26 Amazing Facts About Beards You Didn't Know!

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24 AMAZING Facts About Beards!

Facts about beards that you didn’t know! Interesting facts about men’s facial hair, from being perceived as more masculine and dominant to secret benefits 25. Pogonophobia- This means the fear of beards, this is a pretty odd phobia, but if you do have this you’ll experience symptoms like nausea, feelings of dread, irregular heartbeat, and sweating. It’s an irrational fear. Mothers often warn their daughters to never trust a man with a beard unless he is Santa Claus. The United States has not yet had a president with a beard since the 1800s. The most famous bearded president in the U.S was Abraham Lincoln. The fear of facial hair on other people can cause a lot of anxiety someone who has this phobia. It might be a past traumatic experience with someone in the past who had facial hair or thinking that someone with a long beard is unclean. Some cultures force men to keep facial hair, mostly middle eastern areas. It might seem unreal, but this is a real fear. Who knew a soft fuzzy beard could be such a traumatic experience. 24. Abraham Lincoln- He was the first U.S president to sport a beard in 1860. But the historical moment happened when an eleven-year-old girl named Grace Bedell wrote a message to President Lincoln. Her message said, “You would look a great deal better, for your face is so thin.” So he took the little girls advice and continued to grow and grow his beard, and people definitely noticed, and so did the press and tabloids. 23. Male compliments- The most compliments a man gets after growing out his beard will be from other men. The majority of females aren’t a fan of a lot of facial hair, but men look at it as a manly accomplishment and show wisdom. This also makes other men wonder if they would be able to grow a beard of their own and see it a masculine challenge within themselves. A full beard is considered to be an alpha trait. So guys that can’t grow a thick beard will be envious. 22. Save time- A beard will save you almost five months of your life. The average man spends 4.5 months or 139 full days of their life shaving. Imagine what you could do instead with all that spare time. So I guess some guys look at it like they could be doing so many other things other than shaving and spending time in the bathroom and shower every day. Instead of shaving, they can travel, exercise, practice something, go hiking, spend more time with loved ones. There's plenty to keep a man busy. 21. Longest beard in history- Hans Langseth holds the records for the longest beard in the world, with his beard being seventeen feet six inches long. Now that’s impressive! Hans died in North Dakota in 1927, and he left his children with a final request. His wish was that after his funeral he wanted to have his beard cut off and stored away for a museum to display it. His son cut off his beard and kept it in an attic for decades before his other son Russell donated it to the Smithsonian. Turns out it's the perfect place for it to be kept because according to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hans has still set the record for the longest beard to this day.

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Facts about beards you didn't know about. Beards have gained popularity recently, they give a sense of wisdom and mystique. From the longest beard recorded to rules against them, see some amazing facts about beards.

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