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Asamblea General del Real Madrid, en directo I MARCA

Retransmisión en directo de las Asambleas Generales Ordinaria y Extraordinaria de Socios Representantes del Real Madrid C. F.,el domingo 23 de septiembre de 2018. El acto se celebrará en el Palacio Municipal de Congresos (Campo de la Naciones, avenida de la Capital de España Madrid, 7; Madrid, 28042), y el inicio está programado para las 9:00 h en primera convocatoria y a las 10:00 h en segunda y última convocatoria.

The Impact of Iran and Russia Sanctions on Shipping

Mr. Daniel Pilarski, Partner at Watson Farley & Williams LLP, sits down with Mr. Nicolas Bornozis, President of Capital Link, Inc. for an exclusive interview which focuses on the US sanctions on Iran and Russia and how this affects shipping.

Epic Gas' Global Trades & Operations with CEO Charles Maltby

Mr. Charles Maltby, Chairman & CEO of Epic Gas sits down with Mr. Gautam Khurana, Director at Drewry Maritime Financial Research for an exclusive interview which focuses on Epic Gas’ Global Trades & Operations. Overview: • The competitive advantages of Epic Gas’ smaller sized LPG fleet and its growing ship to ship operations • Epic Gas’ diverse trading routes and opportunities in developing economies • How Epic Gas mitigates risks through its broad platform and customer base • The drivers behind LPG freight rates moving upwards • How Epic Gas achieves high quality in-house commercial and technical management

Tsakos Energy Navigation - Tanker Market - Current trends, developments & outlook

Michael Jolliffe, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Tsakos Energy Navigation sits down with Nicolas Bornozis, President of Capital Link for an exclusive interview to discuss the current Tanker Sector Market. Overview: The discussion focused on the current trends, developments and outlook of the tanker market - Supply and demand for oil - Demand for and supply of tanker shipping - The impact of IMO regulations on shipping Also, on the development and track record of Tsakos Energy Navigation - Celebrating 25 years of continuous growth and as a publicly listed company - Uninterrupted payment of dividends since TEN’s listing on NYSE in 2003 - Concluding largest newbuilding program in company’s history - A balanced fleet deployment strategy providing cushion in soft market with upside potential - Ability to raise capital in the banking and capital markets - Recently successfully completed $135 million preferred capital raise

2018 8th Annual Capital Link CSR Forum - Mr. Bellos Interview

Mr. Elias Bellos, Journalist

Mrs. Greta Kamaterou, Director for North America & Canada - Greek National Tourism Organization

Mr. Peter Vlitas, Senior Vice President of Airline Relations - Travel Leaders Group
Mrs. Maria Markou Esq., Founder & President - Markou Global Legal Group, LLC
Mrs. Venetia Kontogouris, Managing Director - Venkon Group LLC

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