'Bouzouki' a Turkish Musical Instrument

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1924 Buescher Factory - The Fine Art of Musical Instrument Making - Saxophone Production

Created in 1924 to showcase American manufacturing following WWI, here you see the Buescher factory at the height of the saxophone craze and the beginning of the Jazz Age in America. This rare footage was acquired by the Saxquest Saxophone Museum in 2008 and pieced together from two original 35mm nitrocellulose film reels. The transfer process was done at 2K resolution thus preserving this footage in digital archival form. For the full version go to WWW.SAXOPHONE.ORG, There in addition to many more scenes from the Buescher factory you will also see rare footage of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, the Clyde Doerr Orchestra, Tom Brown's son of the The Six Brown Brothers and more. Musical Instrument manufacturing in the 1920's, like all manufacturing, was undergoing a revolution as electricity was becoming commonplace and electric motors began to replace the old belt-drive equipment. Similar methods for instrument manufacturing would have been used by C.G. Conn, H.N. White (King), Martin Handcraft, Selmer and others.

Ritter Instruments Factory Tour

http://www.premierguitar.com PG's Charles Saufley is in Deidesheim, Germany where Jens Ritter gives him a tour of his winery that he's converted into a workshop where he makes some of the best bass guitars in the world. For more Factory Tour videos or to view Premier Guitar's COMPLETELY FREE digital edition magazine, be sure to visit http://www.premierguitar.com

AKTINA's Greek Music Journey 2013: Bouzouki Solo, Karantinis Rips!

Watch new videos of Karantinis from AKTINA's Greek Music Journey 2018 "The Magic of Bouzouki"!!! Excerpt from AKTINA's GREEK MUSIC JOURNEY concert held at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College in Manhattan on June 6, 2013. The concert celebrated AKTINA FM Radio's 20th year anniversary and featured Greek singer Melina Aslanidou with Andreas Karantinis on the bouzouki, guitarist Manolis Androulidakis, and percussionist Andreas Sikkis. Executive Producer Elena Maroulleti, video and editor Tom Stouras. This excerpt shows Andreas Karantinis, Manolis Androulidakis, and Andreas Sikkis ripping it up!


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Al Arabiya TV Channel has presented a brief report on the bouzouki. Bouzouki is a Turkish musical instrument.

The name “bouzouki” comes from the Turkish word “bozuk,” meaning “broken” or “modified”, and comes from a particular re-entrant tuning called “bozuk düzen”, which was commonly used on its Turkish counterpart, the “saz-bozuk”.

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