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Chacharang Guesthouse
260-4, Geumseong-ro, 38158 Gyeongju, South Korea

Situated in the near the historical quarter of Gyeongju, Chacharang Guesthouse offers both private and dormitory-style rooms and free WiFi in all areas. Complimentary Korean breakfast is served daily at the guesthouse, and bicycle rentals are available at a surcharge. Each room here features Ondol, Korean heated floor, and air conditioning. Dormitory rooms are fitted with bunk beds and lockers. Bathrooms and toilets are shared for dormitory rooms while toiletries and hairdryers are provided free of charge. All guests can freely use the shared lounge, kitchen and terrace. From the property, the treasured Cheomseongdae Observatory of Silla dynasty is located just 5 minutes’ drive away. Daereungwon, the tomb complex of royals, is within a 10-minute walk. Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal is a 5-minute walk away.

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