One Rupee For Tandoori Roti By Kanta Devi | SUPERWOMAN Part 3

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Super Woman - Manjeet Kaur, Rajouri Garden

SUPER WOMEN - Manjeet Kaur. I met this lady 3 4days back in rajouri garden. She was selling home made food - Rajma , Roti , Soya Chaap, Aloo Parantha etc. She is doing this only to support her husband. He is a auto driver (Rented Auto) and he helped manjeet kaur in making these food early in the morning hats off to them. #dilsefoodie Video Editing Follow Us -

Reasons For Stop Eating Meat Immediately

👇🏼 To Watch Full Conversation👇🏼 A Volunteer of Project Green Hands/Rally For Rivers. Why Hindus Don't Eat Holy Cow (Beef), important to Hindus, Freedom In Hinduism ~ Jaggi Vasudev Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. Why is the cow important to Hindus? In Hinduism, the cow is revered as the source of food and symbol of life and may never be killed. However, many non-Hindus interpret these beliefs to mean that Hindus worship cows. This is not true. It is more accurate to say the cow is taboo in the Hindu religion, rather than sacred. This is just one example of the misunderstandings people have about the Hindu faith. Furthermore, cows do not have an especially charmed life in India. Sometimes people around the world see images of India in print or on television, or they travel there, and see cows in public places, unfenced and unrestrained. From such scenes, they conclude that Indians consider cows gods, but this is a false idea and below you will find clarification on this subject. History of the "Sacred" Cow In ancient India, oxen and bulls were sacrificed to the gods and their meat was eaten. But even then the slaughter of milk-producing cows was prohibited. Verses of the Rigveda refer to the cow as Devi (goddess), identified with Aditi (mother of the gods) herself. Even when meat-eating was permitted, the ancient Vedic scriptures encouraged vegetarianism. One scripture says, "There is no sin in eating meat... but abstention brings great rewards." (The Laws of Man, V/56). (Go here to learn about The Vedas.) Later, in the spiritually fertile period that produced Jainism and Buddhism, Hindus stopped eating beef. This was mostly like for practical reasons as well as spiritual. It was expensive to slaughter an animal for religious rituals or for a guest, and the cow provided an abundance of important products, including milk, browned butter for lamps, and fuel from dried dung. Some scholars believe the tradition came to Hinduism through the influence of strictly vegetarian Jainism. But the cow continued to be especially revered and protected among the animals of India. By the early centuries AD, the cow was designated as the appropriate gift to the brahmans (high-caste priests) and it was soon said that to kill a cow is equal to killing a brahman. The importance of the pastoral element in the Krishna stories, particularly from the 10th century onward, further reinforced the sanctity of the cow. Like Us On Facebook Subscribe For More

Motivational Story of an Indian Mom Selling Chole Kulche | India Street Food | The Rasoi Project #02

