Lifesong for Orphans Haiti & The Avenue Church Delray Beach FL 2018

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One Man's Plan to End Haiti's Cycle of Extreme Poverty and Dependence by Investing in Its People

One Man's Plan to End Haiti's Cycle of Extreme Poverty and Dependence by Investing in Its People

Jacmel, Haiti - 4K Drone March 2018

There are many sides to Haiti, and on a recent trip, tried to capture the natural beauty rich southern coastal city of Jacmel. Shots taken with the DJI Mavic Pro in the last week of March 2018 Locations: Promenade du Bord de Mer, Downtown Jacmel, Bassin Bleu & Raymond Les Bains Music: Fam'm Kolokinte by Coupe Cloue

Churches Are Making Haiti Worse

Churches are making Haiti worse, that's what a lot of Haitians believe, and I notice a lot of American churches have missions in Haiti but they haven't been able to save souls nor help the poor in Haiti. Here are a few ways the church can win souls, help #Haiti and make Jesus proud. #MakeJesusProud #EducateHaitiansForHaiti #MakeJesusProudInHaiti

TIA&TW: Haiti Today - History & Culture

Episode 2135: Haiti Today - History & Culture While on location in the Republic of Haiti, THIS IS AMERICA & THE WORLD explores the country's wonderfully vibrant and rich culture. Dennis hears about the exciting and evolving art scene in Haiti and the crucial role Voodoo plays in the culture of Haiti. Dennis also travels to northern Haiti to see a variety of stunning tourism locations available to visitors and gets a personal history lesson about Haiti when he visits the historic sites of the Sans-Souci Palace and the massive Citadelle Laferrière. These dramatic locations tell the powerful story of Haiti's independence and reveal that Haiti is far more than negative news stories but a country of immense depth and rare beauty.

A Tourist's guide to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

With some trepidation, I fly into the Haitian capital. My guide picks up me up and then whips me through some Port-au-Prince's highlights. Sights include the Iron Market, the voodoo statues in the Hotel Oloffson, the earthquake damaged cathedral, Place Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Place du Marron (home to some great statues), the view of the colourful hillside homes and the observatory, which offered a great view of the city. All in all, a great trip, fuelled by a touch of apprehension and sprinkled with a dash of excitement. If you can ignore the huge amounts of trash, and the sheer amount of chaos, then Port-au-Prince might be the place for you.
OUR MISSION is to care for the physical, spiritual, educational and future employment needs of nearly 300 orphaned and vulnerable children. Our goal is to grow leaders of faith who will change the nation of Haiti! Our community will house the children in family style residences with house parents loving the kids (no institutional dorm style living), an activity center and soccer program will provide healthy opportunities for our kids and the community to interact and our education program will teach critical thinking (vs rote memorization, the current model in Haiti) all of which will ensure the hopes and dreams of these children will become a reality.
The Avenue Church is a family of missionary servants sent to Delray Beach to make Jesus famous by making disciples that make disciples.

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