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Big Catch !

Fishing in Iceland waters in the North Atlantic. Big catch of red fish hauled on board a freezing trawler. Documentary of fishing in Iceland deep sea.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Vadodara

► Subscribe Here : Vadodara, formerly called Baroda, is a city in Gujurat, a state in western India. Kirti Mandir is the mausoleum of the Gaekwad dynasty, which ruled until 1949. It has murals by Bengali artist Nandalal Bose. Tambekar Wada is a 4-story wooden townhouse with 19th-century murals depicting scenes from the Mahabharata epic poem. The Lakshmi Vilas Palace features both Indian and European architectural styles. *************************************************** ► MORE VIDEOS Choose your destination! ✈︎Must watch this playlist on Major Destinations in India : *************************************************** Description: 1. Laxmi Vilas Palace : The term Maharaja Palace actually refers to a series of palaces in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, constructed since the Gaekwad, a prominent Maratha family, started ruling the Baroda State. The first one was a building known as the Sarkar Wada. 2. EME Temple : The EME Temple or "Dakshinamurty Temple" is a Shiva Temple run by Indian Army Authorities in the city of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, western India. It is a unique in concept & design, geodesic structure covered with aluminium sheets. 3. Nazarbaug Palace : Nazarbaug Palace or Nazar Bāgh Palace was the Gaekwad's royal palace in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat state, western India. The Nazar Bāgh Palace' was built in 1721. It had three storeys and is the oldest palace in Baroda. It was constructed by Malhār Rāo Gaekwad in the late 19th century. 4. Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery : The Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery in Vadodara was built in 1894 on the lines of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Science Museum of London. 5. Sayaji Baug : Sayaji Baug is a garden located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Also known as "Kamati Baug," it was built by Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad of Baroda. 6. Champaner and Pavgadh : Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in Panchmahal district in Gujarat, India. It is located around the historical city of Champaner, a city which was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada of Gujarat. 7. Sursagar Lake : Sur Sagar lake also known as the Chand Talao is a lake situated in middle of the city of Vadodara in the State of Gujarat in India. The lake was rebuilt with stone masonry in the 18th Century. The water in this lake remains in it for the whole year. 8. Aurobindo Ashram : The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual community (ashram) located in Pondicherry, in the Indian territory of Puducherry. The ashram grew out of a small community of disciples who had gathered around Sri Aurobindo after he retired from politics and settled in Pondicherry in 1910. 9. Khanderao Market : Khanderao Market is a famous and palatial building located in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat State, western India. It was erected by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1906, named after Khande Rao Gaekwad, Maharaja of Baroda (1856–1870). 10. Maharaja Fatesingh Museum : Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum is a museum housed within the Maharaja's palace (the Lakshmi Vilas Palace) in Vadodara, India. Overview[edit]. Maharaja fatehsingh rao Gaekwad as child. The building was constructed as a school for the Maharaja's children. *************************************************** Song Credit – Song: bad kult - Made Of Something (feat. Will Heggadon) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: Download:

The blue whale: a three-year labour of love | Natural History Museum

We've reached the end of a three year project to install a blue whale skeleton in the Museum's central space. Watch a summary of the work involved and Museum scientists and conservators as they discuss what the blue whale skeleton means to them.


Killer Whales vs. Fin Whale. In this rare event, a pod of killer whales hunt and kill a large fin whale. Most the time the fin whales anti-predatory defense strategy keeps it safe, but this time it falls prey to the pod. Witness this spectacular predatory event captured by The One Baja in the Gulf of California. Footage © The One Baja References: John K. B. Ford and Randall R. Reeves. (2008). Fight or flight: antipredator strategies of baleen whales. Mammal Review. Volume 38. Issue 1. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2907.2008.00118.x Music: Intro: Brett Donnelly - Action Sting Soundtrack: Bread Headz -- Morning Wood

10 Best Places To Visit In Vadodara / Baroda 👈 | वडोदरा के 10 प्रमुख स्थान | Hindi Video | #10ON10

Vadodara city or Baroda also known as the capital of Garba is a nice and beautiful city and has many tourist attractions, Vadodara on one hand has good tourist places like Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sayaji Baug, Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery and Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park and on the other hand nice places like EME Temple, Sursagar Lake, Inorbit Mall and Aurobindo Ashram also exist. Travellers also like to see the Kirti Mandir and Hazira Maqbara. Also if you have time then you may visit Nazarbaug Palace, Kirti Stambh, Sindhrot Check Dam, Makarpura Palace and Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary. Vadodara also has some good hotels and resorts to make your stay comfortable. Vadodara is also known as Cultural City Of India, Sayaji Nagari and Banyan City. Do you know: Recently there has been restriction on Pani Puri selling in Vadodara! -------------------------- (Affiliate) Travelling To Vadodara?, Make Sure To Be Travel Ready With Following Recommended Things: Spacious Suitcase: Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack: Mobile Power Bank/Charger: For Digital Storage While Travelling: Cool Sunglasses: -------------------------- Subscribe (Its Free!): Don't Forget To Subscribe, Share & Comment on our 10 ON 10 Channel. Do Let us know in the comments below what other topics you would like to see. 10 ON 10 lets you know about top things in their respective categories (OR) know about things in 10 points, it is a way to bring to you 'entertaining knowledge'. Jai Hind! आइये जानते हैं वडोदरा / बड़ौदा में घूमने के 10 प्रमुख स्थानों के बारे में सब्सक्राईब करें (ये मुफ़्त है!): 10 ओन 10 को सब्सक्राईब, शेयर और कमेंट करना न भुलियेगा . हमें कमेंट्स के माध्यम से बतायें कि आप और कौन से विषय पर विडियो देखना पसन्द करेंगे 10 ओन 10 लाया है आपके लिये अपनी अपनी श्रेणियओँ कि प्रमुख चीज़ों की जानकारीयाँ या जाने चीज़ो के बारे में दस बिंदुओं में , ये आपके लिये मनोरंजक ज्ञान का एक ज़रिया है जय हिन्द! Facebook Page: Music: Sub count on posting: 213700 #vadodara #travel #india #placesinindia -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "10 Best Places To Visit In Amritsar 👈 | अमृतसर घूमने के 10 प्रमुख स्थान | Hindi Video | #10ON10" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Baroda Museum & Picture Gallery in vadodara was built in 1894.The 70ft long whale's skeletal-one of the highlights of the baroda state museum in sayajibaug.the whale skeletal was safety house inside a huge glass case in the basement of the musuem.

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