Reynol Complex x Special Boss | Spark the Electric Jester OST

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Spark The Electric Jester - Final Boss

*whispers* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ryno Friken - Fark the Electric Jester

Music rip from Fark the Electric Jester. Full music playlist here: Support LakeFeperd by purchasing Spark the Electric Jester on Steam: Or just plain-old follow him on Twitter: You could always follow me too ;o

Spark the Electric Jester - Network Coast (Spark's Story) [03]

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Judge Let's Play - Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 - 13 - Damp Tacos

The bland, the mixed, and the "ow my ears" are covered in today's video. Combust Man: 1:55 The Dampening: 5:30 Taco Man: 12:30 This is a Let's Play of Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 as done by one of the judges. I'll be talking about what I thought of the levels and why I scored them how I did. Artwork in beginning done by the wonderful NitricAcid Bubble Man Remix Music can be found here:

Spark the Electric Jester Special Bosses (Spark Challenge)

Aprobecha el bug papu!!! supuestamente el spark challenge es el mas dificil del juego, necesitas paciencia, pero con este bug no queda ni lo dificil XD no se si alguien mas sabe de este bug.

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Someone asked for more Spark you go.

(yeah, I know I use Special Boss alot, it's my favorite song in the game--you have to appreciate Andy for channeling his inner Crush 40)

Songs Used:
Reynol Complex - Andy Tunstall - Spark: The Electric Jester OST
Special Boss - Andy Tunstall - Spark: The Electric Jester OST

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