Tilkowski punches clear. GV. Germany attacks. The ball goes to Sigi Held who brings it into middle and shoots. LV. Pan as Banks makes a good save just tipping ball over bar. GV. Crowd supporting Germany. GV. The Germans attack again. LV. The ball goes to Helmut Haller who turns and shoots and beats Banks for Germany's goal. GV. German crowd. & LV. GV. Play in progress, England attacks. GV. England attacks, ball is centred. LV. Tilkowski punches clear. LV. The ball goes to Bobby Charlton who takes a shot. LV. Pan as Tilkowsky dives and saves. GV. England attacks again. The ball is centred. LV. Hurst jumps and lobs the ball into net for England's equaliser. GV. England supporters. & SV. & LV. GV. Germany attacks. Banks does not clear properly and the ball rolls to Emmerich who steadies it. LV. He shoots straight into Banks' arms. GV. England attacks. LV. Tilkowski dives and punches ball out. LV. Charlton with the ball. He passes it into the middle. LV. England forward takes a shot. Tilkowski only half clears and there is a mad scramble in the goal area. LV. Another forward runs in and takes a shot. Tilkowski pushes the ball down and a defender has to clear it. Referee blowing whistle for half time. Zoom back to general view. Packed crowds at half time. Score 1-1. Band marching. German crowd. England kick off, kicking right to left to start attack. The attack is foiled by German defence. England attack again but again the German defence clears. Germany attacking, ball comes across to the right wing and is centred back. Banks jumps and foils the attack. England attacking. Ball passes to Bobby Charlton. Charlton passes to Hunt on the left wing. He centres the ball but German defender clears. Germany attacking but the ball is put calmly back to Banks. Man in crowd. Germany attacking. Hailer centres the ball. Banks runs out and punches clear. General play until ball is cleared by England defence. England attack. Geoff Hurst centres the ball. It comes off a German defender and goes straight to Peters who hits it first time into the net to put England in the lead. England 2, Germany 1. England supporters cheering. England attacking. Stiles passes the ball to Ball who centres for Peters to head over the bar. Crowd. England attacking again. Wilson centres from the left wing but German defence clears. Germany attacking. Jackie Charlton intercepts pass then makes a bad pass straight to a German player. Germany starts an attack. One of their forwards tries a shot which gives Banks no trouble. Crowd cheering. Germany attacking. German forward tries a shot but the ball bounces off and goes straight to Webber who puts it into the net to equalise for Germany. German players congratulate one another as English players dispute the decision. Scoreboard at the end of full time 2-2. England attacking in first half of extra time from left to right. Ball tries a shot but the German keeper just tips it over bar. England still attacking. The ball goes to Bobby Charlton. Charlton shoots. The goalkeeper dives and pushes it against post and ball rolls out. Crowd. Scoreboard. Germany attacking. Forward tries a shot. Banks collects and clears. Nobby Stiles running up field. Bobby Charlton running up field. England attacking. Forward tries a shot but goalkeeper collects easy and clears up field. German goalkeeper watching play. England attacks but no success. Hurst with the ball running down left wing. He shoots and ball is in the net. England officials jump up with joy as goal is scored. Referee blows whistle for full time, England

British Airways do hilarious football safety demo on way to Russia - Daily Mail

Thousands of England fans are heading to Russia by any means necessary to ensure they get to the World Cup semi final against Croatia in Moscow tomorrow night. British Airways has sold out of direct flights after putting on larger 777 planes to accommodate more passengers leaving Heathrow (left and right). One fan posted a tweet from his starting point at Grimsby Town railway station ahead of three flights via Turkey (inset). Meanwhile back home more than 30million are expected to watch on television and could break audience records, with cities around the UK putting on big screen events to attract massive crowds. Pictured top left and right are British Airways passengers and staff getting into the spirit of the game with England flags and waistcoats similar to the one worn by manager Gareth Southgate. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:

England fans get ready for Croatia semi final

One England fan missed the birth of his new born baby to go to Russia to see England play in the world cup semi final

RAF 100 Flypast London BBC Coverage

RAF Centenary Flypast Buckingham Palace 10 July 2018 BBC Coverage

Rick Stanton gives incredible account of Thai cave rescue | ITV News

Rick Stanton, a former firefighter from Coventry, has described the astonishing details of the search for the Thai football team trapped deep in a cave, and their subsequent rescue. Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: Get breaking news and more stories: Follow ITV News Central on Facebook: Follow ITV News Central on Twitter: Follow ITV News Central on Instagram:

England fans have been making a last minute dash, queuing for World Cup tickets ahead of the semi-finals tomorrow.

The wait is long and arduous but as these fans found out, well worth it in the end.

Heidi Ellis told ITV News she doesn't mind queuing as she has already seen all the sights.

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