Beach Road Walking Street Second Road Songatow 07.07.2018 Pattaya Thailand

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Beach Road Pattaya - Night Walk with FReelancers

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■ PODCAST: 02:50 Wet Crossings 03:54 Chat With Police 05:38 Village Life 06:43 Most Picturesque Road (Burmese Jungle Landscape) 10:28 Talking with Long-Neck Hill-tribe People 25:14 Eating Thai Food & Learning Burmese Language 27:59 Help From a Local Woman 28:39 HUMAN ZOO? FAQ ■ PODCAST: ■ THAI LANGUAGE: ■ CAMERA: Day 5 of my month long tour of Thailand by motorbike. I head out from Mae Hong Son on the hunt for a hidden village of long neck hilltribe people on the Burmese border. The long neck people are refugees who fled Myanmar in 1992. They're not allowed to work legally in Thailand but survive selling their handicrafts in their own village market. This I had to see. Se what the long neck women are like and the amazing nature that surrounds their village in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Driving through the Thai jungle past picturesque ricefields on a motorbike crossing rivers was an event in and of itself. EPISODE 6:

Pattaya -Thailand - STEP BY STEP - Pedestrian's crosswalk Safety Road Marks

Thermoplastic road marking lines for cars and pedestrians. Project performed by Pattaya City Hall in Thailand. Due to very high temperature in Thailand, the HotMix Thermoplastic material is very thick and consists of 70% cast, plaster, sand and concrete. Therefore the mix needs to be boiled to over 400 C. That's why the material hardens very quickly. A crosswalk project to ensure kids-, bicycles, cars, tourists and pedestrians safety in traffic. Copyright: Ketabedanesh. Another astonishing and amazing road maintenance and traffic security project performed by Pattaya City Hall in Thailand. An astonishing teamwork between men and women in very hot day - over 40 degree C under the hot sun! These guys are amazing and perform a great teamwork everyday across the city of Pattaya in order to keep a high standard of traffic security. To keep the roads and traffic secure is one of the most expensive tasks for the Pattaya City Hall in Thailand. Published on July 04, 2018. Project performed on 23 June 2018 at 1-4 pm. Camera: Mobile phone LG Q6. Visit Visit Date: 06/23/2018 Pattaya in Thailand. Exact location: Pattaya Sai 2 Rd. Near Walking Street. Latitude:12.921117918212499 Longitude:100.87041082908331 Thermoplastic and HotMix road marking project performed by Swedish company Pattaya City Hall HotMix quickly hardens after application, thereby minimising traffic disturbance.

A walk along Fields Avenue and Walking Street, Angeles City, The Philippines

In this video i take you for a walk along Fields Avenue and into Walking Street, Angeles City, Pampanga, The Philippines. Fields Avenue and Walking Street are part of the Red light district in Angeles City, The Philippines. Lots off Agogo bars and Filipino girls can be found here. SezStyle - Thanks for watching, give this video a huge thumbs up, click that SUBSCRIBE button and don't forget to tell your friends about Dead Farang on Youtube. And Remember.....Bar Girls Can't Eat Love. This has been another Dead Farang Production. Please SUBSCRIBE for my new videos. Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - NOTE: Any comments attacking/defaming other youtubers will be deleted. If you have a problem with someone, contact them directly through private message. This channel is not a forum to personally attack, intimidate, provoke or make snide remarks about other youtubers in our community. Thanks for your understanding. Regards DF

Rompho Beer Garden Jomtien, Is this goodbye ! Vlog 315

Please help my channel with a Donation to help me make these videos and also travel to take you to other areas around Thailand, Please click link to Donate ! Camera's and equipment i use for vlogging Canon G7X Mk2.... Manfrotto hand tripod..... Canon 70d kit....... Canon Lens 10-22mm.... Gopro Hero4 Silver..... Big Tripod for Canon 70D....... DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone.... DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter 4K Drone.. DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links above, Which means that if you click on one of the product links above, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and helps me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I showing you around Pattaya and parts of Thailand that i travel to and what these areas have to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here ! Email me direct at KEVSTHAIMAIL@GMAIL.COM Join my facebook page at Edited using Wondershare Filmora If you would like to buy me a beer my paypal link is....... This will help my channel Thank You !

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