MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA - Atletico Nacional fans

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Medellin Crazy Soccer Fans La 70

A Colombia Soccer Game I travel to estadio / stadium to watch Atletico Nacional vs Rionegro Aguilas. it was full pack game but you couldnt tell because the fans were so energetic. Also i give a brief peak into the bar night club streets of LA 70s, | Moving to Colombia episode 20 SUBSCRIBE HERE : My camera setup: Nikon D5300 camera Joby Tripod Directional microphone Editing software Hp Notebook 👇👇👇👇----------------------------------------------- Want To help my channel grow so I can make more videos like this, Im accepting donations. when you donate your contribution helps fund future Videos it would be greatly appreciated link below: PayPal or (Cashapp)$Acemiami leave a message 👇👇👇👇----------------------------------------------- Follow me on Social media @ thisisacelive Email me @ Intro from Panzoid Epidemic sound: Treinta Dias De Soccer 2 - Sven Karlsson #Colombia #Soccer #Travel

The chaos of El Clásico, Medellín

It's one of Colombia's biggest football showdowns - and it certainly feels like it in the stadium. The fans from cross-town rivals Independiente Medellín and Atlético Nacional try to one-up each other with louder chants, cheering and music for what is an unrelenting 90 minutes. It is truly an assault on the senses, and good luck watching the match at all. But when the atmosphere is this electric, who needs the football? In true gringo ignorance, friends and I purchased tickets to the away team cheer section. The pricetag of 80,000 Colombian Pesos - $35usd - is admittedly steep, but provided a sporting experience like no other. These fans are die-hard in the deepest sense of the word. There is fighting, singing, dancing, streamers, flares, decorations, flags, costumes, police, drugs, alcohol, and finally, football. There are times where it does feel dangerous. For instance, we attempted to enter the wrong side of the stadium with tickets to the other team's area. Security quickly turned us away, but not before fans of Atlético realised we were in support of Independiente. One man asked to see my ticket, to which I stupidly agreed. He grabbed the stub, ripped it in half, threw it on the ground and swore at me. So, in summation, don't be an ignorant fool like me. This is not just a game to the people of Medellin, and you could really get hurt if you antagonize the opposition. But don't let that scare you. I loved every minute of this crazy spectacle, and think you will too.

Atlético Nacional 2 vs Equidad 0 - La Banda Los Del Sur (+ 1er Gol)

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San Lorenzo 3 San Martin SJ 1 Dicen que estamos todos de la cabeza..

San Lorenzo 3 San Martin SJ 1 Dicen que estamos todos de la cabeza pero a San Lorenzo no le interesa, tomamos vino puro de damajuana y nos fumamos toda la marihuana, ohh san lorenzo.. La Gloriosa.Boedo-Argentina

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