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How Much Do Foreigners Know About India | ASIAN BOSS

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Best Countries for Medical Tourism: My 2nd Annual Physical in KL

What are the best countries for medical tourism? Where should a Nomad Capitalist turn to when in need of medical care and how to go where you're treated best? We talk a lot about planting flags when it comes to planning our second passports, offshore strategy, and reducing taxes, but how does our health fit into the equation? Andrew is here to discuss the best countries for medical tourism and you may be surprised with his top picks. Planting your health flag is vital to your well-being, as being sure that your health is in order allows you to achieve your full potential in all other fields. Medical care in Kuala Lumpur is improving with each year, not to mention that they are very welcoming toward foreigners and you pay only a fraction of the price you would in the western countries. This is but one of the reasons to consider KL as your health flag and to find out your other options, keep watching the video! For more information on medical tourism, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLQyBU_i-jw&ab_channel=NomadCapitalist If you want to read more on the topic, look no further: http://nomadcapitalist.com/2014/01/05/top-5-best-countries-medical-tourism/ What are your experiences with medical care overseas? Tell us about your experiences in the comments. --- ABOUT NOMAD CAPITALIST Andrew Henderson travels to nearly 30 countries every year to stay up to date on the latest legal strategies for entrepreneurs and investors to pay less tax, grow their money faster, and build their personal freedom. Andrew started Nomad Capitalist to help people like you follow his five magic words: "go where you're treated best". He has personally started foreign companies, opened offshore bank accounts, and obtained multiple second passports. He also learned the hard way that perpetual information seeking is often the biggest barrier to getting the results you want. Many entrepreneurs spend months and even years constantly researching how to pay less in tax or live overseas, but are afraid to make the jump. As a result, they get stuck and keep paying a fortune in taxes and never get the lifestyle they deserve. Nomad Capitalist's Youtube channel is based on Andrew's vision that focusing on the end result, rather than the latest shiny object, is the best way to actually obtain the benefits of the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle. About Andrew: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com/about/ Our website: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com Our blog: http://www.nomadcapitalist.com/blog/ Work with Andrew: http://www.holanomad.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nomadcapitalist/ Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nomadcapitalist

Medical tourism: Americans traveling for cheaper health care

The rising cost of health care is causing some Americans to find cheaper options abroad. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg reports on one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel industry - medical tourism.

Pak Media Jealous Of Indian Healthcare After Comparing It With Pakistani Healthcare 2018

Pak media discussing how the healthcare in India is far better than what Pakistan currently have. Pak media anchor Saleem Bukhari saying that the medicine that is sold at 10 rupee in India is sold at 200 at Pakistan. Pak media saying this is because Pak govt. don't control the prices of medicine in Pakistan which Indian Government does. Pak media saying because of this the healthcare in Pakistan has gotten expensive and out of reach for poor people. Pak media saying that the government people who decides the prices of medicine in Pakistan are in be with pharmaceutical companies, so they let them charge whatever price they want for the medicine. Pak media saying that Pakistani government don't help the local pharmaceutical companies to make medicine at lower prices and that is another reason for the low quality healthcare in Pakistan. Pak media saying that compared to India, Bangladesh and 7 SAARC countries, Pakistan's healthcare cost is the most expensive. Pak media mentioning a story where a minister of Pakistan went to United States for Medical procedure and there he found out that the medicines he is taking is fake and useless. Pak media saying that if the Pakistani govt. can't provide good and affordable healthcare to Pakistani people and the future of Pakistan seem very dark.

What Westerners Think Of Indian Arranged Marriages | ASIAN BOSS

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Medlifeline is an online platform that connects Medical and Wellness Travelers with accredited and top-notch hospitals, healthcare and wellness facilities with reputed Doctors and practitioners while being affordable, transparent and hassle-free. At Medlifeline we aspire to make access to quality Healthcare and wellness services available to people in every corner of the globe. We aim to bring you complete transparency over healthcare and wellness options available in India. Our mission is to provide you a complete experience - from obtaining quality medical opinions, choosing the right doctors, arranging travel and accommodation, providing support best in class services and support during treatment, post-operative recovery and follow-ups once you are back at home.

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