Top 10 Safest Cities for Women to Travel Alone

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10 Popular Cities That Can Be Extremely Dangerous for Tourists

There are places where tourists should be extremely careful. We are going to tell you some surprising facts about very well-known and frequently-visited locations. So, how to stay safe while traveling and avoid trouble in foreign countries? Are you a true traveler? Are you one of those people who love marveling at the Eiffel Tower in the spring, lying on the beaches of the Greek islands in the summer, and celebrating Christmas in a brightly decorated Wien? In short, are you a keen traveler? Then you are likely to know that it is possible to have your wallet stolen or get a food poisoning in any city. But there are places where tourists should be extremely careful. We decided to tell you about them. TIMESTAMPS Barcelona, Spain 1:00 Cairo, Egypt 2:15 Pattaya, Thailand 3:31 Johannesburg, South Africa 4:53 Dubai, UAE 6:23 Naples, Italy 7:03 Tijuana, Mexico 8:13 Mumbai, India 8:56 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 9:54 Paris, France 11:01 NOTE We should note that there are far more dangerous places in the world, but tourists prefer to steer clear of those. What we want to do is to tell you some surprising facts about very well-known and frequently-visited locations. Most popular scam trick One of the most popular scam schemes starts with the words: "Do you speak English?" If your answer is positive, you will have to listen to a very sad story of a friendly stranger. Not so dangerous but you will be definitely asked for money at the end of the encounter. Just don't be too gullible. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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TOP 10 Best Places To Start A New Life Packing up your life and moving somewhere completely new is not an easy task – but it just may be exactly what you need. Go somewhere where the climate or culture better fits your tastes and personality. There are many places in the world which very few people ever think about when contemplating a change like this. Here are 10 of the Best Places To Start A New Life. Suva, Fiji Living in Fiji can be cheap or expensive depending on the lifestyle you chose to follow. If you want the city life but on a smaller scale, then Suva, the capital, is for you. Fiji is consistently ranked in the top five for cost of living, quality of life and friendliness of the people. It’s ideal for anybody starting to become tired of the fast-paced city life they’re used to, without giving up everything they know. In Suva, you can find apartments and houses from just $250 a month, with more expensive and luxury options available too. Florianopolis, Brazil Nothing says “fresh start” like Brazil. Positive reports calling lush “Floripa” one of Brazil’s best cities to live in has influenced people from all around the world to move here, creating a vibe as cosmopolitan as it is tropical. It has great infrastructure, many job possibilities, especially in technology and tourism, and a seemingly universal willingness to celebrate anything at any time. Life here is as convenient as it is sweet. Plus, the island has 42 beaches. Santorini, Greece There are not many places in the world where you can enjoy exquisitely clear waters while perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea. Santorini, or any other island part of the Greek Cyclades, are a dream come true. Candy-coloured houses carved into cliffs, sapphire waters, gleaming white buildings topped with half-spheres... These islands truly have a character of their own. Here you’ll find peace as you roam the black sand beaches or watch the legendary sunsets, which seem tinted with every shade of an artist’s palette. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Full of beautiful architecture, colourful houses, narrow cobblestone streets, museums, forts and ocean views, Old San Juan is a perfect place to just pause and find yourself. Puerto Rican people are friendly, welcoming and very nice. They'll guide you and help you to get settled when you arrive and they are happy to answer any questions you need answering. Avarua, Cook Islands Located about 2,000 kilometres north east of New Zealand, the tropical beaches of Avarua are no less gorgeous than those of the Cyclades or Florianopolis. You can rent an apartment here for just $130 a month. The island also attracts comparatively few tourists: around 100,000 foreigners visit every year, compared to the eight million who go to Hawaii. So you won’t have crowds of people spoiling your enjoyment of Avarua’s attractions — which include observing the population of whales (The Aquatic Marine Mammal – not the country), going for long relaxing walks, and enjoying the amazing scenery. The only catch is that foreigners aren’t allowed to buy property on the island, although they can rent it for up to 60 years. Koh Thonsáy, Cambodia This small island in southern Cambodia is a real paradise of jungles and beaches. The population here is so low that it’s possible to find accommodation for a ridiculously small amount of money. You can spend your time relaxing on the beach, or exploring the jungle caves. For just $5, the fishermen will cook you a delicious meal made from freshly-caught fish and crab. Other seafood products will cost you no more than $1-2 here. The one drawback is that the island’s beaches are not well-kept tourist spots, but essentially areas of wilderness infrequently taken over by wild dogs or other animals. A place for those who really want to get away from civilisation. The Pearl Islands, Panama An amazing archipelago lying thirty kilometres to the west of mainland Panama. A huge number of pearls were once mined there; at another time pirates used it as their hiding place. Now, it’s become a haven full of wonderful resorts used by the local population. You can rent a small house here by the sea for around $300 a month. The Pearl Islands are ideal for those who want to escape from the world. In terms of the scenery, it’s probably one of the most impressive places on the planet. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria This little place is nestled in a valley in northern Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo is undoubtedly one of the most agreeable places on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, often called the Bulgarian Riviera. It’s as beautiful as France, but here a bottle of wine will cost you just 80 cents... Produced by: Contact us: Playlists: TOP Educational: TOP 10: TOP Cotroversial: TOP Science & Tech: TOP TRUTHS:

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Top 10 Safest Cities for Women to Travel Alone.
It can be incredibly dangerous for a woman to travel alone. Every year we hear news about sexual assaults on women who have been vacationing. It’s not only the physical attacks that make traveling alone as a female dangerous. Some places will try and take advantage of the lone traveler, charging them more money than other people. Hotel room theft and pickpocketing are also easier if the person is alone.
There are many places in the world where it may be unsafe for a woman to travel alone. Consider all the aspects of the trip – Will you be walking alone at night? Will you have a tour guide or be exploring the city on your own? Do you have friends or family there that can provide safety when you need it?
We came up with a list of 10 cities where women should be safe travelling alone. Anyone traveling to a new city should be knowledgeable about the dangers and how to get help if they need it. To choose the cities, we looked at the rights and wages of women in the particular countries, along with crimes against women statistics.
Here are our top picks for cities to visit if you are a lone female traveler.
1: Copenhagen, Denmark
2: Ottawa, Canada
3: Auckland, New Zealand
4: Helsinki, Finland
5: Hilo, Hawaii
6: Perth, Australia
7: Oslo, Norway
8: Setubal, Portugal
9: Malmö, Sweden
10: Marseille, France
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