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(THE BATTLE CATS) How To Beat Bun Bun!

Hope I Helped You!

Shinji Cat VS Manic King Dragons

A copy of Baby Cat should be able to copy what Baby Cat capable of.

The Battle Cats - Testing Cameraman on Draconian

Possibly the new replacement for Manic Flying. Farther range, cheaper cost and lethal strike. Also strong vs flying, too.

The Battle Cats- Tiny Tail (Li'l Lizard Awakens)

I apologize for the late upload, I did time travel to it 2 days ago and meant to upload it then but this stage was really bullshit and I ran out of energy refills. I didn't use Ramen here like everyone else as I wanted to find my own strat instead. But frankly, you're much better off using him. Li'l King Dragon has 300k health and does 3500 damage. Although he is very frail compared to Manic King Dragon (more then half the health), he does 600 more damage. Instead of Otters, there are 400% Doge Darks and 200% Gabriels which come out at intervals of 13.3 seconds to 26.6 seconds and 16.6 seconds to 33.3 seconds respectively. Though the first 5 Doge Darks and Gabriels come out at much shorter intervals. Unlike Manic King's stage where 3 Manic Kings will spawn at the start and the rest are triggered by base health, the Li'l Kings will spawn at a timer from the start. There are 8 of them in the stage, the first one appears immediately and the second one comes out 40 seconds after. The Li'l King Dragons will come out at intervals equal to the previous one but added by 3.3 seconds. For instance, the third one comes out 43.3 seconds after the second one and the fourth one comes out 46.6 seconds after the third one. I synced up the first 2 Li'l Dragons at my base and quickly got rid of them with A. Bahamut. Normally A. Bahamut wouldn't be fast enough to hit the Li'l Dragons before he gets hit so I used 2 Speed Up S combos to allow him to reach them in time. It also helps Paris reach the front lines faster. I also did the same for the next 2 Li'l Dragons. Oh yeah, Paris is much better than Cameraman here as she has more range and faster movement speed. Since I'm not using Ramen, I used Madam the Savannah instead. She has 37k health at Lv40, which makes her a really good tank/meatshield. Personally this was the hardest Li'l Awakening stage for me and to be honest, fuck this stage. Levels of cats used: So-Ran Cat Lv30 Li'l Eraser Cat Lv30+9 Madam the Savannah Lv40 Salon Cat Lv40+24 Awakened Bahamut Cat Lv30

The Battle Cats- Draconian (Manic King Dragon Cat)

Screw this cancerous stage and its bullshit, I'm never doing this again. On the other note, I used Sniper to help desync the otters as apparently desyncing them helps more than syncing them as they won't one-shot you Manic Flyings if they manage to land a hit on them. I'm not sure if that KB combo helped or not. Levels of cats used: Manic Macho Legs Cat Lv31 Macho Legs Cat Lv20+50 Manic Lion Cat Lv30 Jamiera Cat Lv20+50 Awakened Bahamut Cat Lv30 Mohawk Cat Lv20+50 Manic Mohawk Cat Lv34 Eraser Cat Lv20+50 Crazed Wall Cat Lv40 Manic Flying Cat Lv38

So yeah, not a lot happened but still its a video so I would appreciate a like and maybe... just maybe a sub?

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