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10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam | 2018

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Hilton Hawaiian Village Staycation in Honolulu, Hawaii

My wife and I decided to spend the weekend at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki since we were attending a wedding next door at the Hale Koa. We also invited my mom and little brother over for a day to relax by the pool. We got an awesome room in the Rainbow Tower. It was facing west so we had an amazing view of the sunset, Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon, Ala Wai Harbor, and Magic Island / Ala Moana Beach Park. You could see all the way to the west side from our room! I'd definitely recommend staying here if you're coming to visit the island of Oahu. They have several pools, a lagoon to swim in, and it's steps from the beach. It's located right at the beginning of Waikiki and a short walk to the Ala Moana Mall. Camera and Equipment used for this video: GoPro Hero4 Black: https://goo.gl/trfWwi Lanparte Stabilizer for Gopro: https://goo.gl/kvQ6Cf Manfrotto Compact Tripod: https://goo.gl/n6gEgt

Bobo Chicken (& mobile payments in China) // Chengdu: City of Gastronomy 34

Bobo Chicken, or bobo ji (钵钵鸡), is a great street food snack in Chengdu. It actually won an award for being the best street food in Chengdu. In this episode, I’m buying a few sticks and paying for them using my smartphone. WeChat pay and AliPay are the most popular apps for mobile payments in China. They’re used more than cash now. In 2016, 5.61 trillion dollars went through the 2 apps. Paying using your phone is faster, more convenient, and easier. In this episode, I’m biking the Chengdu streets, talking WeChat pay, and buying snacks using Wechat pay along the way. I even stop at McDonald’s for the “internet famous” Sichuan Dipping Sauce. The cartoon Rick and Morty, made a big deal of a McNugget sauce that was inspired by Szechuan flavors. Since then, McDonald’s has brought the sauce back and it’s now available in Sichuan, China. Needless to say, the Chinese are more confused than impressed with the dip that doesn’t even have true Sichuan flavors in it. Wechat pay is available almost everywhere. Even street food vendors, and carts selling fruit have QR codes that you can scan to pay for your items. With the app, you can open a barcode that can be scanned for a quick payment. Or, you can scan a QR code and connect to the vendor’s Wechat pay, send them the amount you owe, and show them the receipt from your smart device. China is the closest nation to becoming cashless. Their population size is so huge, but their ability to all get behind one thing is incredible. Being able to pay by scanning a code opens up all kinds of doors. For example, dockless share bikes would be difficult to do if you had to use cash to pay for it. WHERE TO GET BO BO CHICKEN IN CHENGDU 小名堂担担甜水面 - Xiǎo míngtáng dàndàn tián shuǐmiàn - Small Famous Dan Dan Sweetwater Noodles Several locations around Chengdu: https://ditu.amap.com/search?query=%E5%B0%8F%E5%90%8D%E5%A0%82%E6%8B%85%E6%8B%85%E7%94%9C%E6%B0%B4%E9%9D%A2&city=510100&geoobj=104.052094%7C30.647659%7C104.120788%7C30.679787&zoom=14 This place has a lot of Chengdu specialties. Their name has 2 must-eat dishes in it: Dan Dan Noodles and Tian Shui Mian. You can try them there as well. The Bobo Chicken, and other items on a stick, will probably be sitting on the table in a giant bowl. Enjoy a few with a bowl of your favorite Sichuan noodles. In this series, I am eating my way through a deck of cards. I bought a deck of food themed playing cards that feature a different Sichuan dish on every card. Every week I'll shuffle the deck and pick one random card to hunt down and sample. Chengdu was the first Asian city to be named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. It's full of incredible food - a lot of which you probably don't know about. Subscribe below to follow along. Better yet, after subscribing hit the bell icon to get notified whenever I post a new video. The weekly video will be posted every Thursday at 3PM EST until all 54 cards have been tried. Also tune in Tuesday at 3PM EST for more of my videos. 👤 ABOUT ME I live in China and am constantly exploring and traveling the country and other parts of Asia. Subscribe to my channel to watch more adventures... and to learn a bit about food, cultures, and more. 🎥 MORE CHENGDU CITY OF GASTRONOMY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKDIXWmwq80g81wV15r-xczVRRD5rrqhN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🖥 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2e8BCZv 💻 Website: http://itchyfeetonthecheap.com/ 📧 Email: itchyfeetonthecheap@gmail.com 🖼 Instagram: http://instagram.com/itchyfeetonthecheap 🗨 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itchyfeetonthecheap 🗯 Twitter: https://twitter.com/itchyfeetcheap ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎵 MUSIC © 2017 - SKYBLEW ›› www.facebook.com/SkyBlewMusic ›› soundcloud.com/skyblewmusic © 2017 - PABZZZ ›› soundcloud.com/pabzzz ›› www.facebook.com/PabzzzFR

