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Baal Veer - Episode 34

Baal Veer, is a kids based super hero show. It talks about a wonderland, Pari lok, where all the fairies reside. There are numerous fairies in Pari lok and each pari has her own basic characteristic according to their name..He is a human who is taken to Pari lok by fairies.. Baalveer is blessed with the power of the 6 fairies and with those powers he helps Manav and Meher and other kids in fighting against their fears. Baal Veer comes as a saviour for Manav-Meher and fights against all the odds in their life.

Malooty | Episode 69 - 4 March 2016 | Mazhavil Manorama

The most blissful and beautiful period in the lifetime of a human being is definitely childhood. Blissful, unassuming, innocent - altogether. Sheer happiness and joy, even sheer pain or sorrow. Everything is crystal clear – no shady intentions or guilty feelings what so ever. But in this story- MALOOTTY , childhood is a rare exception. The character, ‘‘Malootty” has all the colors of life, but those colours are muted. All the pride and joy of life and all of them are followed by shame and sorrow. Malootty is the daughter of Harikrishnan and Maya Devi, who are wealthy and prestigious, but self centered and ambitious to the core. They move in opposite directions of life. The only thing that binds them together is the 'thaali'- the sacred wedding chain.Their one and only daughter “ Malootty” becomes a burden to them. Malootty's grand mother thinks of her as an ill-omen. Amongst a crowd of people, Malootty lives the life of an orphan - all alone.Her only hope and source of comfort is Clara, the house maid. Hari and Maya realize they cant go on for ever like this, and they decide to divorce. As per the court’s verdict, Malootty can live both her parents - alternatively. But between all these, she lacks the one thing that a child needs - love and care - from both ends.Accidentally, a missed call changes her life. A man by the name ' Manu John Kurishinkal' comes into her life. He keeps calling her. His words he gives her the care she always yearned for. Manu Uncle becomes the essence of her life. Soon Maya gets acquainted with him. What happens later forms the story.

Paani Me Rehne Wale 5 Jeev - Hindi Comedy | Student Teacher Jokes

Subscribe Us For Daily Jokes Videos - http://bit.ly/JokesJunction Paani Me Rehne Wale 5 Jeev - Hindi Comedy Jokes New Jokes 2017. Latest Hindi Jokes. (Hindi Chutkule) Laughter is the best medicine and in order to provoke laughter, a joke is required. So enjoy this video and do share it with your friends.

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Roblox Funniest Home Videos Episode 2!

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