Food Shopping At St Lawrence Market Toronto.

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Street Food in Canada - St. Lawrence Market in Toronto

Some street foods, fish, cheese, vegetables on a market in Canada -

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FOOD @ St Lawrence Market (Foodie Paradise!)

The National Geographic calls St. Lawrence Market, the best food market in the world. Watch this tour and you can decide for yourself. This tour is of the South Market, which is the main food market but it also contains a free art/photography/history market upstairs, which has changing exhibits. The market also has many places to get a meal, with a number of good restaurants also along Market Street. The music in this video is Royalty Free music from Youtube's Audio Library. The song is "1812 Overture" by Tchaikovsky.

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Toronto, Chinatown and Kensington Market - Canada HD Travel Channel

Chinatown and Kensington Market lie in the western part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto's Chinatown is, after Los Angeles and Vancouver, the third largest Chinatown in North America and the home to around half a million Chinese. A large part of the population in this district only speaks Chinese. A look at the labeling of the exhibited goods quickly reveals, it would be beneficial to understand Chinese. The adjacent Kensington Market, with Caribbean shops reminiscent of the Flower Power time. However, nowhere, the colorful mixture of ethnic groups seems unlikely to be greater than here. ....... please read more: Chinatown und Kensington Market liegen im westlichen Teil von Toronto, Ontario, Kanada. Torontos Chinatown ist, nach Los Angeles und Vancouver, die drittgrößte Chinatown Nordamerikas. Hier leben rund eine halbe Million Chinesen. Ein guter Teil spricht nur chinesisch. Ein Blick auf die Schilder der ausgestellten Waren zeigt schnell, dass es von Vorteil wäre, hier chinesisch zu verstehen. Der daneben liegende Kensington Market mit seinen karibischen Geschäften erinnert ein wenig an die Flower-Power Zeit. Das Völkergemisch dürfte aber nirgends größer sein als hier. .......... Weitere Infos im Reisevideoblog:

Let's take a look at the St Lawrence Market in Toronto, voted the best market in the world in a recent survey. I love me the markets in the Caribbean, but you simply can't beat the quality, variety and overall cleanliness of the St Lawrence market.

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