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Mittel Rhein Boat Tour (Germany) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about the Mittel Rhein Boat Tour in Germany. Our journey begins in Koblenz. In around 1000 A.D. a castle was built on a knoll on the east bank of the Rhine and Castle Ehrenbreitstein gradually developed. Europe’s second largest fortress was given its appearance as we see it today, between 1817 and 1828. From the Middle Ages to the late eighteenth century, Koblenz was the residence of the powerful archbishops of Trier and in 1794 it was taken over by France and in 1815, by Prussia. Following the Rhine, our journey leads to Boppard where town houses, stately homes and churches form the romantic old town. After the invasion of the Alemanni, a city wall was built in order to protect what was a toll castle and today the town has developed into an attractive tourist destination surrounded by woods and vineyards. We pass by a high rock on a sharp bend where the Rhine is barely a hundred and thirteen metres wide. Legend tells of a beautiful mermaid, Loreley , who enchanted and distracted sailors with her singing in order that their boats would be destroyed on the rocks. Soon, the river becomes more tranquil. Slowly the craggy slopes change to vineyards and the river valley widens. Bacharach nestles in the confluence of the Steeger Valley, into the extensive Rhine Valley, protected by a sturdy wall. Above the town is the Stahleck Fortress that was first recorded in 1095 and became the residence of the Count Of Palatine On The Rhine, in 1142. The conclusion of our journey, Rüdesheim is a picturesque town that boasts more visitors than residents, its sunny location making it ideal for viticulture. A mediaeval church, wooden buildings and stately homes, and the famous Drosselgasse, characterise the city. The Middle Rhine Valley reflects the history of Europe. With cultural monuments and cultivated countryside, crowded settlements along narrow banks and various noble castles situated on rocky ledges, it is a reflection of the romantic history of times gone by. -------------- Watch more travel videos ► https://goo.gl/MXPgSs Join us. Subscribe now! ► https://goo.gl/awdDrh Arcadia Television Live TV: https://www.arcadiatelevision.com Be our fan on Facebook ► http://goo.gl/0xmbQk Follow us on Twitter ► http://goo.gl/334ln5 -------------- Thanks for all your support, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Please: respect each other in the comments. Expoza Travel is taking you on a journey to the earth's most beautiful and fascinating places. Get inspiration and essentials with our travel guide videos and documentaries for your next trip, holiday, vacation or simply enjoy and get tips about all the beauty in the world... It is yours to discover!

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浪漫的萊茵河 Rhine Gorge

在Bingen與Koblenz之間的萊茵河,穿過了萊茵河谷(Rhine Gorge)。萊茵河谷是因為萊茵河侵蝕所造成的,與地層的上升發生在同一時間,因為地層的上升提高了河道的高度。這個地區的河谷相當深,而附近也以許多城堡與葡萄園聞名於世。這段萊茵河(被稱為浪漫的萊茵河)因為擁有超過40棟中古世紀的城堡或堡壘與許多秀麗的葡萄鄉村而在2002年被列入世界遺產。因此這段河岸兩邊,只有渡輪沒有橋樑。

London to Paris by Eurostar e320

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HD - Loreley - Lorelei - von/from DVD/Blu-ray: Weltwunder Rheintal, The Rhine Valley

Weltwunder Rheintal. Ein spektakulärer Hubschrauberflug. Vorschauvideo zur neuen Produktion von Hermann Rheindorf. Sehen Sie einen lohnenden Zusammenschnitt aus 90 Minuten in Full-HD. Sensationelle Aufnahmen einer 360°-Helikopter-Kamera in Full-HD, spektakuläre Einstellungen, fantastische Farben, gestochen scharfe Bilder, selbst aus höchster Höhe. Das Rheintal, seit 2002 Weltkulturerbe, liegt Ihnen zu Füßen: Ein Flusstal wie gedichtet, trutzige Burgen, hohe Felsen, steile Weinberge und Städtchen wie aus dem Bilderbuch. Lehnen Sie sich zurück und lauschen sie dem Kommentar Ihres Flugleiters Dr. Werner Schäfke. Der langjährige Direktor des Kölnischen Stadtmuseums ist einer der erfolgreichsten Autoren über die Geschichte des Flusses. Fliegen Sie also mit von der Hauptstadt Nordrhein-Westfalens bis zu den Hauptstädten von Rheinland-Pfalz und Hessen und lassen Sie sich anstecken vom paradiesischen Anblick des Weltnaturwunders Rheintal. Kameramann Klaus Jürgen Stuhl - hd skycam - Deutschlands Küsten, Die Nordsee von oben. Laufzeit: ca. 100 Minuten Überall im Handel oder direkt auf http://www.koelnprogramm-shop.de Für weitere Infos http://www.rheindvd.de

The Rhine Gorge is a popular name for the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a 65 km section of the Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen in Germany. It was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in June 2002 for a unique combination of geological, historical, cultural and industrial reasons.

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