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This is America (dance freestyle)🔥🇱🇷🇱🇷

Hey guys, Im here with another vid🔥 . Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, I've been very busy with school but I hope you like it🔥🔥. Make sure to like, subscribe, share and comment on any video ideas. Have a blessed day❤❤❤ #dance #ThisisAmerica #blacklivesmatter #blackgirlmagic #love #ChildishGambino

Dedicated to my mum❤❤❤❤❤ happy mother's day❤❤

Hey guys, Im here with ANOTHA ONE...AGAIN😂😂. Obviously, whether you did or didn't know, today is mother's day🔥❤. I wasnt really planning on posting anything today but, I dont know, something told me get up and cover this song. It was so weird cause I was watching 5sos interviews before I recorded this😂😂. But Jet Black Heart is the song I chose because, my mother is the person to show unconditional love to me❤. If my heart is cold and black or full of love, she is always there no matter what and I love her so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Thanks for watching and have a Happy Mother's day!!!🔥 Also let your mum know how much you care about her today❤❤. #mothersday #motherdaughter #5sos #jetblackheart

The Crayon Case Palettes: Watch Me Blush, The New Rule & AnGLOWla Highlighter Powder | Makeup Haul

Sharing my haul from #thecrayoncase! I recently purchased The Box of Crayons and loved it. The owner, Supa Cent is so inspirational and I wanted to support a fellow Southern Girl! #chocolategirlfriendly AnGLOWla- Perfect Bronze Highlighter #anGLOWla Line Me Liquid Eyeliner #linemeliquideyeliner Watch Me Blush Palette #watchmeblush SHADES ► Cobbler ► Tangerine ► Cranberry ► Berries ► Hot Cocoa ► Outsider ► Strawberry Cream ► #OldBanana ► Cappuccina ► Sweet Tea The New Rule Palette consists of 12 nude/neutral shades - 5 shimmer and 7 matte shadows. SHADES: ► Mile - MATTE SHADE ► Yard - SHIMMER SHADE ► Foot - MATTE SHADE ► Inch - MATTE SHADE ► Parsec - SHIMMER SHADE ► Light Year - MATTE SHADE ► Astronomical Unit - SHIMMER SHADE ► Kilometer - MATTE SHADE ► Decimeter - MATTE SHADE ► Centimeter - SHIMMER SHADE ► Millimeter - SHIMMER SHADE ► Meter - MATTE SHADE #notsponsored. I purchased this #makeup with my own money. #amazoninfluencer Wanna help me keep making new videos? Visit my Amazon Shop and buy some stuff! I'll earn a commission on your purchases, at no additional cost to you, and you'll get some cool stuff! No privacy worries, only you and the seller will know what you purchased. Thanks! MY AMAZON SHOP ►

How to find your passion/ career path as a teen!!!!!🔥🔥🔥(TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND)

Hey guys, I FINALLY UPLOADED THIS VIDEO 😝😑😑😑. I was literally editing all day in order for it to come out perfect but I do hope you like it!!! This is very different than what I normally do on my channel but I hope you like it!! Also, if you're thinking about this at a young age, its okay to take your time. Dont rush into anything if you dont feel ready or if you wanna experience more things!! Just keep living your life and eventually you will find the things your passionate about through the experiences you have🔥 Tanks for tuning in, make sure to like, comment, share and subscribe!!! The editing app I used: Inshot Also credit to the music at the end, it belongs to NOT THE KING. Make sure check him work out on the app, its freeeeee🔥🔥 Also do what u love. Dont do it for the money or the fame. Do it for the right reasons!! Have a blessed day!,🌻🌼🌞

You Should be Here💕(By Kehlani; dance freestyle)

Hey guys, Im here with another video👍🏾. Sorry, I havent been posting consistently, I have a lot going on throughout so I havent been making a schedule for when I post new videos. But Im trying to jam some new ones here and there.🔥 But anyway, I just discovered this song (and like all of Kehlani's stuff, which is amazing🔥🔥). And I was so captured by it and all I could do was picture myself dancing to this so I made a dance vid🔥🔥. *btw* Im beginning to listen to her other songs and Im slowly falling in love with them😍. Anyway, tanks for watching and make sure to like, comment, share and (most importantly) subscribe.🔥🔥🔥💕 Have a blessed day!!!!☀️🌷🌻⚘🌼🌹🥀🍃 #dance #Kehlani #love #YouShouldBeHere #freestyle #music


Anyway, the reason why I put all dis stuff in caps was because I've been editing ALLL DAYYYY!!!

But today, I thought I would do something...interesting😂😂. I do hope you like it!

Also, make sure to embrace your beauty regardless of whether you're wearing makeup or not❤. You're are beautiful. And its not always about your external beauty, but your internal beauty as well (which is definitely more important)

Make sure to like, suscribe, comment and share!!!! Tanks for tuning in!!!!

Editing app: Inshot

Products I used:
Wet n' Wild Bare Necessities
Maybelline New York Falsies Volum' Express
Aaliyah Mac Lip Gloss (Li Li's Motor City)
2 brushes😂

Tanks for watching and have a BLESSED day!!!🔥🔥😘

#beauty #makeup #parents #mom #love #blackgirlmagic

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