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Albanian Riviera - Beaches & Places to Visit

ALBANIA Go Your Own Way - Visit Albania TopAlbania Subscribe Now! http://bit.ly/TopAlbania Music ♫ Kuarteti Pentagram https://youtube.com/kuartetipentagram Top 21 Beaches in Albania ► https://goo.gl/KF2nLT Albanian Alps ► https://goo.gl/Uoz2rd Top Albania https://facebook.com/topalbania1 The Albanian Riviera is blessed with 300 days of sun. The average temperature in January is 10 degrees C. and the average temperature in July is 25 degrees C. The Ionian coastline is known for having fascinating beaches with deep and very clean waters. Younger crowds tend to visit the Ionian beaches as the area offers many opportunities for those interested in water sports like diving, boat tours, etc. Some of the most exotic and interesting beaches in the south of Albania are Dhërmi, Jal, Himara, Qeparo, Borsh, Saranda and Ksamil. From the Llogara Pass, which is 1,057 meters above sea level, the breathtaking coast can be seen as if from the vantage point of an airplane. The first beach here is Dhraleos in Palasë which has a length of 1.5 km. This is one of the most exotic and tranquil beaches of the Albanian coastal zone complete with rich blue waters. This beach is popular for water sports and is sometimes even the destination for the parachutes that launch from Llogara Pass. Dhërmi is located a little further south and is one of the most frequented and important tourist places along the Albanian coast. The crystal-clear waters, isolated beaches, water sports and diving make this the preferred beach of younger generation. The different beaches that are part of Dhërmi are Jaliksari, Shkambo and Gjipea.The beach of Gjipea has a beautiful shape. Past this beach there is a stream that has made a canyon with 70 meters high walls. Located near the beach of Dhërmi is the Cave of Pirates which tourists can access only by boat or ferry. There are also hotels, restaurants and summer clubs located nearby. Throughout this entire area, family tourism has developed, where tourists can choose to rent guesthouses or reside in a variety of hotels nearby. Near Himara 8 km south of Dhërmi, you will find the village of Vuno, which is the central area of the Albanian Riviera. It is a tourist town that comes to life during the summer season thanks to the younger generations that come here. In this area are beaches of Spile, Potam, Llamaniand and Livadhja. All of them stand out for their deep waters, navigability and rocky characteristics. After Borsh is Qeparo and the small tectonic gulf of Porto Palermo where Ali Pasha castle is located. Borsh, is one of the longer beach areas of the Albanian Riviera protected by a collection of massive Mediterranean vegetation, primarily citrus and olive plantations. Family tourism has also become very popular in this area. Between here and the city of Saranda, one can find the beaches of Bunec, Kakome and Krokëy whose collective length runs about three km and each with beautiful, crystal-clear water. The city of Saranda is the most populous urban area on the Albanian Riviera and a very big tourist destination, especially enjoyed by newly married couples on their honeymoon. The city and surrounding areas offer a range of hotels catering to five-star travelers as well as the more budget conscious, while home rentals also remain an option. The city is well-located on the coast only 9 km away from the Greek island of Corfu. Daily ferries offer connections between Saranda and Corfu making this southern Albanian city a good base for European and international tourists. Along Saranda you will find some smaller beaches like Central and Liman. Usually, tourists prefer to visit one of the more frequented places, Ksamil, which is located between the peninsula of Ksamil and lagoon of Butrint hosting a number of hotels and restaurants, near the beach of Ksamil are 4 small islands covered by Mediterranean vegetation with a surface of 8.9 ha. http://www.albania.al #TopAlbania #VisitAlbania

Ksamil beach. Albania

Ksamil, Saranda district - is the southern part of Albania and the most beautiful place in the country! It’s a small town near the national park Butrint. Ksamil beach is one of the most visited coastal resorts in Albania. It has Mediterranean climate, tasty local food and low prices. Ksamil beach has many small islands, which you can get by swimming on a catamaran or by a rented boat. A lot of restaurants have a huge choice of the freshest Mediterranean seafood. This is the only place in Europe with snow-white sandy beaches. And now you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and amazing views on this video!

Saranda - Albania riviera [2018] HD

Saranda one of most charming towns of the Albanian Riviera , and during the summer months it seems like half Tirana relocates here to enjoy the busy beach and busier nightlife along its crowd-filled seaside promenade. What was once a sleepy fishing village is now a thriving city, and while Saranda has lost much of its charm in the past two decades, it has retained much of its charisma. The town beaches are nothing special a part Pllaka beach passing the small port , but Saranda is a great base for exploring the beaches around such as Pulebardhat , Pasqyrat , Manastiri beaches ect., or going to Ksamil beaches and Butrint Unesco World Heritage Site if you have your own transport or also take a taxi and why not use the public transport . The town's name comes from Ayii Saranda, an early monastery dedicated to 40 saints; its bombed remains (including some preserved frescos) are still high on the hill above the town. But also the small castle of Lekursi that offer a spectacular view and a good restaurant or the monastery of Saint George very well conserved and restored . The town was called Porto Edda for a period in the 1940s during WWII, after Mussolini's daughter. Saranda is well connected with cruisers that come from all over the world and Corfu (the Greek town in front of Saranda) , during summer is mostly full of tourists from Nordic or Eastern Europe countries for its climate , food and beauty .

Ksamil - Albania

Przejazd przez Ksamil - niewielką, nadmorską miejscowość na południu Albanii w okolicy Sarandy. Drive through Ksamil - a small seaside town in the south of Albania in the area of Saranda. Drive përmes Ksamil - një qytet të vogël bregdetar në jug të Shqipërisë, në zonën e Sarandës.

5 plazhet me te bukura ne Shqiperi(Top 5 beaches of the Albanian riviera)

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Ksamil Albania 🇦🇱 Ksamili is a village and a former municipality in the riviera of Southern Albania, and part of Butrint National Park. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Sarandë. The population at the 2011 census was 2,994. The municipal unit consists of the villages Ksamil and Manastir. The proper coastal village, built in 1966, is located south of the city of Sarandë off the road to Butrint. Ksamil is one of the most frequented coastal resorts by both domestic and foreign tourists. Ksamil Beach and Albania's Ionian Coast further north was included in the Guardian's 20 of the best bargain beach holidays for 2013.
The main attractions are the nearby Ksamil Islands. The mainland beach is small but clean.
During communism, the area became well known for the production of olive oil, lemons, and tangerines. In 2010, national authorities demolished over 200 illegal structures that violated the town's master plan and the integrity of Butrint National Park. Some remains from the demolished buildings have yet to be removed by authorities.

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