Mini Anime Ringtone Mashup Compilation

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Guess the Anime Opening Quiz!

Enjoy our fun game! The opening themes of each anime will play for 15 seconds. We have divided them up into 5 categories, and for each correct guess, you'll receive points based on which category it came from: 1 point for very easy 2 for easy 3 for medium 4 for hard 5 for very hard Comment your scores (?/169) below! EDIT: Hi, yes, hello, we're aware of our screw up with regard to the Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok/Kamichama Karin song mix up. Sorry! While editing, we accidentally used the wrong audio file (we named Kamichama Karin "MDLR" while downloading the 40+ songs initially). As my computer is the actual devil, by the time the fixed video was finished uploading to YouTube as an unlisted video, there was already too many likes and views on this video to justify taking it down completely. If it would please people, I can absolutely make the fixed version public, but honestly, as this is my first time uploading a video, I wasn't sure if that would be a "smart move" when confronted with the several hundred thousand entirely unexpected views this video already has. TBH, I have no idea what I'm doing. If anyone has any other suggestions as to how to rectify the situation, I'd be more than pleased to hear it in the comments below. Thanks for watching, thanks even more if you bothered reading this, and sorry for all of the confusion! -SC

『Lyrics AMV』Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii OP Full - Fiction/ Sumika

Enjoy~! | 0:49 "Exiting" to "Exciting" | 1:22 "wo ainiku" to "oainiku" | all the "isogashii" to "sewashii" | ED Full - ➢Anime 動漫 : ヲタクに恋は難しい, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, 阿宅的戀愛太難 ➢Song 歌曲 : "Fiction (フィクション)" - Sumika ➢Watch In Google Chrome or Opera for the best romaji accuracy. ➢Video editing, subtitle effects : Pizza EX ➢Language : (Karaoke) Japanese, (Karaoke) Romaji, Chinese, English. Buy the song to support the artist! : Itunes : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE SUPPORT OUR TRANSLATORS BELOW! ⬇ 請支持以下的翻譯者!⬇ 日文和羅馬音 JP and Romaji : ( & Pizza EX 英文翻譯 English Lyrics : Pizza EX 中文翻譯 Chinese Lyrics : Pizza EX ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics : Kenta Kataoka Composer : Kenta Kataoka ↓ Check Out My Latest Activities! ↓ ↓ 查看我最新的動態吧! ↓ Facebook : 2nd Channel : MAL : Blogger : Bahamut (Chinese) : ➢ My translation is not that good but at least understandable.. ➢ Normally I will not do old anime AMV anymore, because the raw version is super hard to find and download. ➢ I use my free time in university to make the videos, so I can't accept some of the request, I'm very sorry. ➢ DISCLAIMER : All the materials used on this video are just for entertainment purpose only!

Platinum Level Circulation (Avicii x Tsukihi Araragi x Nadeko Sengoku)

RIP Avicii _ __ - ararararararararararararararararararararararararararararararagi "Platinum Disco" by Yuka Iguchi "Renai Circulation" by Kana Hanazawa "Levels" by Avicii dl link:

That's Your Ringtone!?

Nagisa and Yuuko imagine eating meat but are interrupted by Run's ringtone. Anime: A Channel {Episode Links} [ChiaAnime]: [Crunchyroll]: None [GoGoAnime]: [KissAnime]: {Anime Websites} ChiaAnime: Crunchyroll: GoGoAnime: KissAnime:

日文、動漫音樂電台 | Anime Music➨24/7

♡感謝你留下喜歡和訂閱♡ 打開鈴鐺接收最新消息→ 🔔 訂閱►親親2o音樂LîvË◄其他頻道 頻道1( 主頻道 ): 頻道2(電子音樂): 頻道3(中文音樂): ----本電台不開放點歌---- 歌單: 背景圖片: FB粉絲團: 好聽,熱門,BGM,精選,歌曲,連續,不間斷 Anime,music,Nice #親親2o音樂LîvË#Music#24小時不間斷

Request Guidelines:
*Do not post requests in the comments anymore; the comment system is not the best, and I potentially am not notified of all comments*
1) Send all request queries to ""
2) In the subject line, type "Request."
3) For all requests, follow this format: Song Name - Stage Name (if applicable) - Game Name.
4) Do only one request per email--if you do not obey this, I'll simply choose the mashup I want to do.
Overall, failure to follow these rules can result in your request not being queued, so please, try your best.
Bring on the copyright strikes.

Anyway, just wanted to dabble in a few anime songs. I dunno if I'll ever pursue full-length versions of these, but here are some 30-second snippets. A few of these songs should be readily recognizable, others, not so much.

P.S. If you have any or know about any Anime OP/ED/Insert acapella (i.e. vocals only) then send them my way, I'll try and make good use of them.

Songs Used:

Ren'ai Flow:
Flow - Miyahari Nami - PPGZ OST
Ren'ai Circulation - Sengoku Nadeko - Bakemonogatari OST
Download Link:

Let Me Splash Free with You:
Let Me Be with You - Nino and Round Table - Chobits OST
Splash Free - STYLE FIVE - Free OST
Download Link:

Crossing RPG:
Crossing Field - LiSA - Sword Art Online OST
RPG - School Food Punishment - [C] Control OST
Download Link:

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