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Queen Elizabeth National Park - Ishasha - Tree Climbing Lions - UGANDA

Der Queen-Elizabeth-Nationalpark liegt im Westen Ugandas. Er besteht seit dem Jahr 1952. Der Park hat eine Größe von 1978 km² und grenzt im Westen an den Eduardsee und den Virunga-Nationalpark in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo, im Norden an das Ruwenzori-Gebirge. Die Höhe über dem Meeresspiegel beträgt 1000 bis 1300 m, im Ruwenzori-Gebirge steigt sie auf 5110 m an. Der Kazinga-Kanal. fließt vom Georgsee im Osten mit geringem Gefälle zum Eduardsee im Westen des Nationalparks. Bei Bootsfahrten auf dieser natürlichen Wasserstraße bieten sich hervorragende Beobachtungsmöglichkeiten für Flusspferde und Pelikane sowie für Zugvögel, die den europäischen Winter hier verbringen. Im Süden des Parks, im Ishasha-Gebiet haben Löwen die Angewohnheit, auf Bäume zu klettern..

Tanzania Safari Tips - How To Have An Incredible Safari In Tanzania!

In this video I share my Tanzania Wildlife Safari Highlights and recommended must-see places and sights to visit: Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Crater, Tarangire National Park and visiting a Maasai Village. I explore and show the range of wildlife to be seen and show them up close. I also discuss the ways to get to see them. I travelled to Tanzania on a tour with Titan Travel called "Wild Plains of Tanzania" and saw all these places and more. For more, including the lodges I stayed in watch my other Tanzania videos and visit my focused page on my blog at Please leave a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel now: SUPPORT TIPS FOR TRAVELLERS: - Make a donation via PayPal: - Become a Patron: - Buy via Amazon USA: - Buy via Amazon UK: FOLLOW TIPS FOR TRAVELLERS ON: - YouTube: - Website: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: - Monthly newsletter:

Rwenzori: Mountains of the Moon, Uganda in 4K Ultra HD

Rwenzori: the most scenic, beautiful, mystic, diverse mountain in Africa. Rwenzori mountains are located on the border between DR Congo and Uganda. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is a Ugandan national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. "The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest and most permanent sources of the River Nile, and constitute a vital water catchment. Their multitude of fast flowing rivers, magnificent waterfalls and stratified vegetation make the property exceptionally scenic and beautiful." (UNESCO) In the video - 7 day hiking Rwenzori Central Circuit. Day 1 (0:01) - Kasese to Nyabitaba Hut (2,651 m/8,700 ft). Day 2 (1:32) - Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte Hut (3,505 m/11,500 ft). Day 3 (4:38) - John Matte Hut to Bujuku Hut (3,962 m/13,000 ft). Day 4 (7:45) - Bujuku Hut to Elena Hut (4,541 m/14,900 ft). Day 5 (9:42) - Elena Hut to Kitandara Hut (4,023 m/13,200 ft). Day 6 (11:12) - Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut (3,505 m/11,500 ft). Day 7 (14:03) - Guy Yeoman Hut to Kasese. Recorded January 2017 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100 and Sony a6300. Music: Rejuvenescence - Dreamscapes - 02 - Shining Place Licensed via -------------------------------------- About Amazing Places on Our Planet: Immerse yourself in scenic beautiful places on our planet without the distraction of words. New 4K video every Friday or every second Friday. Video footage can be licensed out by contacting me. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Website: Movies On Map: Watch More Amazing Places on Our Planet: All 4K Ultra HD Videos: US National Parks in 4K: Canada in 4K: China in 4K: Southern Africa in 4K: Amazing Trails: Indonesia in 4K: Iceland in 4K: Best selection by year:

Mountain Gorilla close encounter and touching woman while tracking safari Nkuringo Uganda

a very challenging track with Matoke to a family of 15 mountain gorillas and an extraordinary experience with a mother-gorilla and her baby with the Silverback behind. Made famous by Dianne Fossey in Gorilla's in the mist.

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UGANDA - Queen Elizabeth Park and surroundings

Nice and affordable place where you can stay:

1. Red Chilli Hideaway
2. Kyambura Gorge Lodge
3. Marafiki Safari Lodge
4. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge
5. Ishasha Wilderness Camp - Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Most tourists who come to Uganda visit more than one destination. You can combine your Queen Elizabeth safari with gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi, or tour Murchison Falls National Park. For relaxation after your wildlife safari, you can visit Ssese Islands but if you are more interested in adventure, take on rafting on the nile, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale, Rwenzori Mountains climbing and Mount elgon hike.

Queen Elizabeth National Park occupies an estimated 1,978 square kilometres (764 sq mi). The park extends from Lake George in the north-east to Lake Edward in the south-west and includes the Kazinga Channel connecting the two lakes.

The park was founded in 1952 as Kazinga National Park. It was renamed two years later to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is known for its wildlife, including Cape buffaloes, hippopotami, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, lions, and chimpanzees. It is home to 95 mammal species and over 500 species of birds. The area around Ishasha in Rukungiri District is famous for its tree-climbing lions, whose males sport black manes. Poachers killed six elephants in the park in 2015, triggering both anger and frustration within the Ugandan conservation community.

The park is also famous for its volcanic features, including volcanic cones and deep craters, many with crater lakes, such as the Katwe craters, from which salt is extracted.

Services in the park include a telecenter run by Conservation Through Public Health and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, neighboring the Queen's Pavilion, park lodges, game and scenic drives, and boat launches.

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