Fist Bump x Green Light Ride | Sonic Forces/Team Sonic Racing OST

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Crush 40 - Green Light Ride [NEW SONG 2018] | LYRICS!!1

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION -------------------------------------------------- --------- These are NOT official lyrics. These fragments were proposed by the Sonic & Crush 40 fan community. Thanks to these people who made this video possible. - Morris - Max, The Fire Hedgehog - YesMen10 - S Shadow - Nour Essam - And a special thanks to Lizazama for download this video:3 This video will improve when the full version of the song exist.

Sonic Free Riders intro (Kinect)

Picked up a Kinect on release day, so I thought I'd upload some gameplay videos. May as well start with Sonic.


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Egg Dragoon Phase 2 - Sonic Mania Inspired Remix

Download link: Join my Discord server if you haven't! After a 2 month hiatus, I finally decided to upload something. I got new VSTs and tried them out in this remix. In case if you are wondering, Wacky Workbench Present (JP) is coming next.

Sonic Adventure 2 -Menu Mash up-SA2 Theme

This is my first video on YouTube which also I'm new to this so yea enjoy:)

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*obligatory sonic forced me to do it joke*

Was bored, so here. Not streaming tonight, if it's not obvious.

This is the edited version of Green Light Ride that I used:

Songs Used:
Fist Bump - Tomoya Ohtani feat. Hoobastank - On the Edge
Green Light Ride - Crush 40 - Team Sonic Racing OST

Download Link:

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