Top 10 Cities with Best Fishing Places around the World

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18 Stubborn Homeowners

These are 18 of the most stubborn homeowners in the world! Subscribe to Talltanic 8. Narita, Japan Farmers In Narita, Japan, a collection of farmers took umbrage to the fact that their lands happened to coincide with the exact place that the government wanted to construct an airport. Tempers flared and tensions reached an all-time high, resulting in the farmer’s attacking workers, ultimately resulting in several deaths. To this day, an uneasy truce exists around the airport. 7. Guangzhou, China Apartments Sometimes, though rarely, the indomitable will of those who refuse to sell actually overcomes the wheel of progress. This building in Guangzhou exasperated the construction company with their stubbornness so much that the highway was simply constructed around the building. Though the view is doubtless marred from how it used to be, at least the residents of this building can say they still have their home. 6. Speighalter’s Jewelry Store Though many of the world’s most famous home holdouts reside in China, occasionally even cheery old England will find a stalwart defender of property. Speighalter’s Jewelry Store in London has refused to sell its prime location for over 100 years and is now surrounded on all sides by the Wickham’s Department Store. 5. A Chinese Farmer Another day, another major Chinese highway planned to go right through someone’s farmland. Ye Tan and his wife, however, had other plans. They eventually held out and the road was constructed around their home in one of the few examples of a home holdout going well for those who live within. Today the road circles around their meager farm and the couple have a grim satisfaction from their accomplishment. 4. Chongqing, China Sometimes the owners of homes on prime property are less concerned about their house and more concerned with their wallet, such as this home in Chongqing. The owner, Yang Wu, had no problem selling his home – but he wanted more money! In the end, he only received a modest sum and the house was ultimately demolished. 3. Yichang, China In a brazen attempt to get a Chinese man to move out of his home, which sits on prime real estate in Yichang, a construction company built up the land around his home, effectively making his house resided in a hole in the ground. The water and electricity was eventually cut off to his home and he temporarily moved away. His resilience, however, proved strong and he moved back in shortly after. 2. The “Nail Grave” Sometimes, the property in question doesn’t even have a house built on it, like this plot of land in Japan. Instead, the owner of the land has family buried here, and felt that the selling of the land would be a desecration to their memory. This plot was dubbed the “nail grave.” 1. Yonjia Apartment Building In 2015, an apartment building in Yonjia, China refused to sell out to a company that hoped to build a road right through their home. The resilient property owners were steadfast, however, and the city spent $15 million dollars to construct a four-lane road around their building. Way to stick it to the man!

Top 10 Amazing Places to Catch Fish Around the World

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The Real Reason We Don't Hear About Susan Boyle Anymore

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Most Isolated Places on Earth

All of the towns are all alone with incredible sites but are so remote you even need a boat to get to some. They are worth the travel! Subscribe to Talltanic 10. Huacachina Located in southwestern Peru this small village is built around an oasis and is surrounded by sand dunes. The town has hotels, shops and a library. The 96 people who reside here make a living by hosting tourists and they all live around a lagoon in the center of the village, which is said to have curative properties. It is about 185 miles south of Peru and is actually featured on Peru’s official currency. Imagine wandering around lost in the desert and stumbling upon this picturesque town. At first you would think it was a mirage. 9. Undredal Up until 1988 you could only access this small village by boat. Since then a road connection has been made and it has become a very popular tourist destination. The village is most famous for its church and its goat cheese. The Undredal Stave Church was built in around 1147 and is one of the smallest stave churches around with only 40 pews. Goat cheese is very important to the town's 100 or so inhabitants, they produce 10 to 12 short tons of brown goat cheese annually using the town's 500 goats. 8. Palmerston Island 62 people from the same bloodline occupy this ridiculously remote island which is found 2,000 miles northeast of New Zealand and 2,850 miles southwest of Hawaii. It is part of an atoll of more than a dozen coral islets and is the only one of these islets that is permanently inhabited. If you are looking for isolation this is the place to go, but be prepared because isolation is about all you will find. What you won’t find are hotels, cars, restaurants, an airport, a gas station, a grocery store or a hospital. It is extremely hard to get to as you can only take a boat and the approach is very dangerous and has only been mastered by the residents of the island. 7. Pitcairn Island Of its surrounding group of islands, Pitcairn Island is the only one that is inhabited. The fifty or so people are descendents of the mutineers from the HMS Bounty in 1789. The tale of the mutiny has become famous thanks to several books and movies made about the event. The island does not have an airstrip, meaning you have to take a shipping boat out of New Zealand to get there, which typically takes around 10 days. 6. Gasadalur As of 2012 this town’s population was a scant 18 people. The population has been steadily reduced over the years, and quite frankly it is hard to believe that anyone still lives there as the route to reach other villages forces you to go over a 400 meter high mountain. It is located on the west side of the Faroe Islands and it would be hard to beat the majestic view you get from the town. A tunnel was blasted through the rock in 2004, making it possible to get to the village by car. 5. Strange House You can find this bizarrely isolated house on the Skeleton Coast of South Africa. It appears that whoever lives here has a long commute to make to get anything done or to even see other human beings. 4. Pura Luhur Batukaru This temple is one of the most important temples on the island of Bali. It is said to be one of the nine directional temples that protects Bali from evil spirits. Its remote location on the slopes of a volcano make it hard to access and not a lot of tourists journey to this location. If you are feeling adventurous it is a very peaceful area to spend some of your time. 3. Shackleton’s Hut Ernest Shackleton built this hut while on expedition in Antarctica in the early 1900’s. His entire party spent the brutal winter of 1908 in the hut, which has been named a Historic ite. Before leaving, Shackleton’s crew left supplies for any other explorers who happened upon the remote site. It sits on Cape Royds, which is a dark rock cape on the western extremity of Ross Island. The hut was restored to the condition that Shackleton and his crew had left it in in 2008. 2. Kerguelen Islands These islands are also known as the Desolation Islands because of their distance from civilization. The only way to reach these extremely remote islands is to take a six day boat ride from a small island off the coast of Madagascar. It is home to a satellite and a French missile defense system but is primarily used as a scientific center. 1. Alert Living in the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world has to be tough. Its population is shown as 0 to 5 and this is because there is a rotation of military and scientific personnel that constantly inhabit Alert. It is home to a military signals intelligence radio receiving facility and a weather station as well as an atmosphere monitoring lab and an airport. It is only 508 miles from the North Pole and the nearest town is a small fishing village that is 1,300 miles away. The Olympic Torch passed through Alert in 2009 on its way to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.

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Top 10 Cities with Best Fishing Places around the World


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