Why Denmark is the Happiest Country

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The Impact Boarding School Has On Children | Leaving Home At 8 (Full Documentary)

A Cutting Edge documentary that looks at the impact, on both children and parents, when children are sent away from the family home not for bad behaviour – but for the sake of their education. We follow four eight-year-old girls as they adjust to a new life away from their parents and their home. Each of their parents has decided that their child will be better off boarding in a private school, in this instance Highfield, one of the best boarding schools in the UK. But how do they cope being separated from their families at such a young age? And how in particular do the mothers deal with the difficult decision of sending their offspring away to be educated? Nurture is the new home for captivating and interesting documentaries and shows about all things parenting. We will be uploading every week so subscribe to keep updated. Subscribe for more from Nurture: https://goo.gl/y8WzCa Produced by North One Television.

The Truth about the Amish

The Pennsylvania Dutch left Germany hundreds of years ago and are a fascinating subculture of the United States. Many people of heard of the Amish, but might not completely understand what exactly this community is beyond the fact that they wear strange clothing and don't have TVs. Which is understandable given how closed off this community can be. However, I am SO lucky to be able to know Doug Madenford, a member of the Pennsylvania Dutch community and while he isn't Amish and will claim to not be an "expert" (though I would challenge that assertion) he knows a LOT about the Amish. Join me as I talk to Doug Madenford about The Pennsylvania Dutch and the Amish so that we can better understand this group of people beyond their clothing and the ridiculous reality tv shows in which they've been featured. Check out Doug's channel!! https://www.youtube.com/user/dmadenford and his website http://padutch101.com Hi! I'm Kelly and I am an American who lived in Germany for 18 wonderful months. While I lived abroad before in Turkey and had done quite a bit of traveling beforehand, those 18 months in Germany definitely broadened my perspective of Germany, Europe, and even the US in so many different ways! I wanted to share my perceptions with you guys through YouTube so that maybe you can gain context to things you've heard about, or learn new information or a different perspective, or maybe this is everything you've heard before and further confirms your world view. No matter what the reason, I hope that you enjoy my videos! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications so that you always know when I'm posting new content :) Check out my Merch! https://www.redbubble.com/people/kemc302/shop Become one of my Patrons! https://www.patreon.com/KellyDoesHerThing Instagram @KellyDoesHerThing and @kem302 Twitter @K_DoesHerThing Here's my mailing address: Kelly Does Her Thing 712 H St NE Unit #800 Washington, DC 20002 #amish #pennsylvaniadutch #rumspringa

Living Danishly: inspiring ideas from the world's happiest country

Helen Russell shares her experiences of life in Denmark and explores what we can learn from the world's happiest country. This was filmed at an Action for Happiness event in London on 22 July 2015. www.actionforhappiness.org

Denmark’s ‘Disappearing Road’ Is Really An Awesome Underwater Highway

After nearly 70 years of discussions, Sweden and Denmark finally united literally with the Oresund Bridge, a gorgeous wonder that tunnels into the sea. ► Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use Website ► For copyright matters relating to our channel please contact us directly at : letmeknowoff@gmail.com ► SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/CAyFbx ► Like us Our Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/SBs38W ► Follow On Twitter: https://goo.gl/nvhzU6 ► Follow Us On Instagram : https://goo.gl/3UXcnx ► OUR Website : http://www.letme-know.com ► Audio by Scott Leffler -- scottleffler.com #let_me_know #educational

How To Be Happy - The Top 10 Habits of Happy People

What makes people happy? What’s the difference between happy people and miserable people? It’s simple. The habits of happy people are different. They act and think different. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor. Whether you drive a Lamborghini or Honda Civic. Whether you’re good looking or plain… You can be equally happy or equally miserable. You see, your happiness actually lies in your own hands! If you want to improve yourself and be happier, take this advice! Simply implement more of the following positive habits into your life. Encountering negative situations and having to deal with tough times is a part of life. But, you can always try to find the silver lining in every situation, and you CAN change the way you think. If you tend to worry about things that are beyond your control, turn your thoughts instead to things that you CAN control. And take action, rather than fall victim to circumstance. Forgiving and forgetting is also necessary for happiness! You need to learn to forgive yourself and others, and to let go of negative emotions. Accept yourself and be kind to others! This is one of the most practiced healthy habits of happy people! Along with boosting happiness, it can help strengthen social connections and even improve your health. Happiness is just as much a collective phenomenon as it is an individual one – it is contagious! If you want to be happy, surround yourself with happy people. And of course, take the effort to make those around you happy, too. And be sure to spend some money on experiences! Get out there and experience as many things as possible! And let’s not forget about setting goals! Goals give you purpose, meaning, a sense of enthusiasm, and a reason to get up in the morning. And most importantly, they make you incredibly happy. If you want to be a happy person, you also need to take care of your health! This is one of the most important habits of happy people! Getting enough sleep restores your vital bodily functions. Eating nutritious food keeps your body and mind functioning. While regular physical exercise keeps you in shape. Plus, it releases key endorphins that ease depression and enhance mood. And if you really care about your happiness and well-being, limit your consumption of news! What makes YOU happy? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, you may also like: 12 Ways To Overcome Frustration And Deal With Anger https://youtu.be/8I13yDuD_m4 How To Say NO Without Feeling Guilty https://youtu.be/u96muieBOD8 How To Stop Being Shy And Quiet – 12 Tips To Overcome Shyness https://youtu.be/vin4pHqIJgU The 10 Habits That Will Make You More Attractive And Get People To Like You https://youtu.be/QWQ34TSIo20 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe To Our Channel for More Videos Like This! TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/brainydose FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/brainydose INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/brainydose WEBSITE: http://www.brainydose.com ------------------------------------------------------------------

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