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Whistler Olympic Plaza

Whistler Olympic Plaza -

Revelstoke, B.C. Canada - Virtual Railfan LIVE

You are watching a live stream of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, which started streaming on November 14, 2018 for people who enjoy watching trains. It is hosted by the Revelstoke Railway Museum: West Cam: East Cam: Duplication or distribution of our videos is strictly prohibited without permission. Here are some helpful links, courtesy of Adam Bouwman: List of Trains Passing Revelstoke: Canadian Railway Map: FAMILY-FRIENDLY CHAT RULES: • Be polite and respectful • Please use English, we need a single language to be able to understand each other. If you’re not fluent, please use a translator such as Google Translate: • Don’t post in ALL CAPS or use excessive emojis, letters or characters. • Don’t discuss politics, religion, race, sex, violence, disturbing details about train or vehicle accidents, or anything like that. We try to be mindful of any children who may be watching. • Don't use the terms "foamer" or "foaming" in your comments or your username. Many railfans find them derogatory and offensive. • The conversation here is trains, and please remember that it needs to come first. Off topic conversation such as music, sports, jokes, etc. is fine, but it must be kept in balance with on topic. • Please keep conversations of personal issues (medical, domestic, legal, etc.) out of the chat; take it to messaging or email. Remember, you are sharing information with hundreds of people, not just those directly involved in the chat. • Don’t ask to become a moderator. It’s earned. If we’re interested in your assistance, we will contact you. • Just be nice, it’s amazing what happens when we’re all nice to each other. THINGS THAT WILL GET YOU BANNED: • Inappropriate usernames • Profanity • Asking for subscriptions (subs) • Being intentionally disruptive, creating arguments or any other jerk-like behavior • Not following the moderators’ instructions ABOUT THIS FEED: Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, in the Canadian Rockies, is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), where their Shuswap Subdivision meets their Mountain Subdivision. The Shuswap Sub runs to the west to Kamloops, BC (towards Vancouver, BC), and the Mountain Sub runs to the east to Field, BC, through Rogers Pass. The CP traverses the Canadian Rockies over 2 passes. Rogers Pass (located within the Selkirk Mountains portion of the Rockies), which is to the immediate east of Revelstoke, and further east, Kicking Horse Pass, which is to the immediate east of Field. Rogers Pass is at 4,360 feet (1,330 meters), and Kicking Horse Pass is at 5,339 feet (1,627 meters). To the west of Revelstoke is the lower Eagle Pass, at 1,804 feet (550 meters). CP has 2 tunnels underneath Rogers Pass and Mount MacDonald: the 5.022-mile-long (8.082-kilometer-long) Connaught Tunnel (opened in 1916), and the 9.1-mile-long (14.7-kilometer-long) Mount MacDonald Tunnel (opened 1988). At Kicking Horse Pass are the famous twin Spiral Tunnels (opened 1909) under the north flank of Cathedral Mountain. Revelstoke’s annual snowfall is 150.13 inches (380.9 millimeters), or about 12.5 feet. Among the freight trains seen here are unit potash, unit grain, and unit coal. Loaded westbounds feature both mid-train and end-of-train DPU’s, and empty eastbounds have fewer engines, both on front and as DPU’s. Many but not all eastbounds will stop to enter the yard, which is located to the east of the museum and cameras. Also seen are manifests, intermodal, and intermodal combined with manifest. These will also feature DPU’s due to the mountaineous territory the line traverses. On occasion, the gates will activate, but will soon after deactivate, with no train. This is due to the switcher in the yard proceeding far forward enough to enter the track circuit for the crossing. There are no passenger trains through Revelstoke. There are 2 ATCS layouts, one for each sub, but there is absolutely no server (data) coverage available. There are no radio feeds available. There’s no schedule for freight trains, but some of our more knowledgeable members will provide real-time information when it’s available. Please refrain from asking. ABOUT VIRTUAL RAILFAN: Virtual Railfan currently has 33 cams from 3 countries. Visit our website for memberships, more free cams, and our own live chat. Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you’re here! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Know a good location for a camera? We’d love to hear! Please email us at If you have any contacts in the area, please let us know.

Whistler - Iceberg Lake Hike

A spectacular fall hike in Whistler.

Brandywine Falls, Whistler BC: Vlog 16

Hiking trails near me: Brandywine Falls is a perfect stop for those traveling through the Squamish, Whistler area looking for a short walk to the spectacular falls. The hiking trail starts from the parking lot and crosses a covered wooden bridge. After crossing the river, head right, just 500m (1640 feet), crossing train tracks along the way, until you reach the platform overlooking the magnificent view of Brandywine fall. The falls itself drops approximately 70m and the surrounding cavern features rock slides that have crumbled from the walls over hundreds of years. The trail continues a short distance past the platform for a view of Daisy Lake. Once at the end of the trail there is a short fence that you will need to cross beyond. Follow the man maid foot trail along the ridge until you reach a rope that helps you down the cliff side. Once down that, it's a quick hike through the forest (follow the orange markers) and you arrive at the Brandywine falls base !!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 🎥 EQUIPMENT I USE My MAIN Camera: My FAVOURITE Lens Ever: Best gimbal ever: The Mic I use on my DSLR: Flexible tripod with ball head and quick release: My Drone: GoPro Hero 5: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: Thank you, everyone, for your support Beyond The Grid

Lost lake trails. Whistler, BC

Quick look at some of the Lost lake trails in Whistler, BC

The least-visited of all Whistler’s main waterfalls (even though it’s just off the beaten path) Alexandra Falls is a stunning 43-metre tiered cascade located on Madelely Creek up the Callaghan valley. Turn west about 10 km south of Whistler and head towards Whistler Olympic Park. Look for the sign and trail about 1 km before you get to the lodge – this will give you a view from the top of the falls.

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