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Peterhof Palace in Russia | St Petersburg 2017 (Vlog 5)

Peterhof Palace in Russia, one of the most beautiful royal palaces in the world! Peterhof (or Petrodvorets Palace) is located in Petergof, 40 min by boat from St Petersburg. --- SUBSCRIBE ► --- Did you like this Peterhof Palace Tour? More Saint Petersburg, Russia vlogs ► ► MY GEAR: Cameras: I combine all these for different purposes: + Main camera (general images): + Supporting camera (when my husband and I shoot together - one of us uses the main camera and the other the secondary): + Action camera: + Phone (yes, even the phone): + Drone: Microphones (depending on the camera) + Shotgun: + Lavalier for everyday shoots: + Lavalier for select projects: + Phone microphone: Other equipment: + Gimbal: + Travel tripod/monopod: --- This Petrodvorets St Petersburg vlog was created for the official Renata Pereira YouTube Channel at SHARE IT ► --- LET'S CONNECT! + BLOG: + FACEBOOK: + INSTAGRAM: + TWITTER: + PINTEREST: + YOUTUBE IN PORTUGUESE: (who knows if you have a Brazilian friend!? ;) Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Thanks for your support when you choose to click on them, as you help support this channel #russia2018 #worldcup2018 --- NEW VIDEO ►►►

RUSSIA TRAVEL for First Timers - what YOU NEED to KNOW | Moscow & St. Petersburg

What you NEED to KNOW before visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia! VISA info, places to see, what to do, how to get around, safety and more! ☼ Travel Advice & Adventure: SUBSCRIBE & CLICK the 🔔☞ 🎥 WATCH Moscow: 🎥 WATCH St. Petersburg: ✈️ Sections ✈️ Visas - 0:35 Language - 1:40 Getting around - 2:28 Money - 4:00 Tickets - 4:52 Weather -5:25 Food - 5:58 Things to do - 6:22 Safety - 8:54 🎥 ALL my Camera Gear : 🎥 The MAIN camera I use: The BEST vlogging cam: My GO-TO lens: AMAZING wide angle lens: Best VALUE portrait lens: My microphone: The handheld GIMBAL I use: The TRIPOD I take EVERYWHERE: My FAVOURITE action cam: Buttery SMOOTH footage for GoPros: The DRONE I use: ♬ Where I get my MUSIC : ❤ Let's be FRIENDS! ❤ Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : 📷 MATT my Camera Man 📷 ✈️ Learn HOW to be a Travel Vlogger/Videographer: my E-COURSE: 📧 CONTACT -

Россия — царство тигров, медведей и вулканов / Russland.

Год выпуска: 2011 Страна: Германия Жанр: Документальный Описание:На немецкие киноэкраны вышел документальный фильм "Россия. В царстве тигров, медведей и вулканов". Это окно в Россию, неизвестную для западного человека и даже для многих россиян. "Россия -- самая большая страна мира. Во многих своих частях она остается неизведанным миром, полным чудес. Пусть сохранится этот мир и для поколений, которые придут после нас". С этих слов начинается документальный фильм "Россия. В царстве тигров, медведей и вулканов" о дикой природе страны. Фильм на этой неделе выходит в кинопрокат Германии. Российские зрители могли видеть кадры из него на экранах своих телевизоров: 90-минутная кинолента основана на шестисерийной телевизионной передаче "Дикая природа России". Телефильм снят в сотрудничестве с британским телеканалом National Geographic, немецкими телекомпаниями NDR и WDR, российским "Первым каналом" и рядом других спонсоров. Группу немецких кинематографистов возглавлял Йорн Рёвер (Jörn Röver), биолог по образованию, журналист, режиссер и продюсер, специализирующийся на научно-популярных фильмах о флоре и фауне. Главный оператор проекта -- также известный немецкий документалист, ветеринар по своей первой профессии Хенри М. Микс (Henry M. Mix). Документальный фильм "Россия. В царстве тигров, медведей и вулканов" показывает, как это понятно уже из названия, исключительно природные ландшафты и животных. Людей в кадре нет, как и нет упоминания вещей, не имеющих отношения к флоре и фауне.

