[COMMUNITY] Nerf Elite Longstrike | Nerf Sniper Rifle / DMR Configuration by Darryl C.

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Nerf War: Snipers Vs Thieves

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Dream Machine Adventure! Crazy Dream Land Battle Sabotage!

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The Nerf Longstrike is still one of the best looking blasters ever! Unfortunately this sniper rifle is from those days when blasters shot around 20 feet and upgrades are rather difficult to do...

This one performs like the regular Nerf Elite series and looks nothing but awesome! Thanks to Darryl from Malaysia for sharing this with us! ^^

NERF M4 TUTORIALS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESJ-Mu4Qh7E&t=231s&index=11&list=PLsq-XOnLiX1xP0Rw-Ys-BpweQYfntgOGo

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