Deep House 24/7: Relaxing Music, Chill Study Music

Our 24/7 live Deep House Music Radio features relaxing and chilled deep house music for study, relaxation, and chill moments with friends. 🌴 Enjoy our latest releases on Spotify: http://bit.ly/SilkSpotifyNew (3,300+ followers ) 🕺 Chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/UjBsHnV ● Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/SilkMusicTV ● Browse our Spotify Playlists: http://bit.ly/SilkSpotify ● Stream / Download our music: http://silkmusic.lnk.to/listen Genres you will hear in this live stream: - Deep House - Deep Progressive House - Deep Chill Music - Chill Music / Chilled Music - Relaxing Music - Study Music ▼ Bot Commands: !like ⏵ Let everyone know that you like the current track. !hug [NAME] ⏵ send your friend a hug! !track ⏵Shows the now playing track. !social ⏵ List Silk Music's social pages. !uptime ⏵ Shows the time since we started the stream. !tweet ⏵ A quick way to tweet about our live stream. !spotify ⏵ Silk Music's Spotify Information. !demos ⏵ Learn how to submit a demo to Silk Music. !report [MESSAGE] ⏵ Contact us about a technical issue with the stream. New commands will be available soon... Please 'like' this stream if you find it enjoyable, so more people will find it :)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL ► http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB SINGAPORE 4K DRONE FOOTAGE ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax_AaLQtwKI&t=27s MY FILM MAKING KIT ► https://kit.com/davidsbeenhere Welcome to Singapore, one of the smallest countries in the world. Singapore is an island state located off the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula in Southeast Asia. Besides being the world’s 2nd wealthiest country (second only to Qatar), Singapore is extremely clean and safe, boasting superior air quality and of course tons of great things to see, do and eat! Welcome to Gardens by the Bay one of the most amazing and botanical gardens in the world. A few things you can see here is the flower dome, the cloud forest, several gardens and the supertrees. The Supertrees are living and breathing sculptures rising above the gardens. For epic views, head up to the top of these supertrees and stroll along the 22-meter-high aerial walkway known as the Skyway to experience the Marina Bay area from a bird’s eye view. Next up we visit China Town! It's a great place to do some souvenir shopping, eat some local Chinese food and walk around. One of the highlights about visiting Singapore is to eat at a hawker center. This is a huge food court full of stalls. You need to eat Indian, Malaysian and Chinese. It's very inexpensive! The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of Asia’s most iconic buildings and home to the world’s most renowned infinity pool. To visit the pool you must be a guest of the hotel, but you can experience incredible views from the Skypark observation deck or from one of the 57th floor restaurants. Welcome to the Singapore Zoo! It was founded in 1973, we take a quick tour through the zoo to see the asian animals. Singapore Zoo was the first zoo in the world to have free roaming orangutans. The River Safari is located right next to the Singapore Zoo. It’s a fascinating journey through some of the world’s largest river systems like the Nile and the Mississippi. I was especially excited to visit the Giant Panda Forest. We are inside Thian Hock Keng Temple. It was constructed in the 1840s using the best materials from China at the time. In 1973 it was declared a national monument. Admission is free! Orchard Road is a major tourist attraction, and when you look around it’s easy to see why. This is where you come for some serious retail therapy, and with more than 10 shopping centers, there is plenty to choose from. The 20-storey Paragon is perhaps the most famous along the strip, with stores like Gucci, Prada and Burberry. It boasts over 200 stores in all. The Singapore Flyer is the worlds largest observation wheel. This ferris wheel has 28 capsules, each fits 28 people and it takes 28 minutes to do a complete rotation. Little India is where the Indian community settled in over 200 years ago. Now a days it is a commercial district. They have converted these shop houses into restaurants, shops, jewelry stores and offices. It's a great place to buy gold and try indian food! Singapore’s Changi Airport is second to none! You may actually want to have a layover here because of how many things there are to do – from a butterfly garden, to shopping and dining, relaxation areas, movie theatre, art installations, a swimming pool, and much much more. Changi is my favorite airport in the world! There you have my top 10 places to visit in Singapore! What are your favorite spots? Leave a comment below! ☆ CONTACT ☆ ↠ Business: david@godandbeauty.com _____ BLOG ►http://davidsbeenhere.com/ _____ BOOK YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE: ►http://app.trilltravel.co/u/davidsbeenhere _____ FOLLOW ME: + INSTAGRAM ►https://instagram.com/davidsbeenhere + FACEBOOK ►https://www.facebook.com/davidsbeenhere1 + TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/davidsbeenhere _____ SEND ME STUFF: 5858 SW 81 ST Miami, FL 33143 USA _____ P.S. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing!

Hilton Chengdu hotel city: Chengdu - Country: China
Address: No.666 Middle Tianfu Avenue ; zip code: 610093

Hilton Chengdu is 300 metre from Tianfu 3rd Street Subway Station (line 1). The hotel has a hot tub and sauna, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar.
-- Hilton Chengduは地下鉄天府三街駅(1号線)から300mの場所に位置し、ホットタブ、サウナ、レストラン、バーを提供しています。 Hilton Chengduから成都駅まで車で34分、成都双流国際空港まで車で20分、寬窄巷子、石人公園などの観光スポットまで車で約30分です。 各客室には42インチ衛星液晶テレビ、ミニバー、ソファ、ワークデスク、専用バスルーム(シャワー、バスローブ、無料バスアメニティ、ヘアドライヤー付)、電気ポット、スリッパが備わっています。 Hilton...
-- 成都希尔顿酒店距离天府三街地铁站(1号线)300米,设有热水浴池、桑拿浴室、餐厅和酒吧。 成都希尔顿酒店距离成都火车站有34分钟的车程,距离成都双流国际机场有20分钟车程,距离宽窄巷和石人公园约有0.
-- Отель Hilton Chengdu находится в 300 метрах от станции метро Tianfu 3rd Street (линия 1). К услугам гостей гидромассажная ванна, сауна, ресторан и бар.

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