Top of UAE- Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award- IGCSE Travel and Tourism- Rohan Mitra

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How to get A* in 40 days in IGCSE

Hello Everybody! We are here to provide you with easy tips and tricks to achieve an A* in your IGCSE exams, we are new to this platform and content and ask for your co-operation and well-appreciated suggestions. So please do no hesitate to ask us any doubts and give feedback in the comment section below. Like the video if you did, it'd really help us out. Do subscribe to my channel to get more updates weekly on IGCSE curriculum Summary of the video “A* in 40 days”: · Overview(10 days): · Set up a realistic time-table that you can follow · Plan regular breaks · Use small rewards as an incentive to be productive · Make notes · Make/refer to formula booklet · Revise notes · Highlight difficulties · Re-revise · Moving on to past papers(11-32 days ): · Solve past papers relevant to your session · solve ALL of them (previous 5-6 years) · Possibly print them for a realistic feel and better understanding of the questions asked. · Solve in an exam like environment · Set time · No distractions/breaks (until a set number of paper/s are solved) · Correct according to marking scheme · Correct answers that have been incorrect and refer back to the mistakes. · Revision (32-40 days) · Make sure you have a week to 10 days between paper solving and revision, in order to strengthen key concepts and deal with any remaining doubts. · Make sure you get 6-8 hrs of sleep daily with a healthy food intake · stay hydrated. · Follow time-table · Make time for organising physical surroundings and mental obstructions · Communicate with peers and teachers to gain any information that may have been left out (however not of top priority) · Revise notes more than once and go through previous mistakes made during past paper solving. Website ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Blog ►

Travel and Tourism Course Introduction

An introduction to our FREE Level 2 Travel and Tourism Course

Top 10 Best Schools in Egypt 2017 | Best & Expensive

We got the rundown of the top 10 best and most expensive international schools in Egypt. In spite of the fact that the Ministry of Education reported that educational cost expenses ought to be gathered in Egyptian pounds, universal schools have declared their charges in US dollars and sterling pound alongside its proportional in Egyptian pounds. 10. Egyptian International School, with an aggregate fees of about LE65,000. 9. El Alsson International School, with fees of about LE85,000. 8. English Columbia Canadian International School, with fees of about LE89,000. 7. Canadian International School, with fees of LE 103,000. 6. Choueifat International School, with charges of fees LE135,000, and LE12,000 for school transport. 5. English International School, with fees of around 161,000. 4. American International School, with fees of about LE170,000. 3. Malvern College, with expenses of LE280,000, including LE35,000 enrollment charges, 15,000 for school transport, and LE5,000 for lunch. 2. BISC in sixth of October City, claimed by Mubarak-period representative Ahmed Ezz, with charges surpassing LE350,000. Despite the fact that the school has not been authorized yet by the Ministry of Education, it declared the expenses for the new year. 1. Cairo American College in Maadi, with expenses for KG1 at US$24,000, proportionate to LE400,000.

Mind-blowing PowerPoint - Creating Effective Visual Presentations

Why are most presentations so bad? Truly terrible? Few people enjoy creating, delivering, or watching PowerPoint presentations, so let’s change that. Want to know how to create visual slides? Manipulate images? Master animations? Make it interactive? And produce presentations that will astound your audience? Then take a look at our tutorial videos for a master class in ways to capture your audience’s attention and help them learn. Oh, and this video was created entirely in PowerPoint. Check out for more, and to see what sales, market, and training presentation support we offer, and our eLearning solutions.

My GCSE Results 2018! *Live Reaction*

My GCSE Results 2018! - Live Reaction ♡ Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a fab morning, afternoon or night! For my results, I am a little disappointed just because I had set high expectations for myself and throughout exams, I definitely prioritised my mental health over my exam results at times - which I do not regret at all!! I hope this doesn’t come across in the wrong way and I am not at all saying that any of these grades are bad, I just had higher expectations in some subjects. Success is so relative so please try to not be disappointed with your results if you received them today. Everyone has off days, including me, and sometimes they just fall on days with exams! It’s ok not to get all of the top grades and that doesn’t make you any less worthy. You should be proud of yourself whatever grades you’ve received! We have all done so well to get to this point. I’m proud of you. Have an amazing day and please do not compare or leave hate on anyone’s videos. Thank you x Next year, I will be taking Photography A-Level and an Extended Diploma In Media Production (=3 A-Levels). I have got the grades to get onto my courses and as you can tell from my results, academia is not necessarily my specialty. I much prefer creative subjects :) ps. i realise that the maths grade (on the screen) just said 'm' lol, I'm sorry I forgot to change it before I exported the video! I hope you enjoyed the video! If you did, make sure to like, comment, subscribe and turn my post notifications on! I am going to be updating you on my socials when a new video will be uploaded over the summer ( uploads are going to be very regular ) so make sure to follow me on other platforms if you’d like to! Also, if you have any video requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments below! MENTIONED: ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: ♡ Main Instagram: Photography Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: perksoflaur Spotify: AUDIO: ♡ *No copyright intended* FAQ: ♡ What do you use to film? Canon 70d What do you use to edit? Final Cut Pro! How old are you? I am 16! When did you start your YouTube channel? I started posting regularly in July/August 2017 This video is not sponsored & all opinions are my own. BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: ♡ via email: Have a lovely day & I hope to see you in my next video! Laura ♡

Top of UAE- Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award- IGCSE Travel and Tourism presented to Rohan Mitra during Awards Day 2016 at The Westminster School,Dubai

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