Riches to rags to riches?! How does that work? For the second episode of The Rasoi Project, Neha heads to Gurgaon to meet an inspiring home maker who owns a bungalow and SUVs yet sells chole kulche on the streets! What’s her story? Watch on to know! If you love street food, liked this motivational story & Urvashi’s chole kulche, stay tuned to discover some more! Hit the like button, tag a superstar mom you know in the comments below and subscribe to our channel for more awesome food stories like this: Music Credits: MojoJojo ( Song: MojoJojo - Sapne ft. Tyesha Kohli ( More about this street food stall selling chole kulche: Also check out our awesome food review series here: More about Urvashi’s Motivational Story & her Chole Kulche: Urvashi Yadav is a 35 year old woman, who’s a mother, a former teacher & speaks perfect English. What’s odd is that she sells chole kulche on the streets to hundreds of people in Gurgaon on a daily basis! Urvashi Yadav stands out for more reasons than that. Her story is one of grit and determination – a devil-may-care attitude that saw her chuck her staid teacher job and take up this unconventional role when her life’s circumstances demanded it – her husband met with an accident, leaving him bed-ridden & so she took up the responsibility of being the bread winner for her family. She did not stop to think what people might think or say about her selling street food (chole kulche) on a thela – even though she lives in a 3 crore house in a posh locality and the family even owns an SUV. Chole kulche is anyway one of Delhi’s favorite street food. Now her chole kulche are famous all over Delhi NCR and her motivational story inspires people to never give up, no matter how hard life gets. She used her love for cooking & food and channelized it in the right direction. Read her full story here: Price for 1 plate of her chole kulche: Rs.30 Address: Cart no.50, MCG street vending zone, Old Delhi Road, near Vishal Mega Mart, opp. Octave showroom, Sector 14, Gurgaon - 122022 So, if you are craving for some delectable street food like chole kulche which are not only healthy, but homemade and tasty as well, you know where to head! More about The Rasoi Project: EatTreat brings to you an exclusive series – The Rasoi Project - a weekly YouTube series, where vibrant and curious Neha visits hidden master chefs around us; moms or grand moms, who hold the secret to long lost recipes or the boy-next-door, who cooks up a storm for his besties every day after work. The Rasoi Project tells extraordinary (food) stories of those not-so-ordinary people we see every day around us. Presenter: Neha Verma, our curious food enthusiast who loves home cooked food and believes that no restaurant can beat “maa ke haath ka khaana”! She is on a mission to uncover the real master chefs of this city and tell their culinary story to the world. Connect with us on our other platforms for more AWESOME food content: Like our page on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Bookmark our Website: Tweet at us on Twitter:

Two Tandoori Roti (Bread) & One Veg Curry @12 Rs (0.186 US Dollar) Only|Indian Street Food Loves You

Address : Besides Kolkata High Court, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal,India Two Tandoori Roti (Bread) & One Veg Curry @12 Rs (0.186 US Dollar) Only. Indian Street Food Loves You. Free Subscribe us for more videos : Connect Facebook : Follow Twitter : Connect Google Plus: Connect Youtube : You can also check my other related videos : Chilli Chicken | Fried Rice | Chowmein at Dacres Lane Kolkata : Sohan Halwa Sweet Prepartion : Vadi / Mangodi / Badiya Preparation : Best Kolkata Street Food : Soan Papdi Preparation Step by Step : White Batasha (Sugar Candy Sweet) & Yellow Batasha Preparation : Half Boil Egg Toast | Egg Poach : Potato Curry Dal Fry Tandoori Paratha : Malpua Jalebi (Sweet) Roti (Bread) Veg Curry : 4 Roti 3 Sabji Curry Only 24 rs Per Plate : Very Cheap Food ( Khichuri,Papad,Chop Snack,Potato Chokha) | Office Time Lunch : Five Dish Making Within Twenty Minutes in Street Kitchen : Elaichi Dana | Ram Dana | Nakul Dana Making by Automated Machine : Mixed Foods ( Dhokla Roll Sweet Singara Bara Chatni ) Selling : HALWA Preparation for 200 People : Egg Sandwich | Corn Sandwich | Cheese Sandwich : Rumali Ruti | Paratha | Tarka Curry : POPCORN Making By Using Sand : Masala Dosa & Onion uttapam : Healthy Malai Milk : Big Size Raj Kachori : Pure Vegetarian | Paneer Roll : Chicken Kebab & Roasted fish with Salad : Fish Market Digha Mohona (Rui, Katla, Ilish, Pomfret, Lote ) : Hing Kachari with Ghugni Chatni | Super Taste Indian Street Food : COCONUT WATER in Sea Beach What a Combination :

SUPERWOMAN Part 4 - Harshrani Ji

So we met Harshrani ji at lal quater, krishna nagar watch the video and help her if you can. Music :- Music :- Music by Jonny Easton Morning Walk - Soft Piano Music - Royalty Free Parallel INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden) TWITTER! : (@rossbugden)

We tried this amazing Tandoori Roti By Kanta Devi At Oppst. B 75, Fateh Nagar.

Must Try If You Still Love Tandoori Roti.

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