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10 Things NOT to Do in Egypt

Get more Tips here! When you think of Egypt, you might picture miles of sand and rock, but Egypt is home to much more than just pyramids. However, there is also some danger lingering in the nation’s corners. If you want to avoid trouble, here are some tips to help make sure your trip is nothing but great memories. 1. Don’t Engage in PDA This means that you should avoid any kind of kissing — even a peck on the cheek — as it may be considered rude. You should also avoid hugging, too. 2. Consider a Tour Guide Even if you’ve got a little bit of world travel experience, it's a good idea to enlist someone who is familiar with the terrain. It doesn't cost as much as you’d think. 3. Don’t Wear Sleeveless T-Shirts Apart from Egypt’s coastal cities, the locals are a little more amenable if you stick to moderate clothing. Men should avoid sleeveless T’s and women should consider avoiding shorts. 4. Don’t Pay Sticker Price In Egypt, they expect you to do a little bit of haggling for pretty much anything you can buy. Whether you’re picking up a pack of smokes or you’re picking out a souvenir, the merchants will expect a little bit of sport before the final purchase. 5. Don’t Cross the Street By Yourself The traffic in Cairo is chaotic. The cars won’t stop for you, either. Fortunately, you can either follow an Egyptian as he or she crosses the street or someone will help you. They really are nice people. 6. Don’t Hire People on the Street In the most popular tourist areas, you might be approached by strangers offering a special tour of a specific site. Don’t take them up on it. Hiring a guide is a good idea, but go through registered sources. 7. Don’t Forget to Tip In Egypt, you should not only leave a tip when you’re in a restaurant, but you should also leave a little bit of gratuity in clothing shops and commercial outlets! 8. Don’t Pet Stray Animals When you’re in highly populated urban areas, you’re likely to run across the occasional stray cat or a pack of stray dogs. They might look like they’re in need of some snuggles, but they might also be violent or carrying infectious diseases. 9. Don’t Drink on the Street You might be inclined to let loose because you’re on vacation, but don’t drink any alcohol in the street. Not only is it unacceptable from a social standpoint, in some areas you might be committing a crime. 10. Don’t Worry About Punctuality If you make plans to meet some place with an Egyptian local, don’t be surprised if they’re late. It’s not a personal slight, just go with it. Where do you want to know what not to do in next? Comment Below!


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Agony Emma: Hated my first year of secondary

Heya guys here is my first in my Agony Emma series. Need advice? email me -

i vlogged a day of my sophomore year and this is the result

This is what it is like to be a sophomore in high school at my school. Watch as I vlog my pain throughout the school day. It took me over three hours to edit this video so please give it a chance and give it some love. . Follow me: Insta: @allydua Snapchat: @allydua . Thank you so much for watching and make sure to subscribe for more videos like this. . Watch my last video: . watch my viral video: . Comment below what other types of videos you want to see! . Huge shoutout to all my friends in this video who let me say stuff about them and get them doing stupid things on video.

My last egypt blog x

Hotel: Titanic Palace hurghada


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