Oujda Quartier al QODS حي القدس + الحي الجامعي

abonnez vous pour plus de videos toutes les videos Hd ici : street tour of the day : quartier al qods , l'université mohamed 1 , quartier al andalous et d'autres quartiers et établissements ,

Inside North Korea by an American Tourist - Part 1 of 4 HD (TRAIN PORTION)

Train travel from China to Cult Korea: Beijing-Pyongyang. May 2010. See Videos 2, 3 and 4 for the walking tour of NK. This was a propaganda tour that brings tourists to the country's showcase cities and fertile regions. These videos give people thinking about visiting NK an overview of what they will see there (A variety of tours are offered but itineraries are often similar). South Korea maintains a cowardly and disturbing indifference to the large scale atrocities occurring in North Korea. In the 68 years since the division of the Korean Peninsula, South Korweakens have lost their sense of unity and urgency. S. Korea has many options if it wanted the Northern regime to collapse. South Korea has the world's 7th strongest military, 50 times the GDP, generations more advanced weaponry, and significant leverage with China. It's their moral prerogative and greater national interest to reunify the Korean peninsula. The problem will not go away by ignoring it. Every year South Korea continues to appease the North, the reunification costs increases and the nightmare of the enslaved North Korean people continues. Yet, this is all great news for tourists wanting to see a Stalinist/Maoist country in the 21st century. If you want to help North Korean civilians, I recommend visiting HRNK (The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea) and the UK Manna Mission of Europe (which operates bakeries to feed NK children).

Saint Petersburg is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow. it was founded by Tsar Peter the Great on May 27, 1703. On 1 September 1914, the name was changed from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd and on 26 January 1924 to Leningrad. And on 7 September 1991 back to Saint Petersburg. Between 1713 and 1728 and in 1732–1918, Saint Petersburg was the capital of Imperial Russia. In 1918, the central government moved to Moscow. President Vladimir Putin was born in Saint Petersburg.


Saint Petersburg Situated on the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The area of Saint Petersburg city proper is 605 square kilometers.

Saint Petersburg is one of the modern cities of Russia, as well as its cultural capital. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Saint Petersburg is home to the Hermitage, one of the largest art museums in the world.

Saint Petersburg has three large cargo seaports: Bolshoi Port, Kronstadt, and Lomonosov. The first Russian railway was built here in 1837. The city is connected to the rest of Russia and the wider world by a number of federal highways and national and international rail routes. Pulkovo Airport serves the majority of air passengers departing from or arriving to the city.

Saint Petersburg has a significant historical and cultural heritage. Saint Petersburg is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as an area with 36 historical architectural complexes and around 4000 outstanding individual monuments of architecture, history and culture. Saint Petersburg is home to more than two hundred museums, many of them hosted in historic buildings.

Saint Petersburg has a somewhat undeserved reputation for being a dangerous city. As with most other major cities, avoid traveling alone at night, and do not get into altercations with drunks. If traveling at night, it is recommended to stay on the main sidewalks and avoid any dark alleys or yards. Gypsy cabs are not recommended under any circumstances, especially those that linger near bars where expatriates and tourists congregate. Downtown and western parts of the city are safest. Suburbs like Kupchino, Veteranov, Ligovo and Sennaya in the centre should be avoided at night time.

There is a wide and excellent selection of great clubs that will satisfy all tourists looking to spend the night out. The city hosts clubs of all music. Rock, pop, jazz, hip hop/RnB, and a lot more.

Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. As of the 2017, Its population is over 50 million or 3.6% of the total population of Russia.

Russian Orthodoxy is the main religion in St. Petersburg (there are about 91% of the faithful people), but there are also followers of other religions, including Muslims(5%), Catholics (1%) and Jews (1%).

Saint Petersburg is a major trade gateway, serving as the financial and industrial centre of Russia. Its oil and gas trade; shipbuilding yards, aerospace industry, electronics technology, software, and computers, heavy machinery, military equipment, mining, instrument manufacturer. Ten percent of the world's power turbines are made there.

Leningrad hosted part of the association football tournament during the 1980 Summer Olympics. The 1994 Goodwill Gameswere also held here. Saint Petersburg's new super-modern stadium is built on the site of the Kirov Stadium on Krestovsky Island which is one of the country's largest stadiums. Saint Petersburg Stadium to stage Round of 16 game, semi-final and match for third place of Fifa world cup.

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