The Cost of Living in Vancouver, Canada

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Thinking about checking out Vancouver, British Columbia? In this first Impression we're breaking down all the things that make the city DOPE. Here's what to expect: 1) Neighbourhood breakdown Gastown 1:16 Coal Harbour 1:59 West End 2:24 Granville 3:16 ENGLISH BAY 4:00 2) Top 3 things that make Vancouver fantastic 4:41 3) The downside of living here AND affordable solutions/ Apartment tour 7:11 Check out my other videos to learn more about Vancouver :) TOP APARTMENT HUNTING TIPS in Vancouver: VANCOUVER WEATHER BREAKDOWN: Winter vs. Summer / Ontario vs. BC & HOW TO DESIGN / FURNISH your apartment for $200 : So here is some educational wisdom for your move or trip to Van, i hope yah like it! :)

Cost Of Living In Vancouver 2018 UPDATE: Housing Expenses Increase + Full Budget!

Click here to subscribe! Hey guys! Today's video is 2018 cost of living update video. I made a video almost 2 years ago about our budget and expenses for living in Vancouver, BC, Canada and this video is to update you on what we pay today. I also answer the most asked questions from that video and provide a more fulsome budget of our expenses. Any further questions, just ask! We are happy to have lived in Vancouver for almost 4 years now, in the same rental condo. More information on our condo and how we came to secure it can be found in my initial video, link below. First Video: Travellight's Video: Some Resources For Moving To Vancouver: From the City of Vancouver: From the Province of BC: From the People of Reddit: From A Local Moving Co: Playlist of videos about my life in Vancouver: Our Vancouver Condo Tour: For comparison, check out my friend Lily's great video about 2018 Cost of Living in Calgary: ******* Hi and welcome to my channel! I'm Laura and I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I'm a former lawyer, wife of a resident doctor (Ted), and mom of two (Charlie, 4 yrs & Bellamy, 10 mos). I aim to make true-to-life vlogs about motherhood, living small in Vancouver, law, travel, ttc, beauty, recipes, & budgeting...amongst other things! I share these videos to connect with you all and as a time-capsule keepsake for myself and my family. I'm very grateful for everyone who watches & I'd love to get to know you too. Please subscribe and leave me a comment- I always write back! Feel free to contact me anytime at and to follow me on my other social media. IG: Laura Hoyda TWITTER: @LauraHoyda FB: LauraHoydaYT This video is not sponsored. #costoflivingvancouver #livinginvancouver #vancouver #costofliving #moving #expenses #movingtovancouver #living #life #canada #britishcolumbia

Life in Canada - First few weeks

In this video, we would be sharing our flight experience while coming to Canada and showing you not so spring season of Canada ;) New video regarding items to bring in Canada: We created this channel to help people who are planning for Canada PR or are already in Canada. We moved to Canada in April 2018 after getting Canada PR. In the process of getting the PR, we had so many learnings by doing lots of mistakes. We would like to share those best practices with everyone so that you can save time and efforts while acquiring Canada PR. We upload engaging videos for the relevant audience on how life is in Canada and how anyone can settle down quickly. So, subscribe to the channel and be part of our family. Cheers! Recommended Online Courses: Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing: Job Interviewing: Complete Job Interview Success Course: Mastering IELTS Writing: Task 2 (Achieve Band 7+ in 5 Hours) Interviewing Skills for Jobs: Ace the Job Interview Data Science: Your Step-by-Step Guide To Starting Project Management: Upgrade your speaking and listening: Business Analyst: Excel: Excel VBA Macros: For All Other Courses: Follow us: Facebook Group: Facebook Page: RELATED CHANNELS Swati Dhunna Dream Abroad irman gill PUNJABI VLOGGER Revia Trivia IgorRyltsev Canada Couple Business Email :

Why I left Vancouver - TOP 10 Reasons

This is just my point of view Let me know what you guys think ? no one Panic !!! watch my living the dream series !!

Vancouver Transit System Explained | Guide To Vancouver

UPDATE VIDEO: Vancouver can be a confusing city and I've put together a video that quickly explains the sky trains, buses and seabus all while trying to save you money. If this video helps you please share it and let other people know about it. Subscribe if you want to see more content like this. You can FOLLOW ME! on instagram at: If you want to join the community and help make videos about Vancouver please head over to my patreon page and become a producer! Go over to my website and sign up for the guide book I'm working on! Watch This BEFORE you visit vancouver B.C Vancouver is located in British Columbia Canada and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I highly encourage you to come visit and enjoy the wonderful environment. #Vancouver #GuideToVancouver

How much does it cost for our family to live in Vancouver? We have been living in Vancouver, British Columbia for the past 2.5 years. In this video I tell you exactly how much we pay in expenses (rent, car & tenants' insurance, food, cell phones etc.) here every month. I also talk about our experience with the rental market in Vancouver. I hope that you find it helpful, or at least interesting!

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I'm Laura and I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I create videos about what's important to me (mom stuff, life stuff, fertility (infertility) & pregnancy stuff, law stuff, beauty stuff) and DITL vlogs. I post these videos to share and connect with others and as a keepsake for myself and my family. I love capturing memories, consuming and creating stories, & YouTube. xx

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